CFK IPAK bushcraft knife and hunting gear review

via YouTube Capture just reviewing a few quality knives


Brandon Roberts says:

what’s this guy talking about . your knives suck ?? who is he talking about

21 Gun Salute says:

hey dang brother, how big are you?

Michael Tran says:

hi could i have a knife ? 😀

dukeboy1987 says:

link to your 2nd favorite one plz

Stephen Fowler says:

good knives, but the handle is to short. Love the blade itself, but I have normal sized hands and the grip is about 1/2 short on all 3 of mine. Bushcraft 2


wow great looking knives and thanks for sharing your thoughts. they look amazing !!

jim brown says:

I own 2 of the D2 tool steel CFK knives and I agree that they can stand toe to toe with knives twice as expensive. My CFK collection was had through eBay for about $100. 2 awesome knives and sheaths for $100! I’ve paid more for knives I’ve liked alot less lol! One of mine was a “factory second” as well, some light grinding marks under the bolster… I use my knives so I just don’t care, plus it’s unseeable unless pointed out. I will continue to buy CFK knives and I recommend everybody gives them a chance! Thanks for your review on these guys man, beautiful knives you have there too!

Jason Baker says:

Thanks for the great review. If someone has issues with our knives we will fix them or replace them for free. Contact us via eBay or Amazon or Facebook. Thanks

DirtPoorFarmer says:

i just recently got a cfk bushcraft knife for my 35 birthday and i couldnt be happier what i want to know is about the Damascus how hard is it to sharpen and is it a good steel? there are some beautiful damascus knives but i have a very limited amount of money and just want to make sure they are legit i am sure you understand thanks for the review i am looking foward to future videos i just subbed

farmer mike says:

how is a hollow grind durable for bushcraft or survival when your constantly working with wood? thoughts? comments?



saggot420son says:

good video. quick question, it looks like all these knives are hollow ground, have you seen any flat ground? thanks

Stephen Fowler says:

Great reviews also

kevin sprouse says:

i have been tempted to buy an IPAK but im leary sometimes on buying knives, they look like a good knife i like your old 2nd favorite knife the horizontal carry, you did a good job reviewing these knives

mister smith says:

I don’t do hollow grinds, but I gave you a thumbs up for doing a knife video.

Edge Mcsnob says:

the grind along the spine from the ricasso (just before the handle) to the tip is a swedge or false edge, fyi

so steve says:

awesome knife’s,i like the design

Brandon Roberts says:

the new age bushcrafter

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