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Knifehog’s Addison reviews the Buck Vanguard model 0192BRS-B. See what she has to say about this tough skinning/hunting knife.
Rating: 4.5 stars

Hey guys, welcome back to KnifeHog.com! Addison here and today I’ll be reviewing one of Buck’s most impressive fixed blade hunting and skinning knives: the Buck Vanguard.
With the sheer fact of the Vanguard being manufactured by Buck, this knife has “hunter” written all over it. This artfully designed knife has a blade this is 4 ¼” in length and features a hollow ground edge, which makes this knife perfect for slicing through things like large game and thin branches. Typical of most Buck knives, the Vanguard’s blade is composed of 420HC stainless steel. Although 420HC is not the absolute best steel type to have on a knife of this caliber, Buck makes it work with their special heat treating process to increase the quality of the steel. The blade of this knife comes razor sharp right out of the box and is able to hold a nice, fine edge for an extended period of time. This knife’s handle is composed of a Dymondwood Walnut material that provides you with a comfortable grip and a brass finger guard for aesthetic appeal. A leather sheath also comes included with this knife.
Overall, the Buck Vanguard is the perfect skinning and hunting knife. Its specially heat treated blade, razor sharp factory edge and firm handle make this knife ideal for processing game and handling small scale outdoor chores. In all honesty there is really nothing bad I have to say about this knife expect for the size. In my opinion it could have a slightly larger blade but, all in all, the knife is pretty much perfect.
We here at KnifeHog give this knife 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Comment in the section below and tell us what you think about this knife. For this and many others, buy now at Knifehog.com. For everything sharp.


juan j. robles says:

Been carrying a VANGUARD in a custom kydex sheath for about 5 years for personnel protection and it has never let me down. Excellent knife all around.

johnnyhawthorne1989 says:

Everything in this review was vague and honestly unhelpful…..

kyle henderson says:

I have been looking into this knives for months and knives hug help to make my decisions greatly .

Joe Baker says:

I love mine,can’t find any fault. I have only had it for my last 4 deer, but it has been perfect.

2 earth says:

so so butiful.

Chocolate Face says:

haha in her opinion it could be longer..typical woman. shut up

Dalton Duckett says:

Beautiful… The girl and the knife…

Xlnt Eagle says:

Beautiful knife!

Joe Barker says:

having finished another season, and 3 more deer, I have to agree, that it is a perfect knife for processing whitetails

ogostaboy says:

Yes, the cutting edge should be closer to the handle.I didn’t want to buy it for this reason,but when I handled it at the local Cabelas it felt so comfortable that I got it.And I still hate this gap,it is a problem when working with wood.

Matt Warren says:

Longer blade isnt needed. A 4″ blade is all you need

Nameless User says:

What a beautiful girl

Joe P says:

Right now on Amazon, you can get this Vanguard knife with walnut handle and leather sheath for $49.14. You can also get the Buck Selkirk which is a similar knife but with a micarta handle and plastic sheath for $50.95. The Vanguard is made in the USA but the Selkirk is made in China. However, the Selkirk comes with a fire starter and a whistle, and the Vanguard does not.

Slippschitts Hey says:

Enough of the knife bullshit , whip out those titties.

brxtmp106 says:

I’ve had this knife for years and the ONLY thing I dislike is that the blade stops too far from the handle. I like to cut as close to the handle as possible and the gap keeps this knife at home. Otherwise, fit, finish, balance, size…perfect. I’d even PREFER the blade be shortened to just eliminate that gap.

A Google User says:

So the whole idea of this channel is to have a model read the material provided by the manufacturer. A model who has never used a knife in the outdoors in her entire life. Have a thumbs down!

Chas McD says:

Larger blade “,That’s what she said!

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