Buck 119 Knife Review. The classic revisted and misused. Absolutely no hunting in this video

The Buck 119 is one of the more classic fixed blades you can buy. Invented by Hoyt Buck in the 1900s or something, this knife’s design has stood the test of time. In this review I muse on terrible ways to improve the design, talk about Tom Brown and the TOPS tracker for some reason, and baton. I always baton. Is batoning a knife even worth doing any more? Who cares. Support my channel by, buying the knife through the links below.
Buck 119: https://amzn.to/2NISSoK
Buck 120: https://amzn.to/2ChbA4x
Buck Fixed Blades at Blade HQ: http://shrsl.com/181w3
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brand0nline says:

Mmmm, tofu soft tacos
ol pappy’s favorite, back when men were Men.

4501jbeezy says:

“Laser is in the name so you know it doesn’t fuck around”

Lars Buskkraft says:

I like it. Love the design. I would go for a 120mm blade and a wooden handle instead of that pffhnn-holic stuff.

Stefan Wolf says:

I see new YouTube knife trend being born in the comments – “vegetables battoning”.

MasterStormCrow says:

Nope, no interest, sorry! BUT, Loved the Vid thanks, Bro! Cheers

Old Ben says:

Ohh the Buck 119, had it, lost it..

Carthago Delenda Est says:

Problems With This Channel: Or; WHy I hate You
1. No Practical Tactical Knowledge: Does this guy even know who Lynn Thompson is?
2. No Machete Twirling
3. Never Goes Camping: Thus showing that he truly is city boi and therefore fake and probably also gay
4. Waist Size: What’s your pant size bro? Like 34 at most? Come back when you are Thicc Knife Bro.
5. Hair Style: Either grow it out like a viking or get a hair cut. You look like a wet Gary Busey.

josh viking says:

Good video

Micah Knepper says:

The Tom Brown Tracker is to knives, as Pennywise is to au pair.

Backyard Samurai says:

Nice review with sprinkles of sarcastic witticisms thrown in.
I love it.

Pterrordactyle says:

my dad has one that he field dresses deer during hunting season. its a nice knife and he’s had it forever.

Hiram Carmelino Mantino says:

how do you recomend to shape my edcs and knifes?=¿ spydys stones?¿

A Russian Doge says:

0:40 Hah blood groove that agitates my proper terminology addiction

SpyderHeel says:

Here I thought you were knocking out the fixed blade reviews while it was still batonable outside so you could do the little stuff inside. You know, so you don’t lose something in the snow like the duke duke.

Steve H says:

Good looking knife, in maybe a glass case… pretty sure we need an update from.the 1800’s …
for actual hunting you might use a Buck 110, also in need of an update but you can skin out a deer

Cole Constantinoff says:

Umm phallic… jk

Recon Ty says:

So funny “attention span issues”!
Classic knife for old people. I love Buck knives, good company, good knives, good prices. Great first knife for a new hunter.
“Knife most likely to survive an idiot”
“Knife with laser in the name knows your not f$&@ing around”
Great video!

Rust-O says:

‘bout fucking time, shitstain.
I have been waiting for this one!

Anthony Kammas says:

Ya know, now you’ve gotta make a tracker vid now.

John Richardson says:

Personally I’d never use this for hunting. I use a benchmade griptillian and freek for hunting. Also I recently started using the crkt homefront and I really enjoy using it for hunting and game processing. I saw someone say that this is a good option for hunters in the comments and I don’t know why you would need anything bigger than about 3.5 inches

TheRevDr says:

Are you trying for the lucrative underwear sponsors?

I always thought that Buck was specifically designed as a fightin’ knife. But then I realized it needs more and bigger fullers. Sorry, blood grooves. Many many more blood grooves. More on the blade, some on the handle, a few on the “pommel”, maybe even some on the sheath. A good fightin’ knife is all about the blood grooves.

Panther Bladerunner says:

I would like a fixed blade with a sheath like the TOPS Baja 3.0, but bigger than that, more like 4 inches (That’s what SHE said). It can be carried scout-carry even in an urban setting with that type of sheath. I think that more people would carry fixed blades if they didn’t have these gigantic dangling participles hanging from their belts. Or maybe dudes who like those blades are compensating?

Paddy RedBeard says:

Fast and bulbous!

Ben Braceletspurple says:

Better steel. They reduced steel quality and that sucks.

Joshua Ritzheimer says:

Ah, classic phenolyck (?). Warms my heart every time I think about it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this knife get such a good workout. How was the edge afterward? Great review Bro!

Brad Hutchison says:

Someone send this man a Tom Brown tracker.

Chad Lampe says:

Havalons for hunting. Nothing better than a cadaver scalpel to gut and process an animal. A small bone saw is handy, like on a leatherman to cut through the hips and sternum.

Jake Disty says:

Esee 4 is my main skinny knife for medium sized game.

Ronald Dunne says:

In my experience (used a 120 General for @40 years) the handle material is no problem, wet or dry. The knives held up well in the woods… Agree on the khukri and smaller blade for camp use…

ModernArnis says:

Just bought one for my father’s birthday, thaks for the review.

Charles Collier says:

“It has laser in the name, so you know it doesn’t Buck around?”

Dr. Tautology says:

Seriously Bro, up your knife game and learn how to french cut a fucking onion.

astrozombie2099 says:

Can’t wait for that 120 review!

iamnotgoodwithcomputer says:

is a sawback that you mostly use for sawing called a knifeback? or is it just a saw with an weirdly placed edge on it?
also, how do daws perform for batoning? research may have to be done on this.

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