Norwegian Brusletto Hunter Knife Review

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tommysvard says:

Love scandi knives, take a look at

auxmike says:

Beautiful presentation. Do you know if they also made bayonets?

James Parus says:

Nice. If you want to see great knife making videos, check out thetopicala channel, he makes beautifull knifes, and also the videos have great photos and always classical music soundtrack.

Locutus D'Borg says:

Check out Chris Reeve “Sebenza” and William Henry knives.  Both have websites.

Benjii Benjii says:

I have a hunter knife myself. My grandfather bought it in 1962 I think, he had his own fishing boat and it’s been used countless of hours untill he died in the 90’s, then my father got it, and he gave it to me last year and I use it almost every time I’m hunting or fishing!!

It’s an outstanding knife. The quality is unbelievable. It looks almost new except the writing on the side is almost gone and the wood has become a bit darker. But for 54 years of usage I’d say that’s okey!!

How are you enjoying the knife now two years later?

nick kennerley says:

look up rockstead
japanese knives costing up to two thousand sterling

Jan Christian Frodahl says:

The emphasis is on the “U”, not the “E” so it`s not Brus-lett`o, it`s BRU-sletto.
Bru, means bridge and sletto (dialect), means “the plain”. So it`s The Bridge Plain knife if you want to translate, lol..


If your name is on it you own it 🙂

lord david says:

Looks a good skinning knife 


Thank you for the video! Looks like a great knife, would you know a price on this knife?

mc25a says:

Lovely wood on that piece.  I have some chisels with American Hornbeam handles that look very similar.  I would guess that this may be some species of beech.  Nice review, thank you for sharing. 

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