Legendary Uncle Henry 171UH Pro Hunter Knife — Best Hunting/Survival Knife

Legendary Uncle Henry Pro Hunter 9 ½” Hunting and Survival Knife from: http://schrade.com/

You’re looking at the Uncle Henry 171UH Pro Hunter fixed blade hunting and survival knife.

Completely hand-crafted to custom quality standards, Uncle Henry signature collection hunting knives bring to mind a long tradition of legendary quality, beauty and performance.

A superb skinning knife with its 5 ½” bowie style fine edge blade, the Pro Hunter proves itself capable of just about any cutting task you throw at it. Crafted from 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel, the clipped point blade with distinct, upswept tip comes straight out of the box with a razor sharp edge.

The Pro Hunter is ruggedly handsome. The thick silver blade bears the proud Uncle Henry logo on its glistening silver flank where it meets the burnished brass finger guard. A beefy staglon handle offers a welcoming grip with its thoughtfully placed finger notches. The knife ends with a brass butt piece with matching, flush mounted screw.

Double stitching at stress points—and a snapped pouch with sharpening stone—add practical touches to a thick sheath of warm, chestnut brown leather with hefty snap closure… keeping the 171UH Pro Hunter hanging at the ready from your belt. .

For a part of the past in the palm of your hand…grip a legend, the Uncle Henry 171UH Pro Hunter fixed blade hunting and survival knife.

It’s tough as the day is long.


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The Schrade Team:


Jason Steele says:

I love it! Old school and hella cool! I have been a knife lover since my first knife my father gave me as a child. This knife reminds me of the knife he would carry as we explored the woods. He told me he one pass it on to me one day. He had a stroke followed by heart failure about 8 years ago… I never got that knife from him. When I saw this knife I pictured how great it would be to wear and bring on the weekend adventures I take my sons on now and give them the same memories I share with my dad. Plus that blade looks so cool and mean! I love it.

click bait says:

If you are on the fence about this knife don’t be it is one of the best hunting knives I have had and out of the package it is fairly sharp i gave it a few strokes on the wet rock I cut down a good sized tree yesterday for a feild test and it past with a perfect edge out of the

Dale in colorado says:

I just received one of these for Christmas.  My daughter in-law picked it out.  She brought it home and asked my son if he thought I would like it and he said “I would like it.”
I told them it is beautiful, perhaps too nice to use, and that I appreciated the gift and the sacrifice.   They have a little boy that just turned one.  Perhaps, someday he will get grandpa’s knife.

Julie Thompson says:

Beautiful Knife. Reminds me of my grandfather. 

fred freiberger says:

I did a video of me using this Knife it held fine for that I hope to use it a little more

DJ's Man Cave says:

I have a few knives but when I want to have a knife that’s easy to sharpen, and I can feel the heft on my belt……….Uncle Henry goes with me! I’ve carried it for over 50 years. My nephews like to borrow it for good luck.

Tyson Bingham says:

I own a few of your survival knives already, and have given a few to army buddies that have deployed. The quality and price can’t be beat. I can’t wait to get the 171UH pro Hunter for camping and hunting.

ron chamblee says:


lonny mal says:

I’m curious as to what the tang looks like under the staglon handle

Lloyd B says:

Awesome knife I would love to add this to my collection.

Leeroy Jankins says:

I need a good skinning knife. However I don’t get how it could be a survival knife tho.

NorCal Hermit says:

Very nice knife!

Kenne Whitson says:

This is a KNIFE!

Terry Luther says:

I purchased one and it broke after the first time trying to use it. It literally fell apart just trying to cut small vines. Returned it to Taylor brands and it did the exact same thing.

I really wanted to like this knife, but after having the exact same experience with it two times, I gave up on it.

TheTwistedfiend says:

It is hard to go wrong with the classics that is for sure!  Thank you for producing such a quality product!

hockeysniper44 says:

Love this knife

Bluegrass Survival says:

Guys, 7cr17mov steel is garbage. Its the same steel they use on the Original Gerber Bear Grylls Knife. You know, then one that really made people hate Gerber? Schrade continues to take a name like Schrade and Uncle Henry and run it through the mud with their cheap chinese steels and trying to pass them onto people.

7cr17mov is way to soft and will not hold an edge for very long. If you don’t have alot of money and you need a good hunting knife just buy a Buck 119 and be done with it, at least you get a Bos Heat Treated 420HC that will take abuse and hold its edge for a good long time, plus its only about 40 bucks and made in the USA.

Eric Seberg says:

need another fixed blade for my wife’s bob

Jerry Rivas says:

Shared video again on multimedia

JD Johnson says:

I want this knife because of the classic appeal and the practical function!
It would be an awesome addition to my hunting gear!

lifeskills13 says:

Love a fixed blade knife, and a purdy one such as that.

Liam Finch says:

i want one. i want 1 real bad

harryp269 says:

Awesome knife!! I want one!

Jeffrey Underhill says:

Old school & tradition! Would gladly pass this on to my kids 1 day!!

Becky Smyth says:

Neat knife and like and shared done.

texasgreazer says:


TheBullFrogMan says:

Wont part with our SCHF 9 or 10 have to make one like that 171-UH for our son.

Mario Peralta says:

I would love to win this knife

Kristi McDowell says:

Love it… shared!

Danny Wells says:

Fantastic knife!

Kathie Trotter says:


The Real Samsquamch says:

the new ones are junk they pump out of taiwan like big macs. this was an amazing knife when they made them 30yrs ago but the quality is nowhere near the same now. do yourself a favor and find one of the original 171uh from before the 1990s and then you will have an amazing knife.

peshewa0529 says:

Great knifes. I have used them for many years and have never had the first problem with any of them. I’m an old school guy and I love the knifes of my youth. Thanks Schrade

Max Peters says:

Some of their handles look almost like genuine stag, while others look like a kid painted the lines on the handle. I have a Golden Spike that is over 30 years old and it looks very well done, but the knife in this add looks almost cartoonish.
I also have a newer Elk Hunter Skinner that is well done, but this knife and their Bowie look terrible. They should be able to make their staglon grips a little more consistent.

Barbie Squires says:

Very nice, my dad had one very similar.

Joe P says:

It does not have a full tang. If it did, it would be silly not to represent this important feature. Notice how he mentions the screw but is careful not to represent that the screw has a function. The function of the screw is to pretend that the hilt is screwed into the tang.

Michael L. Baxter Sr. says:

Watch,Entered,and Shared !

James Ritchie says:

an you give us the names of a couple of pro hunters who use this knife?  Ones that don’t work for Schrade, of course.

The steel in this knife is pure Chinese junk, and the best spokesman in the world doesn’t change this fact.  I can’t see any real pro using cheap Chinese steel as a work knife.

conawayjb says:

Where is it made?

fred freiberger says:

i just found out i was a winner of one of these knifes i am anxious to get it 🙂

Barbie Squires says:

Uncle Henry Rocks!!

BangSwitch says:

Would love to win this beautiful blade, it’s a timeless piece of work, and I love it.. Good luck to all

Bennett F says:

Please let me win!!!

Earl E Smith says:

what a geat looking knife, can not wait to use it skinning deer.

James Marvel says:

Great steel! Great design. Still a simple classic!

Kedron Lackey says:

Hard to beat an uncle Henry, looks like a good solid hunting knife…….

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