The Best Hunting Knives? | Knife Banter Ep. 67

It’s hunting season! We wanted to show you guys some of the best knives for cleaning game and we brought some experts in for their opinions. Check out hunting knives here:–Hunting-Knives–1517?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_campaign=bhq-10-5-2018-hunting%20knives%20kb&utm_term=best%20hunting%20knives%3F%20%7C%20knife%20banter%20ep.%2067&utm_content=hunting%20knives%20cat

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bartonmd says:

Personally, I prefer a “super-steel” hunting knife vs. the standard Old Timer or Buck. My 440 SS old timer and a 3.5″ Buck fixed blade, i usually sharpen (pull through, for speed) at least twice per deer, whereas the Benchmade Steep Country, lasts for 2+ deer between sharpening.

JinDoorigh says:

The altitude would be perfect for field dressing. It’s a little smaller in person and the price is CRAZY for basically just a slab of s90v.

Josiah Zozzaro says:

Please do a video on straight razors. Don’t know which one to buy.

Joshua Erickson says:

I love the Benchmade brand and their knifes but they are expensive

Alexander Schweitzer says:

Hey man I bought a benchmade grizzly creek and will now no longer buy from any other knife companies

Andrew chov says:

Gotta love those Benchmade knives!

Josh Lewis says:

Man I started checking this out because I’m hitting my first hunting season this year and wanna grab a knife to take with…now you’re dragging me over to IG too…

Eric Snyder says:

I like the Altitude for carrying on a hunt, but here in the mid-west, we get the benefit of being close to vehicle in most cases. The TOPS backwoods skinner looks like a winner for most of the hunting we do around here.

Joshua Ritzheimer says:

I’ve heard of people using knives with replaceable blades like the Havalon before, but I didn’t realize they were so popular. It was very interesting to hear the hunters’ perspective in this video.

Henry Breazeale says:

I really like the altitude!

jorge silva says:

Benchmade is number one for sure but i want to try that gurber vital

John Bonilla says:

Love the benchmades

ZawShwa says:

If I’m not mistaken that Benchmade sharpener costs more than the unbranded one.

Derek Neumann says:

Check out my custom BUCK 119!!!!! DOPE.

Colin Rist says:

Not gonna lie, when you claimed cheap soft steel was a good choice I started to tune out. It’s not. There are plenty of better quality steels with amazing edge retention, won’t break the budget and are easy to field sharpen. If you can’t afford at least a decent knife, you probably can’t afford to be out hunting

andrew russo says:

I’m really wanting to get into hunting and I think the benchmades would perform great and they look great

aelsic says:

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a pull through sharpener…..change my mind.

Christopher Harris says:

Great video. I’m not a hunter but enjoyed the perspective. I love all things Benchmade.

Dr. Steven Taylor says:

Definitely would like to check it that bench made altitude

cabbageguy says:

Surprised they didn’t throw in the mermaid knife for a laugh

Cody Barber says:

Love my classic Buck knives. Have used a 119 on and off for years, have four 110s that roam around with me from time to time, and a 102 that I EDC a lot. Planning on getting some Benchmades in my collection as soon as I can decide which ones I like the most.

the M&M's says:

I’d like to see you guys show off the weirdest EDC knives people carry at BladeHQ

lordoyama says:

Can I get a hybrid of the Gerber and Havalon replaceable blade knives. Easy change blade with a sheath to keep everything together but add a slot for spent blades

MT says:

I use a variety of different knives/tools, one of which is the Havalon. Very useful, love the replaceable blades.

Shaz says:

I really enjoy that old school Buck. I think I remember my grandpa having one of those way back when.

Ray Bates says:

I’m about to buy my first rifle to actually go hunting so this was a good video for me. I own alot of knives but none that would work well for hunting.

the northern outdoorsman says:

You guys need some silver stag knives in there

Anthony Novak says:

very nice knives the altitude looks cool

Darin Dare-Bear Allen says:

Loved the magazine clip. It was an amazing pro 2A meme

Preston Echols says:

Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that Tops skinner!

Corbin Mellor says:

Thanks for the great info, I’m taking my ckrt homefront and my esse izula similar to the altitude.

Cody Heiden says:

Hey can you guys do a video on Emerson Knives like the Mini Commander, or even just a video about the chisel grind, bought one from yall and i love it. But im still kinda skeptical about the chisel grind, its not bad but ive been thinking about regrinding it to a bevel on bothsides. But on the fence about it. Thanks love your videos keep it up

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