Buck 119 Special Review: Timeless Camp Knife Excellence

Here’s my review of the iconic, classic and excellent Buck 119 Special. This 6″ Bowie knife combines great aesthetics, durable materials and construction, and versatile cutting ability in an affordable package. No wonder it’s in more camp kits than perhaps any other fixed blade knife!


furnace3 says:

so dull lol. no way should you be able to touch the edge like that without cutting.

Xander Nino says:

scream anyone?

Scooter 101 says:

I bet the steel got cheaper?

Bob Witt says:

I’ve owned sporting / outdoor knives of all “price points” from Case XX, Morseth, Buck, Randall, Customs – and so on. After 35 continuous years of going to The North Country of Ontario and the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, I can honestly say that “you can easily spend more money for a knife, yet for any kind of money, one would be hard pressed to beat a Buck.” (also their warranty is the Real Deal)

Joshua Doty says:

Good review. Nice knives. They made this going back to the 1942. This is the 75th anniversary. I only know this is a see 75th anniversary being marketed.


Best knife on the planet.
I have one, and the thing is superior in every way. Comes razor sharp out of the box, and Will Never Let You Down.
If you are outdoors, hunting, camping, fishing… this is the blade you want on your side.
forget about the cheesy survival knives, and the BUDK Rambo crap….this is a man’s knife.

Bigjune 227 says:

I got a old buck for sell with a buck case

OursCinema says:

i thought if the edge had a mirror then its not sharp?

Dylan Lambert says:

Jesus. here in Canada that knife costs $99 at Walmart

Daniel Lamb says:

check my videos out I play five finger fillet with the 119 buck

Jeremy Hurley says:

You’re gross

Tyler Snyder says:

Those spacers should be black micarta, they were originally burgundy and are now black but micarta nonetheless .
My 2010 has black micarta spacers.
Btw I think the visibility of the pins all depends on the knife, mine aren’t visible and neither we’re the pins on my 110 when I got it.
They haven’t moved or anything but they tarnished or patina’d differently than the bolsters.

FYI because your 119 is from ’91 I believe the steel would be 425m which they used from ’82-’92 but stopped because they were the only buyers of it making it expensive, before that it was 440c, and before that they were files on the handmade 4 strikes.

Richard Mcginnis says:

i bought an older 119 today with the leather sheath for 40 bucks, from the same shop. now i have two buck 119 special knives

Joe Framo says:

thank you for the great presentation on the buck 119 really appreciate it thank you

buddo1979 says:

I have 2 119’s. My fathers, 1967-72 and mine produced in 1998. I love them. It’s amazing to see the differences between the 45 year old one to the 20 year old one..

Brian Taylor says:

I got a dueling 119 and a 120. I love em both!

Joe P says:

The problem with that knife and most big hunting knives is that the blade is designed more as a fighting knife than anything else. It’s not the ideal blade for dressing or skinning and animal. It’s not a good whittling/carving knife. the deep hollow ground is not as good for food preparation as a flat grind would be. Yes, you can baton with it, but the rat tail tang is not as sturdy as a full handle tang as you have in the Buck 124 knife.

Richard Mcginnis says:

i got one today at my local pawn shop for 15 bucks why is it called the special?

Thomas Jefferson says:

I have the same knife. I love it. I’m just getting into using it like it was intended. It sat in t drawer for years thinking it was too nice to use but now I’m giving it hell camping and chopping wood with it. I’m surprised how durable it is and how it can handle batoning. I cannot break it with a baton. I tried everything and finally decided it’s stronger than me and will handle anything I can dish out.

devinrrod 2 says:

I have the 2016 119. And man, it is probably one of, if not THE BEST knife in my collection. I’m not a huge knife collector, but, this thing is truly something special.

Gazoontite KaPow says:

The Buck 119 is one of the best knives I’ve owned. I do put grip tape around the handle, but for hunting, survival, etc etc it’s one of the better fixed blade knives and for good reason, too.

