AWESOME! CPM-3V Cold Steel Master Hunter

Can I say awesome. I love this blade, with its simple blade shape, and CPM-3V steel this knife has a lot going for it. All for under $100. If you have been waiting to get the Master Hunter, wait no longer.

Fallkniven F1 Review:

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TackStash779 says:

I’m not even considering the F1, especially in A2 steel it’s shit for that price lol (From what I have seen, I don’t own one)

Jacob Young says:

I plan when my handle wears out on my vg1 san maii iii model to make a leather stack handle

martin goyles says:

Why can’t you skin some game with it? Everyone seems like a pacifist vegan on YouTube.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron and Cold Steel also Zero Quench which is similar to S. O. G.’s Cryo Temp. The blades, That’s why they did that to the now 1095 CroVan and came out calling it CarbonV. So yeah, a 3V Zero Quench Blade is Awesome, Aces. Yeah, I got the 3V Master Hunter to team up with my Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife. The Fox Bushcraft Parang can be used prolly as a One Tool Option. But as we know, That’s a tall order. So just incase, for a few more oz’s, I can cover more bases. Kewl BeanZ, Eah.,,.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, You should nailed a 1/2 Gal. Milk Jug. It goes right through.,,.

Raven Six says:

will a large blade teklock fit in that sheath?

Jordan Banks says:

You should do a review of the cold steel bushman

N English says:

I officially consider you an enemy now. You have cost me so much money in knives. You should PAY me royalties.

Casey Bryan says:

When the handle wears out make a micarta handle that fits into the sheath still that would be badass

ColtCommander45 says:

On 9/30/16 I ordered this knife on Amazon for $8.61 with free shipping. Extremely happy with that!

Wilson Miranda says:

cheapest way to get a 3V piece of steel? haha Nice blade.

Casey Bryan says:

maybe strip the coating off if the coating is really worn to while your at it omg that would look badass

martin goyles says:

Cold Steel 3V seems pretty suspect. I guess they kept the cost down because it was manufactured in Taiwan as opposed to Bark River where knives are made in pricey Western nations. But does Cold Steel 3V hold up to Bark River’s and other companies?

Casey Bryan says:

I would not baton with that knife the tip is really thin and it’s made for cutting meat and soft things I would go with the srk or something with a bigger spine

Woodland Tactical says:

Color me impressed! I would like to see an SK5 version of this knife too though

B'z Bladez says:

Every time i watch a review from G.T. i cant help but get excited and expand my inventory. Im getting one after this vid. Thanks for the great reviews. Victory The knife knut, knifer 4 lifer.

Ryan Caiazza says:

true. thank you. good whetstone? the ones u get are pricy aren’t they

Andy Johnson says:

Still waiting for the knife review where the guy says i where size med gloves. LOL apparently all guys who make knife vids are large or extra large… ugh huh.. thats a 4.5 inch blade. when the handle disappears then you a LG. Not hating but its just funny.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron , I always wanted the Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife. But my weakness fir larger Blade’s I got the Fox Hitam Golok, I recently teamed it with a Fox Utility Camp and Snipper Knife and WoW Wee, Aces. But now I’ll use the Fox Parang as my One Tool Option, But I’m used to a multi carry. So the Cold Steel Master Hunter takes honor’s. Yeah, I’m teaming the 3V Master Hunter with my Fox Parang. I have to Thanx You, I watch your channel and you share alot of knives I like. Yeah, I have the SM3 Master Hunter which I teamed up with my C. S. Kukuri Plus in O1 another awesome combo. But I think for what I do come rain or come shine, My new combo will work just fine.,,.

Ruler of the Under Sky % says:

The very first time I used my SRK (AUS8 version) which was brand new at the time, and never used, the Kraton handle came noticeably loose. I was chopping carefully on a live soon to be dead small tree that couldn’t have been 4-5 inches round roughly. Since than, it has only gotten worse, so I no longer us it; at least until I can figure out how to get a custom handle put on. I really dislike Cold Steels Kraton handles as I’ve seen many complaints about them coming lose after chopping/botoning, but I really want this Master Hunter due to the CPM-3V high carbon steel. It could be that my handle was a flop along with the other unlucky peoples with the same issue. I will try to get this knife in the future, and if I the handle comes lose… I’m never buying Cold Steel again.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Interesting, When I got the M H, I eliminated the F-1, But instead I got the H-1 to team with my A-1. Yeah, Simply TiT’s, Beautiful, Aces. Yeah I high rated.,,.

Daryoush Borja says:

I wear large size gloves too.

Shlomo Shekelstein says:

I still have my old CarbonV version for well over a decade. I ended up making a new sheath for it since CS makes some of the worst carry sheaths but otherwise fantastic blades.

M. S. L. says:

I find it hard to believe they send it to Taiwan just for an injection molded handle.

Johnny Injun says:

i want one. send it to me,i’ll use it to skin and butcher.

entitled millennial says:

blows my mind that it is somehow cheaper to send the blades half way across the planet for assembly, and then back again, than it is to just build it in USA….

jonNH123 says:

2 years later, after seeing this video and pulling the trigger, I still own my Master Hunter and loving it. Thanks again for the recommendation. Really, a great review!

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