Schrade Old Timer Sharpfinger Review – Best Skinning Knife Under $20

The Old Timer Sharpfinger knife by Schrade is possibly THE classic skinning knife. Featuring a high carbon stainless steel blade for low maintenance in the field and a molded leather belt sheath, all at a price that won’t blow your budget.

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Charlotte Palmer says:

My husband just bought a 152OT with neither USA nor China engraved. What does this indicate if anything?

john balogna says:

look for old ones Schrade is no longer made in the USA in NYS. The new knives come from china and have crap steel. Same thing with Marbles the new ones come from china and the steel is not what the old ones were made of.

On the edge Blades says:

I bought mine the same day I got my hunting license as a kid the old man at the hardware store sad it was the best knife for what I was going to use it for and I think I payed 12$ for it any way 35 yrs later I still have it it and use it every season

Easy rider says:

I have one and it only cost ten bucks but came with the codorra sheath buts it’s a good heavy duty sheath , and mine has orange handles , it is a great knife and will last a life time of use ,I like it

40belowful says:

One of my favorite knifes:) The really older ones made in usa have a different grind profile on blade as I have a 70’s one,a 90’s one and new Chinese tayler one. the latter 2 have a hollow grind but old one does not. just sayin sheath on older ones have a different buckle system. Still a really good value for the money:)

dw hunter says:

Buddy if you like that piece of Chinese made junk, get ahold of a older old timer sharp finger with the carbon steel blade, there is no comparison. You will love it. Old timer went to China and lost most all their loyal followers. It’s a shame.

Brian Steenrod says:

I just got this in the mail last week. I love the shape and feel of it!

coledoesthangs says:

i bought a elk ridge version of this and baton with it and mine worked but im getting the sharp finger.

MichWoodsHunter says:

Great vid. Could you one on the deer slayer? BTW love your channel.

Bryson Smith says:

best hunting knife I ever had

mcfunworld says:

i have a old model im restoring it was covered in rust but i fixed that (thankfully no pitting) but now i just need to remove the tarnish polesh it and buy a sheath

jacksquare21 says:

i went to the store and i was looking at it i thought about it but i got another one

Thatoneguy overthere says:

I believe the knife design is called a roach belly and it was popular as far back as the 1800’s.

Jeffery Sullivan says:

I was just going through an old box of stuff from my (much) younger days and found my old Shrade Sharpfinger that I got from a promotion that Guns & Ammo did. It was great to see someone use it and review it. Thank you! It’s still like new so I’m going to put it with my other camp knives and add it to a kit. What a fun day. Love your stuff!

Mike Sibert says:

First knife I bought with my own money, I was around 16 years old. I still have it 36 years later. Does a wonderful job of dressing and skinning game. Small game especially. I have also dressed several deer with it. Absolutely my favorite hunting knife to this day. Stays razor sharp.

Steven Uspensky says:

This knife is NOT designed to go under the skin. That’s what’s what are drop points are for. This knife is for cutting from above.

B dog man says:

14.99 brand new with the sheath , great carry knife VERY sharp

The_kid says:

Found one today at a old house rusted and not sharp at all but it’s pretty cool oh and no sheath lol

dw hunter says:

Nope, I don’t buy the Chinese junk, and don’t support or promote it. Wouldn’t matter what size check they sent me or if they sent me a truck load of their junk. Buy American , support american jobs and support quality gear. Quit buying their junk and it will go away. This knife won’t hold a edge long enough to skin a squirrel.

Mark Tate says:

Nice video Brian.I like your presentation style.I’ll be picking up a newer Sharpfinger soon.I do have the newer version of the 150T “Deerslayer” The big brother to the Sharpfinger. It’s a great knife for the money. Mine however did come with some issues.The sheath is nice,and fitment is just about spot on.However,the primary grind was wavy,and the secondary edge was horrible.It looked like at least 30 degrees,no kidding”60 Inclusive”And it too was ground unevenly.The edge wasn’t even apexed until the last 2 inches toward the tip.

Not good at all,especially for a skinning knife.After removing some material behind the edge,and turning it into a convex,it does become really sharp,and slices like a champ.I have yet to test the edge holding capabilities of the new Taylor brands 7CR17 Stainless knives.From what I gather I hear it’s close to 440A,but I could be wrong on that.

