NEW! Fremont Gentleman’s Skinner Hunting Knife – Shot Show 2015 – “First Look” – Best Skinner?

“FIRST LOOK” – NEW Gentleman’s Skinner – NEW! Classy / Functional and FAT Hunting Skinner Knife from Fremont Knives in Wyoming USA. Survival Blade and Hunting Knife Blitz at Fremont Knives Booth – SHOT Show 2015 –

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Here’s a LIST of ALL the GEAR Shown in this Video

Fremont Farson Blade:

David’s FULL Review…

Fremont Farson Hatchet:

Fremont Hide Glide w/ Sheath:

Farson Hatchet / Glider Combo with Sheath:

Fremont Gentleman’s Skinner (Check Link for Availability):

Fremont Knives Website:


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DP-12 16 Shot – Double Barrel Shotgun:

Nite Ize Gear Management Systems:

SOG Survival Tomahawk:

Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

Edge Maker – Best Quick Knife Sharpening Tool:

iScope Smartphone Scope Adapter for Shooting Hunting / Video:

Gerber Strong Arm – Next Gen LMF II / Prodigy Knife:


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Field Sharpening Tools:

Bear Grylls Rechargable Torch (Flashlight):

CRKT Paracord Bracelet Tool:

Zippo Emergency Firestarter:

Hedge Hog Leatherworks Survival Sheath:

OKC Blackbird SK5 Survival Knife:

Bear Grylls Survival Card Tool:


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diablo retipoux says:

Can you review the gerber gator kukri machete ?

Survive the outdoors STO says:

Was that your wife around the end of the video?

BanTheStupid says:

“Cause we’re fat”.

Yes, yes we are.


Robert Rivera says:

Nice shirt! Oorah brother!

Michael Karas Nguyen says:

Made in China.

Jason McDaniel says:

That’s a really nice looking skinner! The notch for your thumb is a great idea, defiantly will help with your grip on the blade when skinning.

Alex Johansson says:

Good vid!

Yooper Digger57 says:

That Gentleman is nice be a great skinner for my trap line thanks for sharing  

Bud Freshour says:

no annotations at the end

Joseph Gaudio says:

Once again. Another great video.

VulgarHands says:

In what way does a ‘first look’ preview of the skinner or any (knife or gear for that matter) constitute a tittle like ‘best skinner’? It’s a cheap and gimmicky way to get more views to what otherwise would be pretty good videos.

Louis Wagner says:

Like to know Your thoughts: on Two Knives The cold steel GI Tanto And the Cold Steel Cold Four Tanto.The code four is My all time carry blade And the GI I use for survival, I have two, One in my pack And one in my car bag I do appreciate your time ……….Louis

brutalbrital says:

nice skinner knife ,very nice

Lazorn Rapscallion says:

I like the skinning knife but Im not sure of any of the others

tf2 gaz says:

hey can ju make a bushcraft camp me and my mates are making one and could use inspiration plz

marine4Legion says:

Go US Marines¡¡

Bhargav Sharma says:

David you are amaàaaaaaazing. Keep up the good work.

Hermann Kateri says:

 I thought the weapons Expo in Dubai is multitudes larger.

Mw3 says:

So more survival kit vids please david

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