Mossy Oak Leather Wraped Hunting Knife 3 Piece Set – Unboxing & Review

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gruff says:

There’s a lot of vagueness this time around. “There’s something off about this knife.” Ok. A lot of assumptions on the steel.

The Rage gaming says:

I just don’t know how to do reviews on the knives I want to review have any advice

Dylan FTW says:

Would u recommend these for cleaning deer?

K R Knfmkr says:

When you show the back edge they look kind of thin. I would have made them out of 1/4″ stock. And of course full tang and threaded pommel

Taka Cannon says:

Love your videos but is your camera sitting on a leaf blower?

Skeleyo Joe says:

You should get a high end gut hook knife and review it, that would be cool to see

Rick Kerans says:

Interesting review. Can’t say I am surprised by how they performed. I don’t put much trust in Mossy Oak because you can’t find anything about them on the web. They exist only in WalMart as far as I know. Personally they scare me. I can picture one snapping and a chunk of steel go flying. That aside thanks for showing it to us.

SenAnimations says:

Why did people hate on that knifebox 2k16 video. Oh yeah they didnt really have a brain. Oh. Okay.

Dave Donkey says:

For five dollars each what can you expect .ATB Dave

Curious Cosmonaut says:

Great review but can I recommend a microphone of better quality to eliminate the buzzing or you can do voice overs inside

SLAM_ Security says:

I don’t like them definitely wouldn’t spend the money on them the only one that has a possibility is the one with the gut hook on it like you said I’d like to see one like that made with better Steel and definitely Full Tang

Blue Horizon says:

Happy new years doc

DIEGO Garcia says:

Is that blood on the stump
Did you cut yourself while doing another review

Daniel Lewis says:

I have that same nife set I love it

KIEYEEZY 101 says:

Hey Doc I think the small one is ment for small hands and like young people

Icewalow _come says:

Is SOG a good knife brand?

Good Ol Boy #76 says:

I would love to add them to my Mossy Oak collection. I already have 2 knifes one flip and one fixed blade. So yea I would love to win them.

The Rage gaming says:

Love the channel and all you do I’ve started to collect knifes to because of you and I’m learning more and more

Lakin Willson says:

While they might not be the best knives out there I still like the way they look

David Jones says:

The small knife is for getting into the nook and crannies of your kill

Riley Santiago says:

Not advertised as full-tang = Not full-tang.

Tyr The Dog says:

I watched your knifebox opening from 2 years ago, i have an mtech brand knife and its great, why u diss

K R Knfmkr says:

Both of the larger knives made sounds during the chopping which to me indicates they will come apart. “Reassemble Stephanie”

Calihiker says:

They do have a nice look to them

Naughyty Monkey says:

What would u say is ur favourite knife?

Woocroo says:

I’d probably just have these in one of those knife cases that you can put on a stand or place on your wall. You know, with some of those more decoration type blades.

king Dee says:

What is the best steel for knives

Laura Ledezma says:


bigHtown36 says:

I miss the Kmart stores we used to have in my town. They used to have some good sets during the holidays and year round for that matter. I got a cool 3 piece Gerber set a long time ago. Came with a full tang knife with sheath, a nice machete/kukri style blade with a sheath and a small collapsing saw. I broke the saw but it was totally my fault as a result as carelessness on my part but the other two pieces have held up well. I like these videos as this is something i think most people have the extra money for or are likely to pick up vs a subscription box service. Keep up the good work. Have a happy New Year.

Jacob Thornton says:

What is the purpose of a gut hook?, I would appreciate it if you would leave an answer in the comnents.

chambersgaming 0703 says:


Jose Garcia says:

Something to consider is that alot of hunters say ounces are pounds because nobody want to carry a 60-50 pound back pack while hunting and alot of hunters don’t care about the steel they just care if it’s light and useful.

Friar Rodney Burnap says:

Please do a videos about Mora Knifes…

Anole Lizard says:

I dont like mossy oak knives

koala bear says:

Hey doc, im back on my original account

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