Case Leather Hunter #381 Review

Hey guys. Here’s my review on the Case Leather Hunter 381 hunting knife. It’s a great knife that will last for years, and is sharp enough to shave hair off your arm out of the box. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Spencer Smith says:

I own one myself. Mine might be smaller. It is very nice, and beautiful.

Thomas Burton says:

Eats burger, buys a hunting knife “I don’t hunt. It’s not who I am.” makes a great veggy cutter. Yes, case is the best in the west for longevity.Old XX folders are very desirable.

Josh lower says:

the inlets on the back of the blade where your thumb goes is called jimping

Lonnie Clemens says:

Excellent review! Thank you for sharing!

StarvinMarvin says:

How is this as an EDC? I want to get a slightly smaller fixed like this, same model, for woodsy things lmao


that is one cool looking knife. I like case knives. I use the hobo all the time. wanted one of these since I was a kid. enjoyed your video. cheers

Tristan Popowski says:

My knife went straight through the sheath. Sliced her right half in two.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I bought a Case Jungle Machete Knife a 10″ blade, when I bought it a few years ago, maybe a year ago, I bought it in new condition from a Pawn Shop, But I put it away and almost forgot about it, This time of the year I like a long knife for cutting myself through the new growth, But what made me bring it out was I just bought a Case Pawnee, it’s a Fix Blade made in the 1970’s or 80’s. Anyhow I teamed the two together and I added my Wooden Handle Fiskar Folding Saw, I use the same haversack I use with my other lite Trio, But instead of the Mora Hatchet that I teamed up with my Mira 200p, I substituted it for my long knife. So yeah the Case Pawnee has a new duty with the Case Jungle Machete Knife, It’s still a lite carry and both do compliment eachother for my Afternoon Delights a hot cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato, So yeah they go well together. Yeah, Thanx for sharing your Case and job well done. Just relax, you did fine. Thanx.

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