Legendary Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike Knife — Best Hunting/Survival Fixed Blade Knife

Legendary Uncle Henry Golden Spike 9 ¼” Hunting and Survival Knife from: http://schrade.com/

You’re looking at the Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike fixed blade hunting and survival knife.

Crafted to custom quality standards, the Uncle Henry signature collection hunting knives bring to mind a long tradition of legendary quality, beauty and performance.

Hailed by generations of knife users as the classic field knife for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, the 153UH features a 5 inch fine edge blade of 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel. And its exceptionally sharp point makes it a superior knife for piercing—even under harsh conditions.

Housed in a beautiful, chestnut brown fitted leather sheath, the knife is safely secured with a sheath strap and snap. A sharpening stone fits snugly in a pocket on the front of the sheath… which easily slides over your belt for effortless carry.

Often described by loyal owners as a “bowie hunter” and well suited for skinning and slicing in hunting applications, the 153UH has a generous belly…with a slightly upswept tip, and just a hint of a false edge on the clipped upper spine.

The Golden Spike, a favorite of baby boomers, features a finger notched, durable, handsome staglon handle with burnished brass guard and butt piece. The handle is firmly secured to a hidden tang by a matching brass, flush mounted screw.

For a part of the past in the palm of your hand…grip a legend, the Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike fixed blade hunting and survival knife.


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The Schrade Team:


Hunter Weaver says:

beautiful knife only one question can the knife hold a fire starter in sheath I like the idea of sharpening on the fly but I highly doubt I would so could it hold a ferro rod?

ron chamblee says:


Chris McEvoy says:

I just bought this knife yesterday and I love it 🙂 

rushmoreman5 says:

I’m an active hunter from Pennsylvania and have owned my Golden Spike for decades.  Everything about it is perfect for my needs.  Yet amazingly, it seems that few hunters carry this exceptional knife.  Mine is made in USA but the newer imports are very good, too.  I buy these as graduation gifts.

Chris Bowen says:

I love the handle and sheath. but how did you guys get those knives to stay in the trees. LOL they looked amazing up there but i couldn’t image how you did it. Great Hunters Knife.

Floyd Bradley says:

shared it too Facebook , twitter ,  google + ,and pinterest  

j tucker says:

Theses are incredible! Would love to add one to my collection

Howard Garris says:

Awesome knife.Would be a proud owner of one.

MicroMGR says:

Classic. Every American should own one of these

asaaqas says:

amazing looking knife, thank you so much for the chance to win one of these

Dean Harris says:

Sweet knife to add to my collection!

nutmegger1957 says:

Full Tang?

November Kilowhiskey says:

A truly beautiful knife. Would love to have it in my collection.

Nunya Biznis says:

I’ve had this for a long time. 10 years maybe not too sure. I’ve never used it for anything. it just sits in my desk drawer. I take it out of the sheath every so often – like now – and read some new reviews on it to find out I already knew that.
I’ve used the stone quite a bit though. That’s a + for sure.
Just sharpened my SOG Fury 2 and missed…and drove the tip into my index finger and it’s bleeding like 4 stuffed pigs.
ok maybe 3. the stone is great. DAM this is bleeding alot…. ok where’s the triple anti cream? a needle, a lighter and some dental floss. ok it’s not that bad.
why do I have it in the 1st place you ask ? Helifino. actually I’m going to give it to my Son when he’s old enough…. and explain that he needs to give it to HIS son when the time comes and keep passing it down. I’ll bet this knife could easily last a Hundred years if kept well. mine looks brand new for it being 10 years old. 90 more to go.

Frank Starship says:

I’ve only done some light test with it on wood, the blade is now loose. The handle is kinda cheep. I got to say that I am not satisfied. It pierce like a beast and cut paper ( I didnt skinned any animal with it) and wouldnt now that the bade is loose.

Earl Thornsberry says:

Great looking and great knives as always

Cynthia Dingwell says:

Great Knife! Ty for this contest!  Viewed video Gave Blue Thumbs Up! Subscribed to Channel, Tweeted Video  –  Facebook Shared Video – Google Shared Video – Left Comments Here-  Pinned to Pinterest! Liked, Shared and Commented on Facebook Post- 11/14/13  You Guys Rock!

Rod Cobb says:

Thinking about adding one of these to my knife collection

Jeff Nelson says:

This beautiful knife is also very functional. I have used mine for skinning game and even batoning wood. It is something I look forward to handing down to my son!

Chad Perry says:

It’s a beauty

Joe Silva says:

I Like it!!

jr marksman says:

I bought this knife at bass pro shop and paid 70 bucks for it and I use it for big game hunting such as bear,deer ,Ciyote ,turkey ,moose ,caribou ,ram elk ,rabbit, and squirrel and much more. This knife is perfect for skinning all the animals I hunt and it works great for cuting up the meat or for fileting a fish 

Shawn Harrison says:

Maybe I still have a chance! Beautiful!

Chris Blackburn says:


tiffani kneip says:

GL all

Dennis Owen says:

I’ve had UH pocket knives most of my life. The 153 would be the crown jewel in the collection.

oscar Rodriguez says:

My dad has one of these he gave me a schrade 330t, they’re pretty cool

piratescott57 says:

Looks GREAT, hope to be the big winner!

Chris P says:

I bought this knife a week or so ago and have been pretty happy with the purchase. The handle is on the cheap side and feels pretty hollow. sheath is a bit cheap as well. Other than those two things i felt it was a good buy. My daily carry for out in the woods forsure.

Phtm Wolf says:

MAN I LOVE THIS KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unclerainey says:

Its a great knife, been around for ages. Its just too bad they are now made in China.

gayle hilton says:

nice knife .. 🙂

White Pride says:

Funny on Amazon this same knife says the steel is 440C Stainless steel. But you just said it’s 7CR13MOV stainless steel. So witch is it Amazon is flat out lying or Schrade knives don’t know what steel it is that’s used. I know for a fact my American knife has 440C steel from late 70 or 80 Dad gave me this knife.

EffyJnr™ says:

Truly Fantastic Piece of craftsmanship

outofammo247 says:

Sweet fixed blade I still have a uncle henry folder that is my edc

Chris K says:

This is sweet!

Becky Smyth says:

This looks like a awesome knife!!!!!!

Faye London says:

that’s a good looking knife It would go in my side 

Walter G. says:


Christopher Marsden says:

Looks like a great knife…

rob weber says:

Cool knife!!

Donald Miller says:

This would look good on my belt.

Valerie Owens says:

Let me start by saying that I enjoy your well educated through advertising. Now to the Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike Knife, it’s a beauty and by adding the sharpening stone, one would be honored to win such a piece of tradition!

sam adymy says:

quality products and this is no exception

Jacob Stewardson says:

big collector here and for life man you guys make great blades!

Jimmy Kimber says:

the 7r17 steel is terrible

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