Knife Sharpening Challenge from YouTuber | Mossy Oaks Knife Review

Here’s the knife we are sending a YouTube who didn’t like what we were doing – we challenged him to a video – he accepted. We care looking forward to seeing his way of sharpening a knife (There are Many) few are effective. – WOW!
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Josh Canby says:

Where is the other half of this video?

Sharpens Best says:

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Dalton 101 says:

Man I need one of these so much! I have lots of knifes and I can never get a knife sharp. I just wish I had the money to get one.

Cubingwithkev says:

can you post a video on how to sharpen a butterfly knife and what sharpener would you recommend the most

Alex Matias says:

what about swords, sir?

Koch 40 says:

Congratulations, you probably are getting rich from this fast talking 90% sales talking, 10% $30 plastic sharpener with $1 worth of Carbide. First couple vids I thought you were the real deal, you’re just another jockey lot Joe peddling the same old sharpener that has basically been changed around a little to make folks think you’re actually doing something different than any other warm talking salesman. Folks would buy dogshit in a bag if the right salesman sold it, cutting steel with Carbide is what machinist do everyday, the curly q’s of steel is actually wearing down the knife and you’re simply cutting the edge into the steel, you’re not putting a fine microscopic edge on the blade like the old timers who use Arkansas stones, but you’ll keep on peddling and winning folks with that sweetheart personality and selling a system that will be thrown in the drawer like everything else and you’ll be happy to meet everyone’s needs.. I love good inventions, but nothing here is anything that hasn’t been done before..

RedneckInCarolina says:

This is just to hilarious

Anthony Cox says:

Has he sent it back uet

Dave Davis says:

Guthooks work best when pulling down , in line with the direction of the hair . Turn edge up , stick point in at top of brisket/chest and pull towards anul vent for best results !I have been a Knifemaker for 21years !

Nick G says:

Can you please please do a tutorial on how to sharpen a knife using a whet stone

Chris Doll says:

Brad great video, I received my sharpener today n im having alil trouble wth it any chance u can reach out for help thank u sir

Gav carpy Cross says:

Hi Brad I’m from the UK and have early onset MS so I struggle with my grip and using stones to keep my kitchen knifes sharp is not an option for me. I just wondered if it would be easy for me to use your sharpener which I must add looks brilliant but I don’t know how much weight and force is needed to use it? I also have a lot of friends at my physio group that have similar grip problems. Could you please let me know how much force is needed to use it??

Micheal Jordan says:

whats the cheapest sharpener u sell sir ? been watching a lot and like your stuff honestly and im really mad at that tom fellow

BrassNblades 52 says:

did he ever send the knife back please do an update?

Ren Leanne says:

Just curious… Did the doofus ever make a video about how he sharpened the blade and sent the knife back to you? I would guess he probably crawled back into his moms basement and is still cowering at being challenged. Lol.

Gino Silba says:

I would actually like to add i have one of theese sharpeners well had unfortunatley i lost it and i can tell u 100% they work yes they are carbide not a stone not dmt diafolds etc but thats the point its just as good there for convenience u wont exactly be carrying whetstones to the fucking woods i have nothing but the utmost respect for brad buckner for actually getting up off his arse and making this sharpener one on the market that actually works and not sitting there like all theese other lowlifes picking faults in something you havent got the get up and go to do it yourselves do any of u have a single sharpener that can sharpen 40 odd tools and blades? Didnt think so, so leave the man alone and let him enjoy his pride and joy for fuk sake

Ron p says:

how would you rate or compare the speedy sharp system to yours?

Tyler Breaux says:

… So has this gone down yet? Or did Tom Noneyo chicken out?

aidan wyman says:

I can get it sharper I can take it all the way up to 30,000 grit but the moral of the story is that I don’t have 4 hours to sharpen a knife when it gets dull but I can spend 5 minutes using this sharpener

alex horvath says:

Brad, great videos and incredible sharpener! So great you convinced me to buy one to keep in my turnout coat at the firehouse. I have to get a few to give as gifts to the other guys at the dept. Keep up the great work!

Pherson Weathermon says:

Heck send me one free I’m a wood carver and a custom leather worker and I’m always trying to get sharp chisels,knives, and scissors. I’d even make you a custom leather keychain with your logo on it or something. As well I have a friend that does reviews on products on a here and would get you a lil advertisment. I hate to see a jerk get one! 🙂

Sharpas Fhuuk says:

i dont understand why is your poker chip sharpners batch cheaper from china ? do they make much more for you in bulk ?

Matthew Blench says:


Charles Flores says:

I got to say I love his response to a guy talking shit. haha “I’m not going to send you my knife”. it’s so obvious this guy knows his shit and is completely realistic about knives and using them in the real world.

angelachowns says:

can i have the knife

angelachowns says:

can i have tge knife

omri mzareeb says:

i make my own knifes and i try to sharpen them on a stone it is sharp but not sharp enough i would like to get one of these sharpners

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