Celtibero Survival Knife Review – A Gauntlet Review

The Celtibero Survival Knife from CDS Survival is a “hand made” in Spain using a laser cut blade. For the first stop in The Gauntlet I put this knife through the basic tests I think a survival knife needs to pass.

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Here are the specs on this knife:
* Blade Length: 145 mm / 5,70 inches
*Handle Length: 275 mm / 10,82 inches
*Overall Length: 420 mm / 16,53 inches.
* Cocobolo wood handle
* Genuine leather sheath, Sharpener Stone and firesteel
* Made in Spain. Handmade knife with blade cut by laser.
* Stainless Steel Molybdenum-Vanadium 58 (MOVA-58)

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yea right on personal desion Diffently personal oh wise one

paulie 4x says:

WoW Brian, That Celibtero, is so close to the Battle Horse Attitude after I had it done My Way. I had a Slight curve put on it and the drop point lowered now it look’s similar to yours but mine might be more slender which I like, I also had them grind a high scando, Tge handle is similar but on mine I don’t have a extended pommel but it’s faired a little like the high end Woodlore’s and mine is 5 1/4″ and 3/16th’s thick. The handle on mine is a white G-10 with blue liners, They surprised me with a beautiful quality black deep fitting dangler sheath, The Quality/Price Ratio is Ouystanding, Yeah, they do look similar. Oh, and Say Heah, ,, ,

Bob Collinsworth says:

Great review. Basic . . . to the point . . . no useless rambling-on . . . I think I’ll buy one myself! Thanks Bryan.

Pinocchio Cozad says:

wondered why you were so quiet, then realized you were not listed in subscriptions. odd. fixed it.

schlooonginator says:

Actually quite impressed with this. For what they are asking for it and being Spanish(who have a decent rep for knives) this is quite a lot of knife for the money. A good stainless alternative to a Fallkniven as there aren’t that many stainless survival style knives.
Too bad its just a bit off design wise with the jimping and that waste of edge at the handle, so close to being extremely good.
Sheath is really impressive especially for stock.
If I needed this size of knife right now, at the price they ask, this would definately be on the short list.
I would have to use my WorkSharp to round the jimping and attempt to maybe grind a deeper choil where that lanyard hole is out front.

Bill K. says:

Great looking knife and a great review. The only thing I didn’t care for on this knife is the angled pommel, seems to me if the pommel is going to be exposed it ought to be flat for pounding. Just my .02 worth…

IL WV!77!M says:

How heavy is the knife? I’ve had my eye on the black version for about 2 weeks now. Great reviews, keep up the good work!

Miguel G. Aracil says:


Zackery Hinckley says:

what’s the steel made of and is it like high carbons steel or is it a little less like b grade steel.

paulie 4x says:

Looks a little like Will’s knife.,,.

Calvin Mcnall says:

Can you do another video please

Joranba says:

I like the knife. The sheath look awesome.

Michael Wohlscheid says:

Love the videos! Could you tell me what camcorder you use?

Lawman FL says:

Nice sheath, not impressed with the knife. Spain should stick to bull fighting. …..a mí no me gusta.

Jack Hungaski says:

Hey Brian, Whats your opinion of the fact that boy scouts are not allowed to carry fixed blade knives. As an assistant scoutmaster and knife guy I have a problem with this rule.

Lucas az says:

Hi!! I made a vídeo how to make a knife !!

Nice vídeo 😉

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Brian, WoW they stole my design, Yeah the blade, It looks alot of what I had done to my Battle Horse Attitude, Seriously, you could see mine on Google Plus just search Paulie 4X and tell me what you think Ok.

Ryan Caiazza says:

Great sheath. Deff worth it I Belive. Make a nice Christmas present

Joey Morizio says:

Awesome knife from Spain ,, good steel

Steve Smith says:

Want it!

