Replacement Blade Knife Overview

Here is a look at three different brands of replaceable blade hunting/skinning knife


Shayne Murray says:

So…none of them suck? Damn. I was hoping this would tell me which one not to buy…instead it makes me want all 3.

Joel Cromwell says:

I’m a first time hunter. I was looking for an entry level hunting knife at the Grand opening of a Canadian Tire. I was fortunate enough to have three different experienced hunters to advise me. I was told by one hunter with years of experience that he and all his hunting friends have been using the Razor Lite EDC for years. So far this is the only semi bad review I’ve seen…

Jeff Z says:

Will the havalon replacement blades work on the Gerber?

bradman Swag says:

I just put mine through the dishwasher.

Sitka Gear Fanatic says:

Great Video! Have you tried Tyto??

melvin sacromentoe says:

Seems like the Gerber is a better version of the havolon

Jason Slingsby says:

I’ve been using a outdoor edge razor blaze for several years now. Done whitetail, black bear and moose. I’ve never had any problem whatsoever with it. I wash it ever time I use it though. If I’m at home I take the blade off and run it through the dishwasher. In the bush I soak it in hot water for a few minutes.
One thing I really like is, if I forget the replacement blades I can sharpen the blade that’s on it easily.
Nice video, thanks

bowhuntznj says:

Bobby great review I have been using the Havalon Piranta and Barracuda for all my field dressing. The Piranta has the standard 60 XT blade and the Barracuda has the bone saw. They work great together and make field dressing quick and easy. As to the problem of the knives getting dunked up a trip through the dishwasher without the blade has worked wonders for me. I’m going to try the new gut hook blade this season as well. Thanks for the review.

Becca Mathis says:

Another reviewer says that the piranta blades will work on the Gerber vital. Can you confirm that they will or will not work on it?

K Grimm says:

Havalon makes a fixed model, cheap, simple and sterile. Plastic or SS…

Dynasty Fishing says:

10:27 “Same width same heighth

Doug Schnider says:

Great video. Thanks !

pahuntnut says:

its seems Gerber has addressed the concerns i have with the havalon with blade removal and installation. With the havalon i have to carry my leatherman to remove the blade safely which defeats the purpose of a lightweight knife.

Wilson Solt says:

I broke a blade. It was my fault though. These aren’t meant to pry even a little.

tubeampsrule1 says:

I suppose you could grind away at that Gerber to expose the blade more like you mentioned.

Evil Turdburger says:

People will complain about anything, show them a scalpel and they will complain it cant pry open a car door. Show them a fire axe they will complain it sucks at slicing tomatos.

Sitka Gear Fanatic says:

Great Video! Have you tried Tyto Knives?

Evil Turdburger says:

A couple things about these knives should go without saying: they do not make good pry bars and if you gut an animal with it you have to thoroughly clean and dry it.

Caleb Dorsey says:

Dude you praise havalon and fully expect everyone to carry around an extra set of pliers just to change the blade, but you wildly speculate the outdoor edge will be rendered useless if you happen to drop it without a blade installed?

Doug Schnider says:

“ if you break one of these blades you are using it wrong “. Exactly what I was thinking.

Eric Younce says:

awesome review. Before I saw this video i thought I was the only person having problems with my outdoor edge razor lite getting fat and gunk in the blade channel and causing the blade to get stuck. I ordered the havalon knife hoping to stop stuck blades. I saw the gerber one but after the junk bear grylls crap they have been making im sceptical.

Brian Russell says:

I had them all the Gerber folder is the best in my opinion for a skinning boning knife. The blade removal is very easy and safe. You can buy 100 blades on amazon for around $30.

Kman31ca says:

I just use the havalon. Basically because it works for what I need. I just know to let the knife do its job, and don’t force it into cutting through joints etc. I have a fixed blade Falkniven F1 for the tougher cuts. And just throw it in the dish washer to get the gunk out. Might try the Piranta. But gear costs money, and I have other gear needs that are ahead of that for now.

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