The Truth About Hunting Knives

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get a fine deer hunting knife. Sharp is sharp, don’t believe so called “experts”. Get what you can afford that fits your hand and spend the rest on a nice sharpening kit.


Hunter AnglerWV says:

I use an old western cutlery l66. It was my grandaddys. He hunted with it for 30 years

Erik Young says:

deer or elk 4-5 inch knife a sharpening stone and a small hatchet or saw for pelvic bone. done
thats for cleaning not butchering

bd C says:

You are absolutely correct that a person doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on a hunting knife. Like people living in the woods in Scandinavia and buying Mora fixed blade knives in a variety of configurations for about $11-30 US. They are very sharp. When a person buys a knife, he/she should contemplate the carry of the knife and securing to oneself when traveling. For example, the Fallkniven f1 that you displayed, within its factory sheath, can be carried in a pants pocket, even a business suit’s pants pocket. But some configurations might be carried horizontally behind the back or hanging off a pack. If a folder comes without a sheath, consider buying a Benchmade sheath of the proper size that can be carried vertically or horizontally according to your desire. They cost only about $12.

Bilge Pump says:

Sooooooo the premise is you shouldn’t get suckered into expensive knives for hunting but he prefers and uses the $200.00 knife. Hello.

Dan Iacobescu says:

OK, this is for deer. But how about elk or moose? What size should your knife be for elk or moose?

James Mowers says:

Kabars good for skinning gators bub

Louis King says:

The only advantage of a folder is pocketability. If you don’t need that, a small fixed blade knife seems better.

Allan Ireland Park says:

Wow your knives are so clean, you must spend ages taking care of them, which is a sign of a quality hunter. I mean they are spotless..totally totally like new, like they never ever been used ever… I wish mine were like that…but they are not..I use mine.

Big boy 21 says:

my dad and I got back from hunting and we both had fix blades and a folding knifes and we came to a restureant and people were staring at us and we had blood on us

Demolition J says:

I suggest a “the bone collector skinner BC-805”. Its $20 on amazon it comes sharp enough to shave you and ive skinned plenty of deer with it. Just keep it sharp.


how does this have so many dislikes when this dude knows what he’s talking about. smh. retards.

DALE thebelldiver says:

Anyone who ask;s, “What knife should I buy?”isn’t responsible enough to be carrying a gun. These toys could be replaced with one old; OLD HICKORY butchers knife. I paid all of $.50 cents at a garage sale for mine.

Chadster357 says:

I lost all respect when you said the (Chinese made) Winchester piece of shit was a good knife…..I have 2 winchester knives …the one in your video and the bowie model…..they are “absolute garbage”, and that’s being kind.

Fish On says:

To many people talk shit when it comes to hunting knives buy a $20 buck lite max perfect for processing deer and if you want to spend a bit more money get a buck woodsman.

tugperreira says:

good for pig hunting

John Norris says:

used a kabar for 45 years. guess i was wrong…..

1182tlc says:

I gutted a 300 lbs hog with a peanut (that’s a small folding knife, hole knife less than 2″closed), I was just scouting for deer season didn’t even know hogs moved in there but it was all I had and it worked fine.

Js Dubon says:

Outstanding video. One of the best I have seen regarding outdoor tools. Thank you for not coming out with a 500 dolars supersteel knife that I can’t afford :). have a good one man. I subscribed.

Drew R says:

I bought that same Winchester hunting knife at Walmart many years ago for approx $25-$30 and it’s a great knife for the money. I also have Buck 110 knives. That Winchester has a blade grind like a Buck 110 and it’s a robust knife. I agree the sheath is cheap. Liked the video!


I use Russell Green River knives!

12103412 says:

There are lots of great knives for field dressing deer, elk, moose etc. My favourites for dressing out are, Cold steel Master Hunter 3v, Outdoor Edge Swing Blade, Knives of Alaska Elk Hunter and I use their Bone Saw to. Just keep them sharp and they are all great. Fun to try new ones to.


The two best Steel that i buy in knives are from Germany Soligen or Swedish steel like the Mora Knives etc, Their not to expensive & they are great for all around field use etc.

Oz Camp n Hunt Dan says:

A very honest and thorough video, I have bought all sorts of ‘hunting’ knives but have always fallen back to my trusty kizlyar 4″ knife because its practical, easy to clean and easy to sharpen……that easy. Well done and thanks.


The Kabar USMC Knives are great if your camping in the Wilderness etc. it can be a life saver if ever you need it for Self Defense or other chores etc.?

Alexandre Costa says:


DaveUSA 1 says:

Man, when you made the comment about bringing that Ka-Bar in to deer camp, I about spit my iced tea out.  That is some funny stuff.  Cutting the paper comment was funny too.  The only thing I might add, is grip, with bloody hands your hand can easily slip.  Nice video.  Not a “Mr. Fancy Pants”.

Jonathan McClellan says:

You’re criticising people that carry a KaBar into the deep woods?? You know BEARS AND LIONS are out there right??? What the fuck dude. “There’s dangerous things in the wilderness but I need to sacrifice the size of my hunting knife to be politically correct!!”

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