Knife Review : Etlines “Tracker Hunter” (Damascus Tom Brown Tracker?)


Specter 0 says:

can you cut something like a piece of paper a piece of wood anything to show if its any you just buy knives for show or do you use them?? if you use them then show us on these videos..i want to some knives you show but you never use them so i dont know if they are good or bad…

Tristain Beckel says:

david beck made the first tracker knife than I believe top knives.

JT Yearsley says:

Did you get your money back?!

Tyler Snyder says:

Hello boys and girls, can you say ” Pakistan ” ?
P-a-k-i-s-t-a-n, Pakistan a country in the middle East responsible for junk a teenager buys at the flea market.

John Richard says:

Please make a video about your recommended and favorite survival knives.

Inquisition says:

Forgive me for asking but what is up with the swirly finish to the metal?

Kristyanna Virgona says:

re-sharpen it file it down you know how to do it!!!

Tahj Perera says:

I love the look of the Damascus steel, I actually have a katana with a black Damascus blade (at least in appearance). But I’ll agree with you, in this case the sheath just. Outshines the knife. If anyone knows where I can get a sheath like that to carry a cold steel go tanto scout style please let me know.

Glassed Silver says:

“all bark, no bite” killed me! 😀

Karma's PC Gaming says:

It is a good blade I just got mine a few days ago, It was heavily oiled no rust though. I’m impressed for the price 40.00 bucks on amazon! Handle is good sharp blade, but yea the ends on the filet part is messed up, good sheath for it I’m impressed with it! Over all good knife! The saw part is shit straight up lol needs work. Blade is actually 5 1/4” legal in certain states.

Ches Head says:

It’s crap.

Easton Winship says:

My names tom bracker…

B Buse says:

First of all…when i look at this kind of design my first impressions are that this is 2 maybe 3 knives in one. Thats why the two edges are and Can be separated. The edge doesent have to run smoth from the handle all the way to the tip. Its a utility knife. All round knife. Skinning and small stuff around the camp. When i buy a knife that cheap, the first thing i want to kmow is what kind of steel it is. My second thougt is if it would fit my hand. I have big hands. If the steel is of satisfaction and if the handle is of the right size then maybe i will purchase the knife. And the first thing i do when i get the knife i Fix it so it fits my needs! I dont care if its razor charp cus i lay my own edge on it. i dont care if the handle isn’t perfect. For that kind of money it’s a minor thing to fix. Greetings.

Blake’s Fun World says:

13:09 … MY EYES!!!!

Bomboclatmust says:

i only have one knife  a   ka-bar dozier design hunter lockback 

Darren Jacobson says:

$110 for a knife that doesn’t even have a complete edge?! Unbelievable!

130bowman says:

The Tracker may cost more but is a better value. You will never get what you pay for with an imitation . Especially one that is done poorly. I have a Tom Brown Scout and love it. It has zero defects . Plz review it if you have one.

Iftikhar Saithy says:

if anyone like to get custom knife join my group …click on the link below

pro Toyz says:

why dont u try to make a straight edge out of that damascus thing? i mean completely file it down so it only has 1 edge and remove the thumbramp as well as the other crap on the top? kind of a salvaging the steel type of operation?

MrRocky559 says:

I own a tbt original the big boy and i own the david beck red scorpion six thats in the movie the hunted. U can still order 1 from the beck website last time i checked they were 1000.00
I got off ebay its 13″ long and doesnt have the bulky body of the tbt. LOVE THEM BOTH THE SAME THO

Danny Tang says:

when i was watching the video i was just about to say the knife was in the movie but when i was going to post it you said it was it the movie and i was like 8D

Chance Smith says:

Do you have any suggestions on where to get a balisong butterfly knife for under $40 that is decent quality, also i have a few knives I’d like to trade if your willing.

Jesse brit says:

just sharpen that spot I guess

snydernick 16 says:

That is a nice nice

Casey Shinabargar says:

Psh “prop knives” i suppose next your going to tell me wrestling isnt real!! Lol

Seth Jackson says:

Moorhaus sells all kinds of similar trackers on Amazon for 90-100 dollars. I got one in Damascus and one in D2, no hot messes. They’re most likely blanks made in the UK from what I could find out. The only issues are they don’t come sharpened, and the snaps on the sheaths are really cheap. Both of those things can be fixed pretty easily though. The handles are not chunky at all and you can get them in a variety of woods and micartas. They even make a kydex sheath which is awesome but overpriced.

coldnoodles95 says:

damn that thing looks gnarly 😮

adam smith says:

hey jeff not related to the video but was checking out your instagram and i noticed u’ve got new ecig devices and was wondering if ur gonna do vids on them also keep up the great work

kulyon says:

I liked the hunted too. Do you throw that knife into trees?

BigJPCutlery says:

Good video Jeff. I loved the Hunted. Tommy Lee Jones rocks.

Have you seen this blade before?

Its low quality, but I like the design. The video just reminded me of it, so I thought I’d ask.

snydernick 16 says:

I have a question have you made a video of a gun knife yet if not you should some are really sharp

Cocio Blade Reviews says:

the hunted is a sweet movie. Benecio Del Toro. 

aznelite325 says:

jeff put out a tom brown tracker knife review!!

jake fake says:

it looks like the huntmans knife from CSGO (counter strike global offensive)

TheROCKefeller says:

CFK makes a copy as well.

Irwin Torres says:

Have you ever heard of Moorhaus knives? They make a copy of this style tracker knife.

Blaise Duggins says:

Jeff please stay off the drugs! You can’t even talk and you shouldn’t be playing with weapons while under the influence. We are your friends. Drugs are bad. Do we need to have an intervention? Hahaha
Ps however drinking beer and playing with your knives is fun as hell. I’ve only stabbed myself once. Keep up the good work.

Derek Floyd says:

i found a brand called “moorhaus” on amazon than has the same design. but i cannot find a single thing on them. do you know anything about them?

Zach Waters says:

Combat arms is where I got the knife. I had to get one in real life because this thing is just over kill

Ben Sheen says:


bob job says:

You need to look at what a finger choiel is because I bet you that little inlet is about 1cm across so get it right

snydernick 16 says:

Like the case

RedWhirlWind says:

not worth 100 plus lol

Chase Nelson says:

David Beck designed the the knife and you can purchase the original design from him

Jason Huang says:

That grind looks like the one on my $20 Pakistan made bowie.

CutleryNovice says:

I remember another company (one that tried to screw me and many others on the forums before me and is now shut down because of it) that made a knife like this, popular design but I’d never prefer it as a woods knife.

linktheelf says:

Its a fighting knife trying to be cool

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