Harbor Freight 8 Inch Survival/Hunting Knife Review

Rich doing a review of the Harbor Freight 8 Inch Survival/Hunting knife.
And while it has the most impressive saw he has seen on an inexpensive knife, its blade thickness inhibits the ease with which it can go through wood.


DonziGT230 says:

His survival gear must include weed because he sounds pretty well stoned.

Paul'ie 4X says:

By the way the handle is aluminum, My Randall Made Model 18 has a stainless steel handle and is silver soldered to the blade. it seems to be a good quality and could be trusted. But tgere is a little price difference.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Young man, you smoke too much, you shouldn’t be so out of breath sawing a rinkie dinkie piece of wood the size of your hmmmm hmm hmm your thumb, and it’s not just you being out of shape, but the saw is a gimmick, sure you could cut yourself with it, but who needs a saw that could just skin, anyhow, I have a knife just like yours, mine also has General stamped on it, I can’t find anything on the internet on my knife, and I was wondering, if your Habor Freight has General name on it, on the right side of the blade, it reads made in China, not just China, but made in, also, the blade is attached really well, no air gaps around where the blade goes into the handle, it’s very thight, actulally, not a bad looking knife, I like Hollow Handle Survival Knives, some that I have, I could trust my life on them, I have a Randall model’s #18, my most expensive hollow handle knife, then my Buckmaster model #184, built like a tank, I got the Bokor Aparro at a great price, it was $ 100.00, then a couple of years ago, I bought a Russian Professional Survival knife, made at the Izshmas Plant where they make the AK -47’s at, it’s a 6″ spear point tip, but recurved, very solid made knife, that is a Hollow handle, the sheath is heavy, it carries the extra survival gear, and it’s very nice quality gear, the handle also has a saw attachment, that actually works great, like saws on swiss army knives, or leathermans, and a spear type extra blade, the Styrofoam spool, that has the fishing line on it, acts like a bobber, very nice survival knife, it’s called the NV1-01, but one of my prize survival knife, is a U.S.A. Tomahawk Brand Survival Knife the XL1161, it’s silver color, and made in the U.S.A. I can’t find info on it anymore, but it listed at $ 350.00 at one time at a vintage auction, and is made out of 440C, just like the Bokor Aparro, and it was used as a Hog Hunting Knife, and just as a collector piece, it too isn’t made anymore, I also have a Frost Cutkery, First Blood, but made in Japan, out of Surgical Stainless, other then it’s made in Japan, and not China, I keep it, but it’s nowhere near as well made as my other knives, and those other knives are real survuval knives.

Mirka Marquez says:

At least he’s havin fun:)

The Marionette says:

I’m getting one tomorrow

Paul'ie 4X says:

What this video then think what if you were lost, cold, wet, hungry and you only had this tool, No offence, I know it’s priced right for a no bad of a looking knife. But, Check out how much better a Mora works wood, and using a baton properly with a Mora, yeah, I could chop though wood as thick as you did. But you brought up a good loint, If you need to know if you will enjoy the out of doors and don’t want to invest alot during that trail, maybe that knife is Ok, But I just can’t imagine using my knife as a survival knife especially after using my Aparro or some of my other hollow handle knives. But I’m sure you heard this before, A Full Tang is what’s recommended for a survival knife and a Almond Tin in your pocket with a botton compass would work.

Annyonomus 777 says:

This guys voice is serial killer creepy.

Ronald Eells says:

Now this knife is what Rambo should of used in the movie of Rambo series instead of the plastic handle ones just saying if they had these back then

Michigan Edge says:

Nice blade for the money! You can use it and just get a new one if it breaks!

James Pravasilis says:

Nice review! Question that’s off topic, What kind of camera are you using in this vid. The quality is nice and the close ups are great. Thanks!

Mainiac Essentials says:

I love my knife! After doing some reviews, I filled 1/4-1/3 of the handle with JB Weld, leaving plenty of room for putting things in the handle, and adding a little weight and strength to the handle. I painted mine camo and attached an old camera pouch to the sheath to put a more complete survival kit with the 5 C’s to survival all on my knife sheath. Pretty Cool! Well worth the money!!!

Nunya Biznis says:

u drunk bro

The Marionette says:

Thanks For The Suggestion But in Az There is Not Much Only If You Get Lost!


I’ve had one of these for many years. It stays in my camping gear and holds an sharp edge pretty good, and I’ve used it from everything to chopping wood to slicing steak. Think I payed 7 bucks for it 10 years ago. Think I’m going to pick up a few more to keep one in each vehicle. Definitely a knife that can take some abuse. I keep different things in the handle for survival etc. My ONLY complaint is the compass kinda sucks, and the sheath isn’t the greatest.  

Brayden Wentworth says:

I have the knife and I think it looks pretty cool… I do agree on the lanuard tho

Tom in SC says:

$9 is what makes this knife worthwhile. It can be a very intimidating looking weapon, but don’t think you can go in the woods and do bushcraft with it.

The biggest problem with this knife is that the tang stops at the top of the aluminum handle. It is held in place with one steel set screw. Over time and use, this blade is going to get loose. Trying to torque down a steel set screw in an aluminum handle isn’t going to work out too well.

Don Owens says:

weld handle it will never come off Tom SC 

Jack Kilpatrick says:

The haters in this section are adorable. They make it extremely easy to tell the actual survivalists from the weekender, city-boy pussies, which they obviously are. I have three of these, and none have ever given me problems. Ever. I’ve put one clean through a boar’s head, and the only problem I found, was pulling it out with the serrated edge, which is normal for any serrated blade. And that’s the thickest skull of any animal in the US. Bitching about the screwed-build, is pointless, as none have EVER broken. It’s extremely sturdy. And bitching about the aircraft grade aluminum handle, when most survival knives have handles made of cheap ass G10, is not only pointless, but makes u look stupid as hell. This is a DAMN good knife for the price, and the survival pack in the handle has publicly saved lives. Including a good friend of mine, who stored a mini flint inside, and used it to light a smoke signal, and used the compass to find her way back to her car.

Mike Draper says:

to bad it does not come with oxigene tank

No Name says:

how well can it stab through someone? hypothetically of course. another hypothetical question, would it be able to penetrate through body armor? as in what a cop would wear, hypothetically.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Yeah, I’m convinced that my U.S. General survival knife is made by the same outfit that made tge H F survival knife. both 8″ blades and look the same. The edge is very thick and I know it’s not a 440c because my Bokor Aparro is and I could get it very sharp not like the U.S. General survival knife. Also the compass is not as accurate as it use to be, I think screwing tge cap off and on de-magnitized the compass, so becareful and don’t rely on the compass.,,,

Survive Without says:

I have walked by that knife many times and never gave it a thought. lol

Ronald Eells says:

I got lucky with my compass it works awsome i have the little version of it and the compass sucks

Justin Davis says:

Why not just baton the knife into the branch? Easier and extremely faster.

ed l says:

‘Survival knife” saw teeth are crappy at cutting wood because they are designed for cutting metal to escape a downed aircraft or other disabled vehicle.

Janah says:

Is Ramster Survival Knifes better then this ?

Barik says:

Hey! I`m from Ukraine how can I but this knife?

mr.random videos says:

I bought one of these at harbor freight for my dad for christmas this year and i think it was very well made for $10

dolphinsc1 says:

The knife is not necessarily used to saw the limb completely through, at some point we finish the job. And the knife is good defense in case of a wily animal on the lose … if you get my drift?

mwillblade says:

My brother walked into the woods by our house with the same knife ! We never saw him again .

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