Silver Stag Skinning Knife Review

The best skinning knife you’re like to find anywhere


r590 chln says:

that knife is not D2 steel. its 1095

destroyer4570 says:

Awesome knife! I’d like to get one like that but with a gut hook.

Brad Smith says:

I own several silver stag knives. They are the best on the market and made in the USA too. Great product. Fantastic value. Durable and incredibly functional. Love em and use em.

Matthew White says:

Beautiful looking knife

alemchelth says:

Make yourself a decent strop also. Of all the carbon steels, 1095 with a Rockwell of 57-60 is my favorite. But don’t drop it. Goodbye blade at that point.

Gabriel Thompson says:

Great knives. I bought a boning and skinning knife and love them. Sent a new folding pocket knife to my son, and he was ecstatic! Can’t wait for the new line of Arrington knives, I will buy a set.

Al Machado says:

Nice review sir. I’m a big fan of Silver Stag.  I have the Arrington’s DMFD Crown Skinner and Carver from the site’s specials page, plus a newer and also an older model Crown Bird and Trout from the Silver Stag shop.  The model I actually carry and use the most as a “fixed-blade pocket knife” lately is the jeweled 1095 Crown Gamer.  Super nice.

0nesilver says:

Steve here from Silver Stag Knives.  This knife is the 4.5 Skinner style.  The blade is 1095 Tool Steel and the “tool marks” as you say is called Jeweling.  We also have a gut hook style very similar to this knife.  

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