Paul win says:

How long is the actual cutting edge?

danny chadwick says:

lovely knife brian

NormanMatchem says:

Wow, that’s awesome! The stone is cool, but I’m thinking it might be a bit heavy. In all likelihood, I’d probably take the stone out, and use that pocket for something else. Dunno what, but something. Maybe an M1911 mag or if it fits, a double stack Hi Power or CZ-75 mag. Stick a few rifle rounds in there if hunting. A bit of pemmican or a baggie of ground up hard tack is another option. Some batteries if you’ve also got a flashlight. A tube of m&m’s for a little snack… remember those? Hell, those things are probably water tight, use it to carry rubbing alcohol!… or regular alcohol. A bit of rum for your little jog in the woods, eh? Won’t hurt 😉

Scott Johnson says:

I love the knife. I’m a leather crafter and I can tell you That is a sheath. Schrade!! Pay attention.

Rob Mata says:

looks like the silent hero from tops knives

Mario FJ says:

yo conozco este y otros cuchillos de esta fabrica y es de lo mejor que se hace en españa

rndmazn (random asian) says:

what kind of grind is it?

Jerome Kukurugya says:

Man, nice knife and a sweet leather sheath. Gonna have to add this to my wish list, lol.

George Troublesome says:

i have the Micarta version almost 6 months and i am using the knife every day
[it is a very good knife ]until now not a single problem

Jackson Allen says:

No problem!

Jack Hungaski says:

Thank you for your quick response and I couldn’t agree with you more.


My video is ready to go, but I’m holding back until the new shipment hits Amazon.

Ichabod Riel says:

Thats a good looking knife, great review, $145 on amazon at the moment a bit pricey.

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

Well-Balanced Awesome ..

Darill Fowler says:

Thanks for showing me this video! Really helps me to decide… I think I might just get it! I have look and seen many others but price tags are just too ridiculous high! Seeing this video shows that the knife can do it’s job with no problems. So I think it’s worth it! Again, thank you for this video! 🙂


very nice review, Bryan 🙂
It´s a nice looking and a good allrounder…really cool design 🙂

Player Review says:

Cool blade, I’m digging it. And, the folks in Spain could really use the jobs so I could carry it with pride that I’m helping their economy that needs it. They have some really talented citizens too. Thanks for having this one on your channel! Sadly, sold out, probably thanks to you. I’ll keep an eye for when these go back on Amazon or BladeHQ. The knife looks worth the price, I’m a wuss and would just about pay $100 just for the cocobolo handles and another $50+ for that amazing sheath.

Clap Forboobies says:

Same price range as some Tops knives with 1095. Good review.

David M. says:

I have the explorer from the same company. Will you be interested in reviewing it?

paulie 4x says:

It sort of looks like a Woodlore on steriods. I really love that look.

DESMOND - knives & Pipes says:

Hi Bryan, great review.
This is a magnificent knife. Yours is the commercial version.
The first were made (and they were created) for and by the http://www.supervivencia-y-naturaleza.com of Spain forum, about 5 years ago; later, was released the commercial version for users in general, wich is what you have.
They were made in 1095 carbon steel, and numbered from 00 to 100.
Was a major design, in the spanish survival scene, and today is a myth. We are delighted with it.
Enjoy it, because it is a beast. Best regards 🙂

JCCalvente Fotografo de bodas, moda, inmobiliaria - wedding, fashion, real estate photography says:

Love it¡¡

Raeven Phillips says:

Thanks for taking the time to review this brand. I came across them a short while ago and had no idea what the quality would be like. I’m curious, (and I read through all the comments, checked out the links, amazon page etc but didn’t see this info), what grind does this knife have? Can’t tell if it’s Scandi, hollow, or something else. I was looking at one or two of their other designs and they don’t give grind type either. I also couldn’t find how to contact the company to ask. Really hoping you can help. Thanks so much.

Jack Hungaski says:

Excellent review of the Celtibero by the way. This is possibly the last production knife I will buy as I am beginning to make knives myself.

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

that’s a sweet knife!

Pinocchio Cozad says:

really really fixed it.


Another great vid and purdy knife. Will follow this one through the gauntlet!


Love sheath but100 bones little steep

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