Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter 50th Anniversary Model – Knife Review

The Buck 100 Folding Hunter may be THE classic Buck Knife. Every one produced in 2014 will be a special 50th anniversary edition to commemorate a half century of this great knife. Made is the USA!

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whubaddum says:

The 110 is one of those things that you can’t appreciate the fuss being made until you hold it in your hands. There’s just something about the big old chunk of brass and wood that speaks to your primal instincts.

Brian Taylor says:

My 110 and my Case Hammerhead are two of my favorite knives and they are great for small game huntin all the way up to deer and look cool doin it..

MrBreeze says:

I wish I had gotten one of these last year. You are wise to save this one.

Bjorn Engels says:

is this knife good for taking with you in a camping trip to carf some wood?

Oxxnarr D'flame says:

After watching your video I went out and got a standard 110. It is a work of art. Heavy but feels great. Now I know what to get my son-in-law for next Christmas.

Thomas Osteen says:

I just order one 3 years later and paid a lot more than 40$.Thanks for the video Bryan.

Drew R says:

I love mine too and it’s a safe queen.

Patrick Runcie says:

I had one, the original 110, in 1974 when I was in the Army, stationed in Germany. I remember coming home with it but I don’t remember what ever happened to it. :-(( As of 2 Dec 2017, eBay is the only place to get one. I ordered one. I may not take out of the package. This is the best video I have seen on this knife. Good job, ol’ man!

BeggiChozo says:

I hear you, great vid. I own a Buck 110 Chairman series. Love the Nickel, Silver and California Red wood. I rarely ever use, piece of art work.

Matthew Jeffres says:

I use a none 50th at work all the time ( I work in a nature preserve). I have a 50th in the drawer. It is an awesome knife. It handle daily task very well. A classic that wants to be used. Thanks for doing the review!

Drew Pierce says:

I carry one of these for eveyday use and protection. I’m amazed at how well it holds an edge. Maybe the best value out there for a folding hunter

Chester Thomas says:

I did the same thing to my buck…put in in the case to look pretty. it’s more of a collectors item to me

micheal vega says:

got this today for 27 bucks new at a pawn shop

samuraigrand masta says:

I just got one yesterday the standard buck 110 and I think I found my new edc buddy with my case hammerhead

Chris Hutchins says:

I just bought the $30 110 from Walmart, it was filled with dried up buffing compound. but I’m not bashing the knife as bad because after all you can still end up paying $70-$100 for a brand new standard no frills 110. I remedied my problem with just some Hoppes Elite gun oil and now my 110 is perfect

El santo 650 says:

The queen of pocketknives.

Dillon Rogers says:

I would like to see u review coast knives the coast lx330

Jeremy Goldberg says:

Well it’s a few years later but I think this is the knife for me for an everyday carry on my belt. Granted it won’t be the anniversary edition. It’s at $27.00 right now on Amazon. I always loved this knife and think I had one when I was way young or my dad did. It’s a classic with a yes I will break point if misused. I’ve been putting it off now for about a year and I don’ t think it will get any cheaper than what it’s at. Thx.

Bernie Cooper says:

Great review of a classic knife. This is not a $400 tactical titanium framelock that people are carrying to cut paracord or slice apples. This is a true working mans knife that our fathers were carrying before anyone ever said edc. This knife can handle anything you can throw at it and more. I just bought mine recently in canada and mine came with a minibuck 425 with it, a nice bonus. I enjoy your videos and honest opinions. cheers

Brian Hindley says:

If you ever need to send in a Buck knife for warranty, do not send the box with it. You will not get it back. I have a damascus stag handle 110+ which I got on a closeout in a going out of business shop in El Paso years ago. Absolutely beautiful. However when I took it out of the box I discovered the damascus steel blade had a split in it, so I sent the whole thing to Buck for them to replace the blade. They only sent the knife back and were real jerks about their policy about not returning the box and papers. Lousy. So be aware of that. There is nothing in the warranty card information about that policy.

Todd R says:

Good review.

colton donohoe says:

This isn’t only made in the USA it’s made a few miles from my house, everyone around here uses them. They are great knives made I a great place

Mark Gray says:

That’s a beauty!

hog wash says:

My good friend just give me this knife I love it goes good with my collection thanks David see you when I come back to visit love you bro

40belowful says:

ooh aahhh glad I gave you one Bryan:) in my box ooh knifes I sent you:):) you enjoying it yet:):)

adam locke says:

What’s good about American made buck knives is that they stand the test of time if you learn to use a sharpen stone will last forever if you buy a two buck knives made in China for 25$ just throw it away I pay 35$ for a cadet been using for 4 years now it sharpens it does not leave dents or chips can’t express enough why you should research how blades are made you won’t go wrong with black handle buck you can feel the quality

Bayan1905 says:

I got one yesterday at Walmart for $28 and it has the nylon sheath but I have several good leather sheaths here at the house so that was no big deal for me, but I also don’t collect knives, I use them and they get worked, not abused, but honest worked. I was using mine within 20 minutes of me coming home from the store. I plan on taking it with me today when I am out fishing. I had one 20 years back that I lost somewhere and the one I got yesterday is as good as the one I had, and the one I had 20 years ago, I found in the basement of a paper mill so who knows how old that one was. The 110 is a knife that might not be tactical or tacticool, but hey, it works.

Hayseed Homestead says:

I bought mine back in 1977 at a US Army R & G club in Weisbaden, W. Germany as a young MP. No idea what I paid for it, but it was on my belt for many years both on duty and off. It was my EDC blade before EDC came into vogue. These days it rides in my “murse”. I just touched the blade up and it still shaves arm hair. It’s not as purdy as your 50th anniversary model, it’s beat up and has roofing tar on it and the brass ends are battle scarred. I also spread the pivot end so I could flip it open one handed. So, a 40 y/o knife and it’s still rock solid.

Jeffery Payne says:

I am never  without my 110 ive had it so long ive lost track of just how many years I have had it and it does show its age they are the best knife you can buy but I also love may case knifes

Brucer Ducer says:

I’ve looked for a folding knife like that Buck in many of the big box sporting goods stores
and they are not carrying it.

Just today I ordered an Old Timer and Scrade folding knife, so I will have to do with them, but many of the folding knives of this size are only found on the Internet and not in the stores.

michael koncal says:

2016 I payed $189.00 for a rare leftover. Oh turds!

Fireworxs2012 says:

An unused tool is a useless tool….

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