Legendary Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger Knife — Best Hunting/Survival Fixed Blade Knife

Legendary Old Timer Sharpfinger 10″ Hunting and Survival Knife from: http://schrade.com/

Let me introduce you to the Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger fixed blade hunting and survival knife.

Often described as a “modified skinner” with its upswept 3.3 inch fine edge blade of flat ground, 7Cr17 high carbon steel, the Sharpfinger carries small but offers as much cutting edge as many larger knives.

Perfect for dressing game and fish… and just about any camp chore you throw at it—the 152OT can stand up to hard use in the field.

Hands are well-protected from the razor sharp blade by a combination of the raised and textured handle design and the prominent lower bolster. The concave spine toward the handle provides a perfect thumb or forefinger rest, increasing leverage and blade control.

The 152OT has a comfortable natural feel in the hand due to the full tang blade that runs through the handle in the shape of a gentle arch and sits nested between two saw cut, virtually unbreakable, brown dyed Delrin handle slabs. And the two halves of the finely etched handle are attached to the exposed tang by twin, nickel plated compression rivets.

Safely secured with a keeper strap and snap… the 152OT travels anywhere in its handsome, chestnut brown fitted leather sheath that easily slides over any belt.

The handsome Old Timer nameplate rests flush in the right handle slab and calls to mind the proud tradition of the Old Timer signature collection of knives and tools.

Designed to serve you everyday… yet built for generations… this is the 152OT hunting and survival knife.


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The Schrade Team:


Bryan Hollyfield says:

I like old timers. I have several original ones from the 80’s

YManCyberDude says:

I bought my first one getting close to 40 years ago now . . .

Gary Marler says:

Cool video, nice knife!

Donald Pearce says:

I think I have one of these, somewhere :3

Andrews out doors says:

This knife is great I have one I highly recommend it great job Schrader:-)

Chad Perry says:


Gordon Stevenson says:

Old Timer Sharpfinger 10″ ?

Try minus 3″. 152OT Schrade Old Timer Sharpfinger. 7″ overall. 3-1/2″ stainless blade.

I must be the first to catch this error.

37South says:

Bought my brother one many years back. No idea if he still has it.



Keith Wyrick says:

I’ve had one for 15+ years, it’s a great knife, just like all Schrade products!

daboss6767 says:

can u baton with this knife??

Caleb Whittington says:

I have one of the blades and its pretty nice. I bought it for around $15. But if your not careful the sheath will get all cut up. The point digs into the leather while trying to put it in the sheath and on the way out you ether cut the handle straps or cut your finger trying to hold the straps back. But besides that its a great knife, I would recommend it to anyone. 

treesablowin says:

Sweet knife

John Grubbs says:

Just pulled my Old Timer out and its still good as new. Had it since about 1975 . Stamped made in USA 152.

kydd666 says:

i want one but i also want it with a better blade steel, i bought a uncle henry gold spike with the same steel and it wouldn’t even make it through a day at work without getting so dull it wouldn’t even cut paper and to top it off the screw on the back stripped out when i tried to tighten it. not impressed but i would like to try some of your more hard use knives that chris from preparedmind101 always looks at and seems to love

Jack Herron says:

I had an old sharpfinger that I lost while stationed at Ft Greeley, AK. I sure liked that knife.

Jeff Sherrod says:

The Sharp Finger has been around for a very long time and for good reason.  Ounce for ounce it’s the most versatile knife on the market.

Nezam Alnsair says:

Nice fingers…very extreme

fredrick gates says:

Nothing fits my hand better great blade control .just get a old USA one.

RIG 99 says:

Too bad this is the Chinese version

brandon mitchell says:

i have an older one made in america but would never buy the new chinese made version

Heritage Not Hate says:

My dad carries this knife everyday.
I love all old timer knives

Deadhorse1 says:

Great knife just make sure you get an older used one from when they were made in the USA out of better steal. Pretty easy to get them for under $15 at the flea markets.
For all around woods and big game hunting I prefer the larger model…just me.

Whitevaliantwarrior says:

Chinese junk since 2004…

Martha Holland says:

One of my all time favorite knives…

Kevin Bartlett says:

I used to have one of these (and loved it) but lost it somewhere along the way 🙁

kylerfelder says:

My favorite knife, thanks SONNY BARGER!!!

Matthew Jeffres says:

Great everyday knife.

mwillblade says:

I skinned my first prostitute with this knife!

Jeff Sherrod says:

Best Skinner ever made. I like to get my hands on a old Made in the USA model.

Patti Wilder says:

want this for myself


I lost my first 152ot. Had to get me another one. I have never had to sharpen this knife. I still have the factory angle and edge. I do a couple minute strop session with some green compound after every use and it stays razor sharp all the time. Literally!! Very happy with this steel. Holds its sharpness VERY well. I’m new to the knife world but I absolutely love maintaining a quality knife. I have spent the last 3-4 years learning everything I can about knives and how to sharpen, maintain and properly use my knives. Schrade is my favorite knife to collect. I grew up with grandpa’s old timer in my pocket and that good feeling never went away.

DesTroisCents says:

Made where??????? Legendary by the sweat blood and tears of Americans, that you sold down the road that made this knife a legend and tradition. You put made I USA on’m again like the buck 110 and maybe then but only then  would I look at’m again. Give me a break!

Nisreen Adel says:

love to win one

myutube558 says:

great size for skinning game not too big or too little

Heavyhauler 1979 says:

Its a great little knife holds an edge good and very comfortable for skinning and fleshing hide i’ve allways liked my old timers.

Michael Simons says:

I had mine since 1982.

Richard Corkum says:

This Knife is so Awesome! http://youtu.be/eaiHIUnX2n0

DOCintox says:

Love mine, just not that pretty anymore. Still sharp as ever though after 20 years.

Jared Wetherbee says:

I’m in love with this knife

Noel Clemmer says:

made in china now.

Rosemary Dawson says:

Awesome blade , I would so like Santa to bring me one of those.

David Melton says:

I miss mine dang good knife.

Rosemary Dawson says:

Another awesome blade, I love it

Richard Corkum says:

Thanks for the Win !!

Michael Tomlinson says:

I’ve got an American one and Chinese made one there both pretty much the same imo

Eurotrash4367 says:

0:04 – Rumor is that Schrade paid Ethan Becker to sit in that rocking chair and pretend to be Uncle Henry for these advertisements.

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