Cutco Hunting Knife Review


My first knife review. Not an expert by any means, but I have gotten too much use out of this knife to have not at least talked about it on camera.
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Matt Mulvihill says:

not at all. a lifetime warranty ends when you die, a forever guarantee can be passed down from generation to generation. numbnuts

Joseph Lathrop says:

I just want to say i Do sell Cutco and i Couldn’t have said it better about the Quality of this Knife, The Handle is actually made of the same stuff they make Bowling Balls from so that says a lot about what these knives will Go thru. and you did a great job showing our DD Blade you Could Actually see the Patented Shape of the blade that is Actually made up of 3 distinct edges

Andrea Parks says:

There are also Gut Hooks, drop point and clip points available from Cutco.



SouljaSaia17 says:

Yeah I did!

William Quayle says:

Thier gut hook is better. I know I sell them. I use to have one of these the blade goes threw the sheath at the point.

Storm Ninja4 says:

You don’t get a discount for buying

Katie Anderson says:

I’ve been working for CUTCO for awhile now and in my first paycheck I got over $800 and did in fact receive one of these awesome hunting knives for FREE (along with a lot of other stuff)

Playn Hardball says:

Serrated edge for hunting? Not for me….maybe to cut a seat belt away but not for skinning game.

crowdude94 says:

actually you immediately earn the promotion when you sell the required amount. so for the first thousand they made $100, they made 450 for their next 2,000, and then 350 off of their next 1,750 adding up to 800. meaning they sold a total of 4,750. the commission rate instantly changes as we hit our sales numbers. just sayin lol

Daniel Murphy says:

mmmm… double D’s

briansmobile1 says:

I have one of these. It is ridiculously effective. I’ve dressed multiple elk and mule deer with mine. I liked it so well I bought the Ka-Bar too.

Bierstadt54 says:

I have one; don’t like it. Nothing wrong with it. It is an excellent dressing knife and CUTCO has the best kind of quality – the kind where they put their money where their mouth is. But it is basically a hunting version of a kitchen knife. You can’t really use it for fieldcraft any more than a kitchen knife. And you can’t sharpen it yourself. Sure the edge lasts longer, but eventually any edge needs sharpening. A full-sized sheath knife ought to be able to handle any knife task in the woods and be easily maintained. If you just want a sharp, lightweight kitchen-blade thickness knife for dressing and basic cutting, though, this is fine. So is a $15 Mora, which you can sharpen yourself. This puppy is a solution in search of a problem I have never observed to exist, unfortunately.


If you need some let me know

Soldon7 says:

Pretty lousy fitting of the guard on this one, I must say. You can get a Fallkniven, two or three Beckers or a bucket load of Moras for the price they’re asking for this junk. Any one of them is able to cut this crap in half.

oneeyedpatriot says:

Nice review. My fine Wife purchased me a Cutco Kabar Knife for a present recently and it is so good I almost don’t want to use it and scratch up such a good looking knife!

95yates says:

I’m sorry I just have to say this…. for those of you saying “It’s not plastic, it’s thermo-resin.” Guys, Thermo-resin IS plastic!!!! It’s just a very VERY high grade plastic material. 

AnimeFanatic5602 says:

I’m guessing that most of the people commenting (including myself) worked for Cutco at one point or another. Gotta love that DD edge.

Kam Perez says:

Same here! Just got hired:D

JoAnna Gonzales says:

price now is 158.
call 541-505-0745 if u would like to send an order.


Cool Shop Projects says:

I think I’ll keep my 18 dollar mora…. With the laminated blade, it holds a edge very long, takes a better edge then a razor, and is almost unbreakable. I would never buy a cutco, I would rather keep a nice crbon steel knife sharp, then have a serrated stainless knife that isn’t supposed to dull, that costs 10x more.

Kwad Daddy says:

Model 1769….

Rotf1xCopter says:

you made over $800 in your own paycheck? or you sold $800 CPO? theres a huge difference. if you made $800 then you sold over 8000 cpo which im pretty sure you didnt do that in your first week. csp’s and fsls dont do that on a regular basis

Matt Mulvihill says:

hell yeah!

Storm Ninja4 says:

It’s not lifetime warranty. Its a forever guarantee

Austin Metzger says:

I love my job with cutco and my manager. The edges of this knife is considerably not a serrated edge. It may look like it to the untrained eye. But a serrated edge cuts and tears with its points. Plus it can never be resharpened. The double D edge cuts in between the point. Therefore not actually serrated. But acts more like a very durable and protected straight edge.

Edith Hensler says:

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Jodie Fox says:

yes you do. You get whatever percentage you’re earning of hte cpo you would earn from that sale if it were with a customer. So you get the percentage back in your next paycheck

Eli S says:

@dblader333 No, the metal is not the same, nothing with the Cutco name on it has ever had half decent steel. The Cutco Explorer is cheapo 440A stainless, not 1095 Cro Van.

SouljaSaia17 says:

Same fuckn thing douche bag!

SpurnOfHumanity says:

for everyones info, the handles are made out of thermo-resin which is FAR better than plastic. its able withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit as well as being chip proof, crack proof, absolutely waterproof and just plain feels better in your hands than anything else.

Zaid Esaak says:

Hey, great review! i feel like i should show my customers this haha.

John Chaplick says:

Sweet, im a cutco rep, newly anyway, maybe ill pick one of these up with my discount.

God of Thunder says:

$186? you are spending custom knife money there.

Daniel McNamara says:

I find it funny that one of the demos the do of their double-d edge is how it can cut through leather with ease, yet they give this knife a leather sheath.

jim jim says:

Looks like a steak knife on steroids.

Countrystars1998 says:

Not a serrated edge, A double D edge. 2 straight edges and one Serrated. For cutting Up,down,left, and right. So, you can cut all ways at once.

Zachary Gibson says:

Katie actually only sold 5000CPO and received 2pay raises her 1st week. (15%@1k then 20%@3k career CPO levels).

If she had sold 8k her 1st week, she would have received a 3rd promotion to 25%@6k and been payed $1, 500 on her 1st paycheck. Promotions occur on the dollar, even during an order.

Promotions only go forward and never restart.


I sell cutco !

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