Hunting Knife Survival | Boker Arbolito

We test the boker out to its full potential!
Special thanks to boker for sending us this knife to review it!
Tell us what you think of this knife.

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The Legendairy: “The Knife Of Legends! Casstrom Lars Fält Bushcrafter”


Randall Kelley says:

Don’t need no stinking sharp blade…don’t need no stinking badges either, (Clint Eastwood, Good/Bad/Ugly), 1970!!!

Bill Andrews says:

Now, how many calories did he spend cutting that tree down with a knife rather than a saw or ax?
In every survival situation, you MUST CONSERVE YOUR CALORIES. There is no market in the wilderness to buy food, and you might be shy of the food you need.

So, survival requirements:

1 ax with a 2lb head and at least a 19-25 haft
( I recommend the Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian ax over the Light Forrest ax. If you’re going for the weekend then take the Light Forrest ax, but for survival, it is too light an ax head.);
1 saw;
1 belt knife (I recommend the Enzo Trapper in Elmax steel); and,
1 pocket folding knife.

You might consider also bringing a Leatherman multi-tool.
The saw will get dull and the file on the multi-tool will sharpen it up.

If you can only take ONE tool, take the Scandi ax. It’ll do bushcraft, and process game, plus save you a lot of effort when you have to process wood, and you are going to need A LOT OF WOOD. These kids have no idea how much wood you will burn each year in a survival setting, especially in the winter.
Also, don’t forget, when your Ferro rod is done for or lost, it is much easier to make a fire bow and drill with an ax than with a knife.

Survival for a week and survival for real are very different. Bring an ax and jack-knife or you will die, seriously, you will die without an ax in the wild. You are not going to construct an encampment with a knife, ANY knife, it takes an ax.

Eddy 1360 says:

Love your guys videos you guys will hit 100,000 subs in no time

Bill Andrews says:

Marrten as a blond… I didn’t dislike it.

Alan Delvalle says:

you used a small log while batoning with that knife and used a larger log to baton with the other knives



Lemon Slush Loves Knives says:

i liked the cinema photography, well done

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah M&M, Yeah, I think Bokor does a great job tempering the 440c. Infact, I teamed my Bokor Aparro with my Mora Garberg. The Bokor Aparro is a Hollow Handle Survival Knife. That’s what I like to carry. A Survival Knife with a Bush Craft Knife. The Aparro is a Martin copy. Martin Aparro runs around $500.00 They put male treats on the blade and female treats in the handle. Then they marry the two, then put some hard epoxy when it gardens you have a very strong bond. Yeah, I can baton my Bokor Aparro. Infact I would like you guys to do a review on the strength of the Bokor Aparro (I got my Aparro at Knife Center). Thanx You Guys very much in advance.,,.p

Brad Leonard says:

I appreciate your honesty. I can tell it was difficult for you guys to be honest because Boker was nice enough to send you a knife, but you were honest anyways. Shame on Boker for sending out a poor example and putting you guys in a weird position… Did I mention that this was uncomfortable to watch? Lol

aaah beeeh says:

seems pretty senseless to create a fulltang knife and making the handles/connections so fragile. maybe its fulltang to reach a certain weight in this size class? had been a fine neck-knife with a rat tail tang and fully enclosed wood handle.

also i find it very important to have a very good factory edge, cause if u buy a knife, u can only test it on paper/cardboard before deciding to return or keeping it. cant risk to damage the blade. had this problem once with some eka w12 knife, super dull it came, couldnt “testcut” with it.

btw: finding it very questionable that böker wants this knife back after testing. they cant sell it any more, they wont inspect it and learn from it.

good vid as always!

Chris Burley says:

Really enjoying your videos! Unique. Very entertaining and informative. My new favorite channel

ANCHOR440 says:

Thanks for the honest opinion of this knife. I used to think Boker was a high end company but after viewing several other videos, I’ve changed my opinion. Thanks.

Rusty Shackleford says:

it’s a good walking downtown knife but bigger is better in the woods. lol

stone wintjen50 says:

if you guys are battoning wood and it is to short make wedge after first whack

TacMed says:

The knives from Boker Arbolito obviously suck. I purchased a Buffalo Soul 42. It also was completely dull. More like a blank. I could press it against my skin, making sawing motions, not a mark. Second, the tip was ground badly, beyond a reasonable recovery. Now I did grind it into shape, but I had to remove a LOT of metal to make that happen.

wilemuse says:

You guys have a new fan! Thanks for adding humor to some good quality knife vids.
Cheers from Texas – E

Doughboy1941 says:

And Boker never sent them another knife to test. 🙂

Rusty Shackleford says:

liked vid . but Martin didn’t talk enough lol just kidding. keep up the good fight bros

Modern Survival Sense says:

Knife Review: Ugly Sweater edition

Kirb Stomp says:

Funny Episode Guys! Looking forward to purchasing my first Morakniv.

Harry Robertson says:

Good review

Nicolai Lund Schønning says:

The spear you throw with a stick like you see in the ancent films, is called an “Atladl”

Phil D. says:

Boker knives are terrible. They look great but quality control is spotty. I have had 2 different Bokers and both of the tips broke(one just from falling from the kitchen counter to the floor)…Boker customer service said that they don’t cover blade breakage.

Ruger says:

So where is the jaakari puukko 110 review???????

MrZimma frame says:

When i make a knife and sell it to a customer i make sure it’s shaving sharp every time.


that’s how you make an Honest review

TwentythreePER says:

I have a Boker Plus Rambler for skinning and I’ve noticed the edge dulls a bit quickly. Do you think a convex edge would have better edge retention than the factory V edge but be just as sharp?

Bearapid says:

3:33 he looks so creepy in the back

Bill Andrews says:

Since you did a Boker, how about reviewing one of their carvers like the “Congress”? It’s a great carving knife.

iscreamonu jaisanbai says:

please be honest forever guys. Respect for you two.

GunTotinMinnesotan says:

Boker has been sucking lately

coop cooper says:

does your girlfriend know you stole her jumper haha

davidpyper82 says:

on other videos you talk of only choosing stainless steel for a survival knife . what are your reasons? and is A Rusty blade a bad thing ?

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