The HEAdesigns Hunter Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a profoundly weird knife, which is also quite good, the HEAdesigns Hunter.


Twelve Thirty says:

Do many people diy customize their knives? And is there a site that they post their projects on?

Matthew Forrest says:

Like the blade kind of swish like. Hate the handle flare. Just my opinion

ApexEDC 88 says:

Don’t care for this super fragile tip…

thistubeisfucked says:

I really liked it… until you said G10

mph seti says:

Viper Knives’ Voxnaes Belone is $25 less on Blade HQ…M390 blade (slightly longer, at 3.3″), full titanium handles. Haven’t handled either, so I cannot compare action/ergos.
I personally think the Belone is prettier though (especially the blue/silver one)…So, yeah. The price on this isn’t where it should be, IMO.
HEA should make it with steel/G10 handles and a D2 or 14c28n blade, and charge $50-70 for it, Then they might be on to something.

Tim Gannon says:

I actually like the design, but…you can get a G10 with M390 WE for under $150. The price point vs materials is a bit out of whack there. Damn shame, or I would’ve bought it, cuz I’m a sucker for clip points.

Jay Ingle says:

So, basically what you’re saying is that if the Primordial by Adam Purvis had a front flipper tab, that this knife would be irrelevant.

mrstarfishh33 says:

Yeah when I just bought a boos smoke and hound for 220 and am about to buy a trm neutron at 160-180 this is a pass for the steel/price.

adunn413 says:

Cool little design,but you’re right for the price point and blade steel. $150 would have been a better price. I’m guessing more sales too.

Bruce Hewat says:

Why is it so stabby?

sicarii1138 says:

I’m with you in the 154cm. It’s a great steel, but over about $150 I feel like I should be getting something higher end, especially if Boos can make his knives in China for $220 and use M390.

And really, for any problems they may have with their OEM, Giant Mouse knives using M390 for around $175 is a shot across the bow to a lot of other manufacturers.

Heck, the DLT exclusive Manix 2 was $130 and had 20CV with US manufacturing.

b ach says:

I have been waiting for a Benchmade fact review but it’s ok if you never review another Benchmade

paul greenwood says:

Is it perhaps a small three-finger folder with an excellent place for your fourth (little) finger? Just a thought. I thinks it’s lovely. (P.S. You mentioned at the end something about Massdrop Spyderco knives? I’ve been waiting ten months for my Supergold Endura!!).

Sharp Grail says:

Love mine, and the designer is a really great guy. 154CM is a nice steel for folders.

jojojaykay says:

It’s kinda crazy how quickly we start considering what was once higher end steels with less and less regard.

Jesse Adams says:

love the Dodgeball reference.

TubieMcTubington says:

Haha, I forgot the comb was S35VN! That made my day.

Norman's EDC says:

I agree you can find a better knife for the same amount of money

CSLFiero says:

154cm you praised in older reviews for ease of sharpening. Seems like a great choice for a user with a thin tip. $200 is a total miss for this knife. $140, total hit.

David Gruse says:

Better than spending money on a benchmade

Grayson Varchetto says:

I absolutely love the handle on this, but the blade is just a little weird

Carl Stanland says:

Cuttin’ corners with 154CM. Ha! Nice one.

Sam Alpert says:

Turning on CCs for this video makes the viewing experience a whole other level of entertaining. Nick I don’t think Google knows what to do with your accent, so they’ve opted for “fuck it, here’s some words”.

Michael Keim says:

It looks a little pointy to me…

Pizzaxbandit says:

About three inches….That’s what she said, amiright fellas.

Clinton Lewis says:

Cool looking knife , would worry about tip breaking off with rough use , not for me

Kyle Ralph says:

That’s not good price at all for that steel very unimpressive like the lnofe though

e arwert says:

The design of this really grew on me over the course of this video.

Paul F. says:

Nice Dodgeball reference, apparently noone else caught it haha.

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