Benchmade Hunt | Saddle Mountain Skinner Overview

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The Hunt line of knives from Benchmade is new for 2014! Every element of these knives has been scrutinized and tested to create the best user experience possible. This premium line of hunting knives feature CPM-S30V steel for excellent corrosion resistant, edge retention, and durabilty. A choice of Dymondwood® or contoured G10 is available to fit your preference; both materials are more than capable of taking on the elements while providing a comfortable interface.

This 15001-2 Saddle Mountain Skinner fixed blade knife has a Dymondwood® handle and comes with a pressure-fitted leather sheath.


Taylor Hayden says:

So, would I be a fool to use this knife as a bushcraft instead of a hunting knife? I am not a hunter, but I am certainly an outdoorsman in need of a good field knife. I very much like the look of this knife as compared to Benchmade’s Bushcraft Sibert. Thoughts?

Pieslayer1992 says:

Man people are being douchebags to the new guy

Mateiros Carijós says:

Beautiful, Beautiful kinfe!
Tankh for video.

Ondřej G. says:

That thumb hunts me in my dreams.
Nice leather sheath. Knife is ok too.

Reese Garver says:

pretty sure you mixed up vertical and horizontal…

itamar kfir says:

You should really do a field test of the hunt series

Randy Huffman says:

The belly on the knife makes it good for skinning and de boning.

Al Gomez says:

what type of grind is on that blade

DelOEM Сельхозтехника says:

Hello. Please tell me what angle of sharpening this knife?

Survival Bros says:

I’ve hiked Saddle Mountain.  Check out the Survival Bros video on that trip.  Sweet blade.

EpicEverything3 says:

For hunting what is the advantage of a knife like this compared with a butcher knife like a victorinox or something?

NEPA Outdoors says:

I like them but I’d rather have an orange handle, orange g10, or almost orange rubber. Every hinter I know has lost blades in the woods including my self…

Glock Brothers says:

Did you guys get rid of Paul? Why is the store front closed? I can’t come in and buy my Benchmade knifes. A little more information would be appreciated.

Cr0cket20 says:

over all those are pretty good looking blades.

Dogger8095 says:

Looks like a good value for the knife itself with the added bonus of the knife being made in the U.S.A.

Row Tai says:

Thank you for a great video! Can you do a video on the folding hunt line please.

melvin sacromentoe says:

and this video is an ad it a overview

noahmoore says:

You gave the wrong dimensions… look at your ruler instead of reading the box…..

Luis Ochoa says:

I was at the Benchmade company store yesterday and actually held this knife in my hand, and let me tell you that video does not do it any justice. It feels amazing in hand, while I am going to get the diamond wood I was shocked at how good the G2 texturing was. Thanks for the videos! Can you do a table top on the Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul II? 

ShitmanMusic says:

that video is just advertisment.. thumps down

FringeSniper says:

the one in g10 looks awesome, great review.

melvin sacromentoe says:

To me this does nothing to warrant the 130 you are paying for it

teabagg6217 says:

Was wondering if you guys can do a review on the HUNT saddleman hunter, opposed to skinner!! Thanks for the reviews!!

H.N says:

Would this make a good bushcrafter?

ogostaboy says:

Benchmade should stick to their overpriced folders.This knife is shit and I regret paying 130$ for it.

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