Buck 120 Knife Full Review…

The most fun I’ve had with a knife ever. Hunting Knife? Survival Knife? You decide…


Scott F. says:

Grew up with Buck knives and still dig em to this day…Good review vid as good knife…

Dean O says:

Buck has some of these classics down pat, this is a tried and true knife

TangSooDoArnis4Life says:

NOW THATS A KNIFE!! great review on a classic knife Rex:)

Germanknivevideos hd says:

yes i now but i can just ordered this one

James McIntyre says:

BUCK has been my favorite knife brand for many many years! That knife is awesome man!

je gaat zien wie ik ben. says:

Whoever said:
‘money can’t buy happiness’
…… Bought the wrong knife

coolbro xrx says:

nice video sir it’s really a true knive

Terry Valèntïné Dean says:

I’ve owned and used a pair of these since the late 90’s… Perfect in Every Way!!
The “finger choil” as people like to call it isn’t meant for a finger at all… It’s primary purpose is to facilitate sharpening without marring the guard…the edge purposely ends short of the guard with a cut out recess to prevent damaging the aesthetics of the piece… And a Beautiful piece it is!!
The fuller is often mistakenly called a blood groove but that again is a misnomer… The fuller cuts serve two purposes…1- to lighten the blade and 2- they are simply aesthetically pleasing..
Great Video!!

Working Class Woodsman says:

One of my favorites !!!

je gaat zien wie ik ben. says:

Wow great review. I love that you give a kind of history. Keep going. You helped ma a lot. And i love how you response tot every one !

Wade , BigRedneckPoppa says:

You can baton your blade all you want , just not in public , ok ? Nice video thanks !

coolbro xrx says:

these knives are amazing

lifeinthailand says:

I really like my buck, use it all the time.

rickd248 says:

I enjoyed your presentation very much. There are only two things I would ask of you sir. Loose or lower the volume of your music and obtain a microphone for yourself. I had a very hard time hearing what you had to say. That was a shame for me since I found it very interesting would have liked to have heard the whole talk. Thank you for posting this.

coolbro xrx says:

you tuber were do you buy these knives

むぽ says:

I love Buck knives, too!

miks Adventures says:

Nice blade 🙂

Flyz it Dies says:

Can I put this buck 120 in my combat boot? You know like a bootleg knife

Tactical Cats says:

Looks like a sweet knife, I’ll have to add it to my “to get list” of knives. Thanks for sharing and happy Thanksgiving.

valizavia says:

Nice review. I just purchased mine from Amazon. I wonder what is that fruit you cut through with the knife?

3D Outdoors says:

I have one of those. Awesome knife.

GAbriel BOsse says:

I’m thumbing u down. Why? Because of that stupid fucking piano playing in that background!

coolbro xrx says:

What state

pinkiewerewolf says:

I’ve never had an issue with any of the Buck knives that I’ve owned, and I still have the folding Ranger that I wore to school on the early 80’s.
I wanted the General really bad back in those days. This video is a reminder to pick one up sometime.

giko surmanidze says:

my favorit knife 120

sharpie443 says:

I have one of those. I never use it because it’s way bigger than I like for a hunting knife.

Tobias Tingström says:

Batong that shit up broh, nice video i appreciated it.

Jonathan Doehrer says:

Surprised that you didn’t mention scream

coolplayz Nogame says:

I must get Me one,,,get a few119 specials,,,but I must have a General by Buck,,,Take Care & Peace

JDS hillbilly says:

great knife, I remember almost 40 years ago my father having one, not the 120 but the largest without a blood groove. the sheath had a flap over it though. that knife was used many many times camping and hunting. thanks for sharing

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