James Games says:

I dont like to hunt,this knife is for gutting things but i use it as a cutting knife for fruit and vegetables etc

Don Hart says:

far out I don’t know how sharp that knife was but if I ran my fingers along the edge of one of my knives like that I’m pretty shour I would get cut

Dana White says:

It was cringey when he started rubbing the blade on his skin. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that’s not how you judge how sharp it is

Terry Franks says:

i like your videos of old school blades more.Im an old school knife guy.Im 47 and always packed a blade.I just cringe when someone says oh yea i carry a blade and they whip out a 300 dollar POCKET KNIFE.Is it a pocket knife or is it a work of art? i like to see someone whip out an old buck 110 or case.Love these classic blades more than all that overpriced pocket Van Goghs.

M. Ingram says:

I’d bet you $5 he just bought this 1991 year of production on Ebay or a knife exchange recently.For one his blade isn’t scratched up…anyone using one that long wouldn’t be that minty.And neither would the sheath mind you.Also you need the date code chart to verify when you got it? come on.I don’t what’s worse,the BS on Bladeforums or certain knife reviewers lying their butts off.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Rob, I got my Buck 119 because I like the way it looks. But I just got my Benchmade Arvensis 119, I like it a little better, The steel is a 154 CM and I teamed it with my Bokor Coye Ridgeback, I intend to use it in wet and snowy conditions.

Steve's knives & hikes! says:

I’m not sure if the tang is the same, but I bought the cheap version of this same exact knife from Yukon gear, and the tang is only half an inch thick.

Kal El says:

It’s called a stick tang.

Dark Leige Of Chaosmas says:

it would probably be cheaper for me to fly over to America and buy one over there than to buy one here in England. they’re literally £130 (about $150) over here for shits sake!

Michael Simons says:

Need to get one !

Phillip Clarke says:

I broke mine got a new one

maxime caron says:

i think its a good knife for self-defense for the persons who goes in the forest frequently too . Defense for the animals predator and bad persons too

Brian Hindley says:

If you ever need to send in a Buck knife for warranty, do not send the box with it. You will not get it back. I have a damascus stag handle 110+ which I got on a closeout in a going out of business shop in El Paso years ago. Absolutely beautiful. However when I took it out of the box I discovered the damascus steel blade had a split in it, so I sent the whole thing to Buck for them to replace the blade. They only sent the knife back and were real jerks about their policy about not returning the box and papers. Lousy. So be aware of that. There is nothing in the warranty card information about that policy.

Terry Valèntïné Dean says:

Gorgeous Knives!!!
Love the Polish on the edges too..

plutoplatters says:

I think that’s the OJ special … ..

Chez Chez says:

40 bucks!?!! *speeds to walmart*

csh 62 says:

I have many knives, some much more expensive than my Buck 119, but the sharpest knife I have is my Buck 119 (and 110). It’s probably the best value you can get for an all around use knife. Thanks for the video.

skate boarder says:

i have a 119 special but its a 75 anniversary edition

Torsten Davis says:

Anyone know the intro song?

Rising Awareness says:

I got one of these years ago, and the finger guard(s) became loose
within a week of owning it. So–I took it back to Kmart and got it
swapped out for another. And then, that one had the same problem. I just
kept it, thinking it was just the nature of the beast. Now I see Buck
has a lifetime warranty and I’m going to ask them to repair or replace
it. Anyone else have this problem with the 119? I’ve refused to buy
another Buck (been about 17 years now since I got it) because after
getting two with the same problem I’ve been of the opinion that they are
just crap.

Laurie Campbell says:

Two years on, I was looking for my 119 bought in 2013, my lad had been using it and gifted it to his buddy in 2 para who fell in love with it. More than happy to see a british tommy with an American knife, now that could be a match made in hell.

Dwight E Howell says:

Mine is a heck of a lot of older. I bought it, a skinner, and a lock back a long, long time ago.

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