Buck 119 Fixed Blade Knife preview/review

Amazon was running a hell of a deal on Buck Knives around the holiday so I had to pick one up.
It is my first Buck knife and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it.


Dean O says:

These are awesome knives

eMBee says:

of course you get a big knife, thats what you get with a hunting bowie

sixfteightinguy says:

i have my dads buck 119 from the 80’s.  he bought me the bigger one 120 when i was in high school.  used it in a camping trip few years ago & can’t find it now. so pissed! hope it’s just somewhere in the house or garage. enjoy your knife & hope you were able to use it for deer season.

Norcal Outdoors says:

I keep one in my pack all the time

BigGlock Daddy says:

Sweet knife blue, no go put some brown down, then send me some deer jerky lol

GunCrazy81 says:

Sweet knife Blue

GunCollector007 says:

good video man, Love my Buck knife. Just subbed. Check out my new channel too.

The Fatman says:


xc5647321 xc5647321 says:

If I went to buy a survival knife and they had already sold the last Marine Corp KBar knife, if this was the next thing they had I would buy one in a half a second!!!!

treesablowin says:

Very nice knife.

Bucky Buttface says:

Damn dude. I think you just sold me!

The Fatman says:

I WANT IN!!!!!!!

Randy Huffman says:

Nice knife. You would like the 105. It’s a real nice little knife. You can skin a deer in no time. The 119 is better size for quartering.

Donald Trump says:

a 6 inch blade in not big. a 10-16 inch blade is a big ass knife

only1timeful says:

only difference that mine has is the sheathe. mine is like a clothe type material. same exact knife. i enjoyed your video.

504 Dirt Dart says:

Great knife! I used to have one – maybe still do, somewhere.

Sergio C. says:

I was wondering what that weird symbol on my Buck Selkirk was, but after you mentioned it now I know it’s a year stamp.
My Selkirk is new, but for the hell of it I decided to check out their year stamp/code table, and ofcourse mine is 2016. It say’s they started using those weird looking symbols in 1986. Here’s the link to their year table just incase anyone is interested. – > http://www.buckknives.com/about-knives/how-old/

My next order is gonna be this Buck 119, and the classic Buck 110 lockback folder. Can’t wait. : ) Thx for the review.

Esmeralda Lopez says:

Scream uses that knife

in his movies

mellowandjello says:

I know this is meant for hunting, but would this all be suitable to use for wood whittling? Or is it overkill and I should just use a regular pocket knife.

Lumberman2011 says:

Love my old Buck! Nice review Blue at least you didn’t cut yourself like I do LOL

Nelson Vega says:

Got this beauty recently. USA tradition baby! Can’t go wrong with it. Would have liked it in the cocobolo wood handle you know. Google it and see what a gem she is.

LCJ farms says:

It’s my favorite knife

the mi woodsman says:

Nice score blue , it’s pretty hard to beat the buck 119 for a traditional hunting knife ! USA !
atb john

MrBulletpoints says:

Cool! Looks like it will do the job!…

oneeyedpatriot says:

You did well! I am sure it was worth the wait for that classic Buck knife. For what it’s worth, I wanted one all my life and finally got one a couple of years ago as a present. It is one of my favorites. Kudos!

DMKUSA says:

Those Buck Knives are SOLID Brother !!! I like it , thanks for sharing…ThumbZ UP 😉

TheGorillatavern says:

such a clasic, very nice bro.

TRprepper says:

A American classic for sure. Sweet!

Paul'ie 4X says:

I just bought a 1988 Buck # 119 almost in mint condition if you look close the guys at the pawn shop where I bought it must of cut something lite to see how sharp it was, the only thing is I got it with a nylon sheath, what I thought was a great buy went south quickly because if I buy a leather sheath it will almost run as much as a brand new kne, I paid $30.00 for my Buck, the closest knife I have to the Buck and I have a few 6″ blade size knives and that’s my S.O.G. Trident 2.0 their both good looking but I do like my Trident better, but I just watched a YouTube video and these kids ruffed the Buck up pretty good even batoned with it and the knife didn’t break so now I don’t feel too bad.

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