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Knifehog’s Addison reviews the Gerber Winchester. See what she has to say about this classic bowie knife.
Rating: 3 stars

Hey guys, welcome back to! Addison here and today I’ll be reviewing the Gerber Winchester Bowie.

The Winchester has an overall length of 14 ¼”, a blade length of 8 ¾” and weighs 9 ounces. The blade is constructed of surgical stainless steel and features a plain, flat grind with a clip point tip. The handle is composed of polished, wood-grain material that is held together by twin brass rivets and features a brass finger guard. This knife has a full tang construction and comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that features a belt loop and two snap closures.

Overall, the Gerber Winchester is a decent hunting knife. Its intimidating size, full tang construction and durable sheath make this knife a reliable companion to take on a hunting or camping trip. The razor sharp edge and large size of the blade allows you to cut through a variety of tough materials, such as thick cloth, thin wood and rope. The blade of this knife is also sharp and durable enough to process small game! Although the handle is a bit smooth, the evenly spaced finger grooves provide your hand with a comfortable and durable grip. Personally, I think this knife is pretty solid but it is really not designed for strenuous cutting tasks. The surgical steel this blade is constructed of is not sturdy enough to cut through certain materials and could very well snap or the tip may break during any heavy duty cutting activity. Also, the blade is much heavier than the handle, which makes the knife as a whole completely unbalanced. Honestly, this knife is a decent hunting companion that can cut through light and fairly tough materials but I think it works better as more of a “showpiece”. With this in mind, I give the Winchester 3 out of 5 stars.

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cyclist01222 says:

It will snap in two at the hilt with continued heavy use. Do you guys actually test any of the knives you review? And really, even a novice knife user can tell this is not full tang. Come on guys.

Mr Smith says:

This knife does not have a true full tang construction. It will break on u in know time. One of the worst out there.

bruce karalash says:

Addison makes that sheath look good!

LOOT'A LOT'A says:

I just had this fucking knife snap in half while just doing a little wood work

The Woodsy Type says:

Do you even test your knifes or is this just your educated guess ??

Python 357 says:

Not full tang!

The Tested X711 says:

Welcome to the GearObsession Channel

S U R V I V O R says:

0:41 honey, that’s not a Full Tang.

Camping 4x4 Victoria says:

I have this knife, brought it out and started chopping wood, ba toning it and sharpening logs. After that trip it was ******. The blade was fine but the handle cracked and the rivets were wobbling out of place in the handle I thing the wood is poor and faulty with the too straight grain. No offence. You don’t know what you are talking about. You are only saying what you see on the package

Steve's knives & hikes! says:

why is a woman reviewing this? gender aside, she doesn’t even look like an outdoors type, she looks like a secretary or commercial girl… get a woman’s job or get more outdoorsy.

One shot hunting says:

1:57 Who the fuck carries this on their belt

Anthony Lopez says:

That shot with the knife on her belt was so hot lol

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Stupid. There is no such thing as “Surgical Steel”… This is a way for companies to simply not divulge that they use garbage mishmetal steel…

coolplayz Nogame says:

She is right about it being a Show Piece,,,but incorrect about that Tang.

Hunter playz 1 says:

What the fuck does this knife have to do with Gerber

The Tested X711 says:

You look like Gianna Michaels

Hissatsu5 says:

This is not a fully tang !! thy just made it look like one trust me I had one brake on me and I got to look at the tang

Eric Cowburn says:


Joseph Schmoberg says:

There are a few $20 Bowie knives that are full tang and are pretty darn tough (some of the Mossy Oak Bowie’s, Uncle Henry’s and a few others) …. this Bowie’s NOT one of them. If you can’t see the full tang going through the handle to the end (doesn’t matter the material the handle is made out of, don’t buy it !!). This knife is NOT a full tang.

 I have a full tang Walmart wood Bowie and it is pretty good, it has taken a beating (Mossy Oak branded, full tang). For the money as a user tool that you don’t care about, the full tang version it is a great Bowie —– it just might surprise you !

P. Everett Nicknack says:


Blyledge says:

This knife does NOT have a full tang. It ends about a quarter of an inch below the second rivet. If your definition of “rat tail” is a tang both shorter and narrower than it’s handle, then this is a rat tail.

That said, it’s pretty solid as rat tails go. Considering the low price I don’t have any buyer’s remorse. It’s an adequate backup hunting knife which I would never consider using as a camping or bushcraft tool.

Liz Gartland says:

you should do a review on a tramontina

Steve's knives & hikes! says:

sweet, but glad I didn’t buy it due to not full tang.

Eric Cowburn says:

For a person that spends more time painting her nails she does knife reviews and gets a lot of information wrong about the knife, such as the tang.

Heith Miller says:

I have had this blade for many years. yes it is only for show. the bras pins have moved out some and are not flush with the handel. this is the one blade in my collection that people complain about the most. but the blade itself looks cool. it also looks very intimidating. but for hard use a $20 Mtech blade would bo better. or a cold steel GI tonto. I have really pounded on mine an it still fine, also $20.
display = yes
usable blade = mabe but not my first choice.

there is a small blade called a hulta force. $10-$15 similar to a Mora but no scandy grind. this is the perfect woods blade. plus a GI Tonto. you get a large blade and a medium/small blade combo. I have both blades in my trunk of my car.

Dylan Lambert says:

full tang my ass. If it’s so good, why the does it constantly go on sale for 10 dollars. terrible knife

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