Crkt free range hunter knife review

Reviewing the crkt free range Hunter designed by russ kommer. model number 2040 fixed blade and 2043 lockback folder with gut hook
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Tiddlywinksist Gun News and More! says:


MrDream5 says:

Go be a girl.

Chris Morin says:

Good review!!! Going to get that fixed blade soon myself. What happened to your fingers looked like that might have hurt…

Ju! says:

I really don’t enjoy making folders, at all. I’d rather just buy the folder I want and make the fixed blades. It could just be me. But I hate making folders. They will drive you crazy, also I’d advise getting the magnifier specs before hand. Just my opinion take it with a grain of salt.

Kaila Cumings says:

Yeah absolutely. I’d love to but I’ve only just started making knives. Once I get a little more skilled ill def start making them! 🙂

moonclipper45 says:

Thanks, Darlin’ good review on some nice cutlery…enjoyed the hunting story too, of
course. Glad Doug got a chance to experience hunting. Now when your little girl
gets a little older…(8-). Heck, that’d be great! Mom and daughter “shoppin’ ” fer
venison out in the timber(8-).

MrSeymourVideo says:

Love your videos, so informative. Thanks ; )


Nice knives and funny story dudette.

Jörgen Eriksson says:

God vid , have a nice day ma’m !

xXxCatsnakexXx says:

Good job on the deer Doug!

David Schachle says:

Never wished my name was Doug so much in my life!!! 🙂 lol…. kidding. Reminds me of my Gerber Gators…. aslo great knives

Heavenly Nicole says:

So cool

unclecow says:

great review Kaila your man is so lucky

Moors Hound says:

crkt errr ummmm well I just don’t like the lock & the line up is not sooo good, plus well errr ummmm I;m drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlackTransAm5688 says:

If ya want a even better hunting knife is an USA made shcrade sharpfinger

Kaila Cumings says:

Hey steve can you email me?

Glock Brothers says:

Very great review, thanks for great content. Greeting from Utah.

Pasdechevredreamer says:

Never knew there were hot knife makers out there!

clusterguard says:

well, in Greenland, we wouldnt fight w/ a girld like you 😛 although here, girls _know_ how to use the Ulo (women’s greenlandic knife) !! cheers and thank your for your review.


Awesome review! Thanks Kaila. Glad to hear you all got to put that knife to good use.

Kaila Cumings says:

Thanks so much for the support! What part of maine are you from? Ill be I maine this weekend for a shooting seminar! 🙂

Dave Clark says:

Have you thought about making a folder Kaila?

Dean O says:

Face plant off the stand, funny; but I love the gimping on these knives

WarSpork says:

It might be time to step away from the porn and go outside for some air.

Kaila Cumings says:

Thanks! 🙂 I make custom knives and I tend to cut, burn, slice, dremel…etc my fingers haha

TurboMitsubishi says:

An attractive woman that hunts and will gut & skin a deer….(Message to Doug)…Marry this woman!

Wo Ra says:

Those nails are disgusting

brianminkc says:

Your name makes me horny.

Steven withav says:

I wish my girlfriend was into guns/knives/gear as much as you are. Any tips to get her into it? She likes to shoot guns but not as into it as you are. Change that smoke detector battery good god.

Adrian Otero says:

fix your nails,honey.

NomoreMrKnifeguy says:


J D Knifeworks joe dishaw says:

Really nice of you to let boyfriend get the shot on his first deer…Good for you !! Like the knives too…joe in ny

david g says:

Those are awsome

gonzalezfirearms says:

Finger healing nice. Great vid3o like always.

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