Good and CHEAP knives on Amazon??

Found these cheap knives on amazon when I was looking for one that I could use and not worry about ruining, and some of them are nicer than I expected! If you like one, just search the name of the knife on amazon. Names of the knives in order on the video are:
SZCO Supplies Ozark Hunting Knife
Szco Supplies Full Tang Hunter Knife
Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife
11″ Full Tang Fire Starter Hunting Camping Knife W/flint


TexasRigged says:

seems to be a very docile snake

Richard Conley says:

All junk.

Loris Buschor says:

Awesome snake!!

Woody Sorrels says:

You do not know leather from plastic. You do not know wood from non wood. You do not know a drop point from a clip point. You do not even know what a bowie is. Stick with what you know IDIOT!!

Cooper Atkins says:

the snake though

turtle herd says:

I just realized there is a snake lol love the corn snakes btw bro

Adrian Eyre says:

OH NO ! There’s a anaconda on your bed quik eat it now before it grows and eats you hand you family and the whole neighborhood. hahahaha

MrKenstar2 says:

that is real wood handle

faultroy says:

Better you than me taking those knives for a spin.  Those of us in the Bushcraft Survival field like cheap good knives of high quality steel.

I don’t know these brands so I cannot say whether they are good or bad, but one of the best knives out there is the Old Hickory Butcher Knife.  It is made out of 1095 steel and is as good as a $200.00 knife.  It can do anything  In the field that you want it to.  And I paid $10.00 USD for it. It has a great reputation.

Another series of great knives are the Moras.  They have been used for decades, and they can be purcashed for between $12- 15.00  for the base model . Great knives and come in various styles.

For $38.00. you could have gotten a couple of Moras, and some Old HIickories.  And you would have gotten great knives to boot.

Evert de Weerd says:

Cool knives, love the timber wolf knive, the full tang hunter is nice too.

troy ta litch says:

dude there’s a fucking snake at least acknowledge it

Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

Nothing more manly than reviewing knives with a snake on your bed

Nordic Blades says:

Or…. you buy a Mora knife..

Vicente Mendoza says:

Dude why is there a snake on your bed

Marcus Clements says:

That snake scared the shit out of me

Pete McPherson says:

I bought a HUGE Bowie knife from that same company it’s 15 inches over all length, besides the crappy sheath it’s an awesome chopper, I think I paid $20 for it and bought a sheath from another seller,

Cheap Finds says:

Cheap? Look at this Tonife HKT2018WS 7CR17Mov G10 handle for only $12.50 @ GearBest

Mr. Winter says:

A bowie, noooooo Nono a drop point, tang hunter

Jeff Wilson says:

These are all terrible knives. The first one is a wood handle with a very cheap blade. It was not Laser sharpened, just a crude edge. The knife you said was a Bowie was definitely not a Bowie. I can guarantee all of these would perform poorly in every respect and would most likely fail (break) with any hard use. These are flee market specials. If you are looking for a quality blad on a budget, buy any product made by Mora. They have really good steel and last.

doomzebra says:

jesus a snake

Dave Huber says:

Those handles are real wood — they’re just stabilized (pakkawood is a stabilizing process that was initially used in wooden airplane propellers). The leather is real leather (though not sure what animal it comes from). My knife collecting started off in a similar way — I’m guessing you’ve either moved away from knife collecting, or your tastes have become a bit more expensive since then. Either way, thanks for posting the video.

Chuck Beef says:

If you spend 38$ on 4 knives, i can guarantee you they suck. Your better off spending 38$ on something you know has at the very least 440c or 8cr13Mov. These are likely made out of a mild welders steel and probably wont hold an edge better than an aluminum knife.


thank you so much!! nice to see them like that and love your baby royal Python!!!

Conner Patrick says:

There is no way that I could have a snake in my bed without freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!

Spencey spence Adventures says:

Dude there are plenty bad things about you I’m sure so stop doing a bad review and actually be happy with it and don’t criticize the manufacturer

Emafex says:

wow it’s hard to even get through

mustluvkatina says:

Please be careful with your bp around those knives

Spencey spence Adventures says:

There’s a snake in the back ground

Adventures with Frodo says:

good subject. There should a point where it is more hype the reality.

Emafex says:

it is wood .

twilightzone39 says:

I have a few cheap fixed blade knives including a Romanian AKM bayonet, and the “Full Tang Hunter” is still my favorite of all of my cheap fixed blade knives.

David Gaylord says:

china on one side german other side the timberwolf hahahaha

mudmaxx81 says:

Mora for your money? I think so. Swedish steel with a proper grind and heat treat vs Chinese made toy knives. I’m not putting you down dude, but for $38 you could have a Kansbol or Bushcraft Black by Mora. I only mention Mora because I swear by them, but even a cheap Hultafors knife would top those nasty things. Good luck.

German Olivares says:

I love snakes and I love knives ♥

No Nonsense Norseman says:

Really enjoyed your little friend coming out to see what you got.

Xander Key says:

Great video! Love the knives and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful snake lol got yourself a subscriber

rainbowhiker says:

I like inexpensive knives too. Fun to see what’s what. Any metal blade can be serviceable if you don’t treat it like a hatchet or throw it against trees. A knife I found recently is the FARM SUPPLY HUNTER’S KNIFE. I found it in the bins as you enter the store. I have a video on it, Farm Supply Knife, if you’re interested. It really is a good one. $9.99

2010chingonoutdoorsman says:

That “FULL TANG HUNTER” is actually a good knife. I bought one for me and one for each one of my boys as a back up and to use with no fear. Thanks for the video. Cool snake.

cleary maxfield vlogs says:

awesome ball python i have many!!

Retical 6 says:


Tristan Salmon says:

None of the knives in this video are bowies

EpicMonkeyGaming says:

snake in the background

joey Mathews says:

umm your snake got loose lol jk

Harry Williamson says:

wrong shape for a Bowie knife

Zakk Batson says:

Good vid but for a bout 12 pound each you could get a cheap mora knife witch are made to be used for bush craft genral cutting and carving but if you wanted wood with rivets the as would be good

Tristan Salmon says:

None of the knives in this video are bowies

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