Survival knives: Five things to avoid when choosing a survival/hunting knife

Most of us have opinions on what we want in a survival/hunting knife. I still haven’t made up my mind on what is the best knife for all situations. But I do know five things I DON’T want in a survival knife, and here they are. Let me know what you think!
Here’s the story on my favorite Cold Steel SRK:
And here’s a good place to buy quality knives:


Mason Thornburgh says:

Schrade has a drop forged hollow handled knife. Because it is all one piece of steel, it has the same strength of any other full tang knife with the extra option of a hollow handle. Plus, it comes with a bit driver in the handle cap.

Malcolm Dixon says:

When shtf, its whatever knife you have to hand, be it a Kbar or a steak knife.

Khalim Harris says:

I personally don’t know much about steel grades. I do own a BG Ultimate Survivor Pro. I’d love to see you put it to a test against another great non-celeb knife.

Fervum Outdoors says:

how do you feel about knives with a tanto tip?

to om says:

a good machete

Mason Thornburgh says:

nice vid, thx m8

Jeremy Mine says:

Serrations are indispensable.

Great American Culture says:

I’m a true believer of carrying multiple knives that will cover all of your needs. What you don’t want to carry on your body keep in your pack. Remember to always bring a means in which to sharpen your knives in the field as well.

Revy says:

my Ka-Bar, standard full size mil spec, have had it for years use it for everything, bush wacking, making fires pits, cutting apples, dressing fish etc, i would put my life on it

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

I grew up on Iowa farms but now live in Chicago but still carry and collect knives. I prefer full tang blades too but carry folding knives in the City.

Bubblebath ::o says:

Nice video. How do you feel about carbon steel blade vs. stainless steel?

kingofbee'sme says:

Yeah I think I still like my buck 110 it’s a folder I know but I have done so much with it and it hasn’t let me down at all still looks great and is still solid and tight.

Clap Reload says:

My buddy ran over his bear grylls knives and they were still fine

Cesar A says:

Im never using a folder for anything other than to clean under my nails for the very reason you said. Sliced my hand right open. And as fast as you think you are, it will catch you.

vulpixgrant says:

I have personally fallen in love with the Tanto style, two straight edges make sharpening easy and you kind of have two points. The Cold Steel one kind of is the right size for me though if I was planning on needing to actually survive it would have to be a classic Ka-Bar but with the new Poly handles they put on them now.

abc dfg says:

agree with everything except length. I would carry a quality folder as well as my 6 inch heavy built knife

Quasaricemage says:

As a Cub/Boy Scout for nine years (Eagle 1984), six years in the US military and 40 plus years as a Hiker and Camper- I have found one of the best all around ‘Survival’ knives to be an Indian made khukri. The blade is thick carbon steel,full tang, the handle is solid wood with grip rings, the sheath is heavy leather over wood, comes with a sharpening tool,small sharp knife ( both fit in the sheath), sheath also has a pouch for tinder/fire striker. Best thing? You can get these on Amazon for under $30. with free shipping. The Khukri feels good in the hand and is useful for cutting, chopping,stabbing and even digging- using the blade sideways.I always have several. One in my Jeep, one on my haversack for hiking/fishing/hunting and one at home.

carlo formosa says:

What about knives with the handle made up almost entirely of parachord?(not sure about the spelling)

ivanteo1973 says:

If I can only 1 knife to bring fro survival I will take the Parang. Its does everything including chopping.

Basti Runne says:

an opinel is to flimsy in my opinion. id stick to my cold steel spartan, you can beat rhis lock up with a damn breaching hammer and it wont break

tom eng says:

Mora knives yolo.

natis413 says:

not to argue with your opinion too harshly but I in fact love my bear grylls knife I have put it beyond the testing of most YouTube reviewers simply to see what is its max and short of using it as a full on pry bar it hasn’t even blinked at my abuse it is scratched but it is still very usable

Jeff Mayo says:

Hollow handle knifes are shit. can’t even hack a few thin branches without getting loose

Johnny Wishbone says:

The BG knife is a all around great knife. I tried to hate it but it is a excellent knife and a decent price. Upgrade to a LMF II sheath and you have a awesome outdoor set up.

Philip Janes says:

Good video. Great points. My favorite is my Esee 5.

Moto Rad says:

ESEE-4 would be mine, I carry the ESEE-3 every day, the extra beef of the 4 would be better to carry in the woods

InYourDefense says:

Very nice tutorial.

S. G. says:

Rule #1.) a knife shall be NOT pink!

Nuancolar says:

Good info. I don’t like serrated edges either but I do have one or two. Some like them for cutting rope and such but a really sharp plain edge should do that job just fine.

Pyro Paragon says:

I use an 11 inch windlass Bowie knife, not to good for precision, and it’s more like a machete disguised as a knife, but, for chopping, batoning, and stabbing, and careful skinning, it’s great. I imagine it would be nice in a fight too

Adam Clark says:

I use a kbar and it works well for me

Dave Foley says:

I prefer a machete myself. I never go in the woods without it. My pocket knife will do for everything else

bashfulbrother says:

I agree 100% in your assessments. I can’t understand why anyone would want a gut hook. To me they scream “neophyte hunter”. Every animal I have taken I have gutted by hand. This saves the problem of puncturing the heart or liver. Especially on deer, elk, moose, and bear.

Scott Yi says:

i think in rambo 3 they switched the knife to full tang bowie with wooden scales

KnifeNerd5 says:

I agree with everything you said 110% I don’t like serrated knives

Pat Lowney says:

Overall a good multi-purpose knife in a survival situation I would think would be more of like a Bowie knife design I’m with you I don’t like folding knives and I like a Full Tang in the handle

Keith Chamberlain says:

I have a knife. It was my father’s knife. Big, sharp, dangerous. If it was the only thing I had with me in an emergency situation it would be a ‘survíval’ knife. Otherwise, like ALL the others, it’s just a knife.

Ordinal Cardinal says:

Avoid the following:
1. Anything made by Gerber
2. Anything associated with “Bear” Grylls or Les The Big Foot Hoaxer Stroud.
3. Anything with “tactical” in its name
4. Anything with serrations or a saw spine
5. Anything that looks “Tacti-cool”.

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