I Turn A Bolt And Brass Key Into Another Little Hunting Knife (but this ones better)

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I make a miniature Gill Hibben legend bowie. Made entirely by hand from one stainless steel bolt, a brass water meter key, and a small piece of bloodwood. Yaaaay!! Love you guys 🙂

One more thing, I will be at New York Maker Faire september 22nd & 23rd, where I will be doing a live talk/Q&A with William Osman!! I really want to meet you guys, so come see us!

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Banshee Gaming says:

Try making a mini forge for this typ eof projects!

Ajay Dulgach says:

Dude u how to basic?

XboXeXplorer125 says:

*we can’t find the murder weapon*

SunnyCraft says:

2:50 my wallpaper.

Justin Kim says:

Nice Butter Knife…

Giga Rostiashvili says:

WOW !!!

Saltshaker YT says:

6:23 don’t talk to me or my son ever again

Claire Duke says:

MY last name is Duke

Liz Wilfing says:

2:05 He is the one hit wonder the hand sander bobby duke arts!

leoniesewbeit says:

lol the intro though

sara b says:

Would love to see you make something out of another weird material like cardboard or cork!

Paula Gebhardt says:

This is an amazingly done video. You’re hilarious and talented and have great comedic timing. New subscriber for SURE.

XboXeXplorer125 says:

2:40 sounds like infinity war

AbRAoM J says:

I actually thought that I turned on (at the beginning)

Patrick Sween says:

3:38 pewdiepie

дмитрий уганда says:

круто лайк за токой труд

Halla at Wolfy inc. says:

(Your Internal reward!!)

Fw_ThisDevil says:

Meu deussss,incrivel,traga mais videos como esse!!!Parabéns pelo trabalho,abraço do Brasil

avo says:

So you wasted a perfect bolt to make a useless piece of crap? Why?

Topgun says:

I have no idea how I got here, but I’m glad I did!

Emilio Permalino says:

Fuckin quality content right here

mirageseekr says:

That was odly satisfying. I have no tools or skills myself, very impressed with yours though. Nice job!

FunnyMovies Movies says:

hell yea! Subscribed!

Orlando Gomez says:

this is like howtobasic but with actual talent, is so awesome.


nice minecraft gameplay

CrazyKiller YT says:


Nova says:

Is the wood bobby used rich mahogany?

GhostlyGale Gale says:

This is what howtobasic is doing now ?

theunspicable Rayne says:

your like me exept your a grown up,Your like me because i do funny stuff

Banshee Gaming says:

Your lawn became beautiful

Atharva Deshpande says:

Where the hell did he find a snake?

Nihaal Appana says:

Bolt and screw:gosh I have the worst life ever I gotta hold things
*See’s video*
R.I.P bolt

Unflamed says:

i love it, it is anazing

Bobby Duke Arts says:

Yay! Hope you guys like this video, it was a Dukey load of work. Also, let me know if you have tried out betterhelp.com/bobbyduke and what you think about it. Love you guys:)

Can I get subs For no reason says:

I just realized I was going to login on to better help instead of bulk

Halla at Wolfy inc. says:

Finally a knife small enough to cut cut me pecker off

gohan17denoviembre says:

oh man this is like how to basic, freaking nice

Schnitz’n’Giggles says:

This guy is how to basic but he actually does it right

Sweet n Candy says:

Is this cause of my death??

Sebastian McCrite says:

Hey Bobby what song(s) was/were playing? They were epic and I crave more.

KPutubing says:

Howdy from Sacramento! You’re clever. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. NoLife says:


CoverageDot says:


nipun mahajan says:


M21cat says:

He’s making weapons for the small animal rebellion someone stop him

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