Knife Review : “Abiqua Hunter” By Klecker Knives (Fixed Blade With A Surprise Inside!)


Braden Hackett says:

Is this available on blade hq??

Eddie King says:

The blade kinda reminds me of the CIMA 1058.

Brice Gibson says:

I have a Kershaw skyline fixed blade, used it to gut, skin, and quarter out quite a few deer. One major flaw is the skinny grip on it.

scullkrusher says:

$139 for a low end Chinese steel and an amateur edge grind. I could get plenty of factory produced USA hunting knives with great steels and grinds for that price. I could almost get a custom hand made hunting knife with a full convex grind for that price with a better steel.

cyclist01222 says:

Good on them for thinking out the box. Like the handle and blade shape too. I don’t hunt that much and have no use for the gut hook so that plus the premium price makes it a pass for me. I don’t mind 7cr17 but would expect something a bit more special on this one. Thanks for showing Jeff!

Max Maidment says:

i feel like in the hunting scenario, if you remove the gut hook to actually use you could get dirt and mud packed into the void it creates in the knife

southerncountryboy8 says:

Jesus what a ripoff! Chinese 440a for 140 bucks. wtf

Nolan Carpenter says:

Gimmicky as hell. $139 for 7cr and a deceptive grind.

MrHeavyMetalRocker1 says:

I’m really shocked by the lower steel qaulity on a knife of that price.

God of Thunder says:

when you popped out the gut hook, johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man started playing on my tablet


nice knife right there

Tom Malloy says:

Can you do a zippo collection update soon? There are so few good zippo channels

dr. Chernobyl says:

crap steel for over a 100 bucks, you can get s30v or 1095 for that price, its overpriced because of that inovative design, it isnt worth that kind of money

Obelix CEO says:

No March edc ???

FuwaForestFilms says:

Klecker Knives come slowly but surely also in Europe.

bd flavors says:

beautiful knife. I just realized that you are one of the few channels as large as yours that doesn’t have some obnoxious 15 or 20 second intro with full sound and visual effects. I teach my kids to be humble and master the fundamentals and you have done that in spades. cheers to you.

Jacob Davis says:

I’m not a huge fan of the gut hook on the end of the blade. It takes away from the top of the knife so the tip is more rounded off. I carry a separate gut hook. Well not any more I’m about to go order one of these! Thanks a lot Jeff!!

Gabe En says:

cutlerylover has really shit taste in knives lately he is really dropping the ball lately

DMKUSA says:

Thanks For Sharing …….ThumbZ UP !!! 😉

OUTSKATE69 says:

can you do a review on obsidian knives? obsidian is volcanic glass , used by the Aztecs it can be sharpened to surgical standards and lasts thousands of years with out damage from environment I don’t know how long it stays sharp though. I’ve been meaning to pick one up but I don’t know why I would want something that sharp seems dangerous just to have around. the lowest I’ve seen is 40 highest I saw 650. usually with bone or antlers for the handle.

Gamertag Woody says:

Kleckerknives? Same guy who sells a useless axe called the KLAX?

nope, don’t want any part of it.

Dave Grohl says:

it would be worth it if it had an edc top in the handle

power tymer says:

Wouldent that be a ratt tail tang

Robin Stahl says:

Is this from the March BattlBox you haven’t reviewed yet? I couldn’t find the unboxing with this knife.

アルトリア・ペンドラゴン Iqbal セイバー says:

cool knife

Cole Hart says:

I’ve only heard bad things about Klecker knives. I hope this knife is different.

Swag says:

Are you gonna make some knifes ?

TheGame says:

People responding with “ripoff” watch SurvivalOnPurpose’ video on “ripoffs” … it’s not a ripoff if you get exactly what you are stated to get. If you don’t buy it and think it’s a ripoff, you’re not getting ripped off of anything. If you do, but you get what was described, it’s not a ripoff since you were obviously willing to pay for it.

Max& Me says:


ArtisanTony says:

It’s not Tennessee orange but it is very cool 🙂

gabrielgv0619 says:

Agreed on the blade steel. For a few dollars more you can get into something really nice in S7, A2, or O2. Really innovative design, however.

Andris Kompelien says:

I would love this knife if it had a little bit better steel, no gut hook and better grinding near the heel of the edge. Beautiful design 🙂

Coin Collector57 says:

I like the non folding carry knives they seem better made

Adam Boudreaux says:


ddrspy says:

The explanation for the battlbox kit at 7:10 is jarring. It would be better to simply overlay the message onto the uncut video. That way you avoid that striking disconnect.

MrNumberone1608 says:

i have a ganzo that cost me 15 bucks with better steel

Bulwark1911 says:

I was interested until the weird gut hook tool thing popped out of the spine when he pressed down on the jimping…

rolling waters says:

that’s awesome

jakethrsnake 72 says:

Can you do a review on the Buck Maverik?

Blackaceed says:

When i look at Kleckerknifes products, it looks like they try to produce “Outdoor-Hipster” Gear. for over 100 Bucks i get a lot of better knifes.

Knot really Funny says:

Hey Jeff love ur vids I’m thirteen and u are the reason I love KNIVES keep up the good work.

Justin Evans says:

I’d like to see it in a nitrogen steel

mlb0226 says:

Having a 90 degree angle cut into the tang right there provides a point of failure under medium levels of stress, such as light batoning. That being said, smart use should prevent that situation from ever happening, but I don’t like the engineering flaw that I would argue is built in to the blade.

Andrew Nelson says:

hey I’m gonna be working out at a camp all summer and I’m looking for a new knife. they don’t want anything spring assisted. I want a bigger knife like the CRKT fossil. what would you recommend for a good big knife under 100$?

One10 2Ten says:

fourth! Great review

MaverickIQ says:

If it had a window smasher it could be used as a rescue tool.

Jared Wetherbee says:

Cool knife

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