Harbor Freight $9.00 Survival Knife Review

Picked this up here at the local Harbor Freight in Bozeman today. Decided to baton some wood and try to break it. I was surprised it did not break.


J Churchman says:

lol… you broke it! :)Watch out for Brian Dennehy!

Eurotrash4367 says:

The Chinese compass included with the Harbor Freight survival knife works differently than American compasses. They only point East so the delivery drivers headed to the US won’t get lost.

Zapper CD says:

I have the exact knife. Would not trust my life to it. Look how the knife is attached to the handle. There is no “tang”. The blade only goes into the hilt about 1/2″ and is secured by a set screw (*(^& ! That rattling you feel is the blade coming loose. First time you ram that blade into something, you might only find the handle in your hand when you pull away. Also look at the handle. Round. The handle needs to have flat surfaces to control the blade twist when thrusting. A completely round handle will just let the knife spin in your hand. And when you really need it, you may find the sharp edge has spun away from your target point. This is a nice toy. But it is just more Chinese crap. This is not a survival knife. It is a cheap Chinese piece of junk. Any blade smith worth his salt will attest.

Jonathan Schaub says:

You need to baton harder.
You have mercy with the knife

Eurotrash4367 says:

The Gen 2 models come with a deep socket in the handle so the blade can be tightened up after each use. The Chinese R&D department determined that this would be used more in a survival situation then the safety pin and fish hooks that were included with the Gen 1 models.

knives are cool says:

I never understand people you all know that this type of knife will break or become loose after botoning wood, know the limitations of your knife any knife, really there is no need to boton wood look around for small wood this knife is only good to do light carving like making a spear out of a stick , cutting skinning animal for food, know your limit and don’t be stupid to be lost in the wild with one of these but if you do, know what you can do and not do with your knife

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