I hope that Taylor Brands will eventually have a newer version of these blades offered in 1095 high carbon just like the old ones used to have.It’s not a bad knife at all,but mine was unusable out of the box.It doesn’t bother me though because I intended to put my own edge on it anyway.Maybe they just had a bad run in production..It happens…I don’t see many videos on the Deerslayer,so I might do a video on my impressions of the knife,and some other mods I’m doing to the blade,Overall it’s a good deal at $20.Mine just needed some work…

KrownSkull says:

I use this knife for everything. the sheath alone is worth the price.

ramtharthegreat says:

This knife has been my edc for at least ten years. Great knife, I baton with it, it is pretty stout for a skinner. It has outlasted it’s first two sheaths, just made a third for it. Hope it outlasts another dozen.

Craig Speirs says:

the ones from china are not made as well, got mine so dull , Bear and sons makes one for about $25 on amazon, better quality

William Logue says:

Thanks for the review. Just bought my dad one of these, and ordered myself one. Mine will be paired with my schrade trapper. Love your channel.


My boy’s got me the camouflage one for Christmas!!!! Great knife. Had one many years ago , sadly it walked off one day. Blessings

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Brian, Yeah my Sharp Fingers are U. S. A. made and I also have the Deers layer which is a SharpFinger on steroids. I luv it.

Tim M says:

I was fortunate to inherit my Oldtimer 152 from my Dad. I think the only difference is the age & the stamping on one side of the blade. Mine is USA made. I find it to be a great cutter, holds an edge & is a good size for edc. Thanks for the vid, Brian, & thanks Dad for the knife!

patty kasiewicz says:

I had a older one in mint shape but it apparently grew legs and walked away. The knife is a great skinner and we used it on several deer.

coledoesthangs says:

what do u recomend this one or the large one

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Brian. I just got my modified Battle Horse Attitude, It came out Simply TiT’s, Beautiful, It’s the Attitude but slightly curved with a lowered drop point and high scandi with white g-10 handle with blue liners and a black dangler leather sheath, everything is spot on, I’m on a blue cloud because pink clouds are for girls heh heh heh, Anyhow it matches my smaller Himalayan Imports M-43 Khukuri with white handle. You know I like making sets with my knives. I teamed up my H I M-43 Khukuri with my B H K Attitude and my vintage Schrade Scrimshaw White Handle U.S.A. made Sharpfinger, I also have a Sharpfinger with a Guthook, I really like the style and function ability of the Sharpfinger. Job well done as usual Brain, Thanx Buddy.

Frontier Asset says:

I have had a Sharpfinger for several years, about 11 or 12 I guess. After using it as a camp knife for several seasons, I don’t baton by the way, I have only one complaint and that is the sheath, you have to be real careful resheathing or you can cut the molded area. I made a new sheath from an old boot top and have been happy ever since.

Adi Addams says:

I own this knife, bought it three months ago in a Bass Pro for $21.33 after tax which was 10%, I love it and frequently use it when I go camping. As well as a skinning knife I’ve used it to debone and clean a fish, not quite as easy because of the short blade but completely doable.

Backyard Blacksmith says:

I got this knife from my dad just put a forced patina on it with a potato.

30 caliber Liberty says:

I’ve been wanting a good stainless steel fixed knife (4-5 inches) with a good sheath that could skin a hog and be able to adequately break off its ribs. I was wondering if you could help a future hog hunter, my budget is between 40 to 100 dollars. Thank you.

Andrew Jacklin says:

I just baught a new one today and have to say I’m happy with my purcharse, it is a very inexpensive knife and the quality is amazing 🙂

Mt. Baldwin says:

Was debating between the big sharpfinger and the schf56l for my first ever sub 10″ fixed blade but that title went to this little beauty when someone bought it for me today. I really like how beefy the handle is for so small of a knife and just how nice it feels in my hand. Lives up to its name as it came very sharp (another bald spot on my arm). Strapped the sheath to my primaries sheath for a piggy back carry and can barley tell it’s on there. Can’t wait to do some small “knife stuff” with it!

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