KA-Bar Leather Handled Marine Hunter Knife Review

This is the Leather Handled Marine Hunter Knife. People have seen me use it in my videos and commented on it, so I thought I’d do a review. It’s a great fixed-blade knife with a chrome blade and beautiful leather-wrapped handle. The Ka-Bar Leather Handled Marine knife is a great general-purpose hunting knife, and it’s handy to have when you are cooking dinner by the campfire or hiking in mountain lion territory. The craftsmanship is excellent and I plan to have my Ka-Bar Leather Handled Marine Hunter Knife for a long, long time. I hope you like this review of my Ka-Bar knife.


MuzzleMike says:

Ka-Bar makes the beast knives .

HogSnot says:

Handle is stacked leather disks – not wrapped – just like the standard USMC fighting knife.

Guitarplayabreh says:

Have you ever tried to chop, baton or carve with the knife?

fishstixmedia says:

sure, id buy a 40 dollar hunting knife to chop vegetables 🙂

Dark Soldier says:

i think a pumpkin is a fruit


Love my KBar USMC.

TheMrBicknell says:

No problem. I’m a bit of a knife nut. There’s a bunch of folks on here makin’ great knife vids.

BusySnoozing says:

I would have been sold on this knife if it had been made in the U.S.

CaMuleyHunter says:

Its pronounced k. Bar not kabar but cool video

vetro says:

It’s a fake

BladeDiablo11 says:

I know this video is a couple years old now, but do you still have this knife? How is it holding up? Also have you tried to chop or shave branches and stuff with it?

bangalorebobbel says:

cool – and funny to see that one of the most famous American knives is meanwhile made in China …

btw: the KA-BAR Grizzly would also be nice, anyhow … ;-)))

VirusN2k says:

Last I heard the sheath is made in Made in Mexico

starshipfantastica says:

I rather spend the extra money to get the regular Marine Ka-bar that is made in the Olean NY, USA. Seeing Ka-bar and China on the same blade makes me sad. Does anyone remember the Chosin Reservoir?

TheMrBicknell says:

It’s a fuller not a ‘blood groove’. Doesn’t actually have anything to do with blood, it just reduces weight of the blade while strengthening the spine(esthetics as well). But, great knife all the same, and good reason to carry one. Ka-Bar actually got their name from a hunter who spoke poor English sending them a letter that used the phrase ‘k a bar’ intending ‘killed a bear’.

MuzzleMike says:

I had a pocket knife Back in 89 . I loved how it held a nice blade and fit to my hand . I forgot it on the top of a tractor trailer and it went for a ride . I have a coleman western Hunting knife for hunting . It is the same knife my father used . I have both now and they R not as nice as Ka-Bar but they do have a life time warranty so they will last for my grand kids . I hope you enjoy your gem !

Eli Wilson says:

I’m pretty sure they are only made in ny well the reall ones

Metallourgos EL says:

i working in ship is really useful i can cut the ropes easy also i have use it like hummer sometimes without problem

James M says:

Hiking where their are mtn lions with only a knife. Are u loco. 9mm!

Nick Prater says:

Taiwan is technically China. Probably why it says made in China, but Taiwan is on the blade?

patrick crosley says:

I would get the Case version, I personally think it looks better

VirusN2k says:

I’ve been hearing lots of reviews of this knife and some are scaring me saying the thumb guard is loose and the knife is to light, dull, sheath is bad, and that the entire thing is flimsy,.. are any of these true or are they all bull?

SwagAttackKnife_ YOUTUBER says:

It’s pronounced KAY-BAR!

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