Top 10 Best Camping, Survival, Tactical, Hunting & Bushcraft Knives for the Outdoors | Budget Bugout

Summer has arrived! It’s time to grab your favorite knife and head out into the great outdoors! These are the 10 best camping, hunting, and outdoor knives for the Summer! Some even make great survival, bushcraft and tactical knives! Check em out! Amazon links below!

Amazon links for all 10 knives listed below:

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife —
Morakniv Bushcraft Black Knife —
Marttiini Knives Skinner —
SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade Knife —
Ka-Bar Short Fixed Blade Knife —
Buck Open Season Small Game Knife —
Gerber LMF II Survival Knife —
CRKT RSK Mk6 Paracord Survival Knife —
Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Knife Alox —
Leatherman – Signal® Multi-Tool —

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Own Al Tal says:

dude were do you get these knives

Carson Stephens says:

Glock field knife! No Glock Field Knife? Sad panda

Super Galleta says:

I have the Gerber, great knife. I’m looking for something about 8″ overall length with a partially serrated blade for about 30-45 dollars. The ka-bar is nice but do you have any recommendations?

Immortalized1 says:

Quick fun fact: SOG knives are N.F.G. Good day

Ian song says:

do these companys ship to SOUTH korea the country with a better GDP than france NOT NORTH korea with their stupid nukes.

ugarules27 says:

Love the intro!!

wamps 01 says:

Great video…especially like the camaraderie you are experiencing while you serve our country. THANKS once again for your service!

frankie paul says:

how many asian freinds u have?

Tomas Castellano says:

Will you ever do a review on leatherman mut

Bugout Boys says:

Make a zombie survival kit v3!!

Woo Hoo says:

When showing off the ka-bar I almost thought it had a USB port at the bottom of the handle. Then I thought you’d have to charge it in order for it to kill.

Mike says:

great video. What do you thank of the ontario raider bowie been thanking of getting one to go with my mora for bigger camping jobs

Gazoontite KaPow says:

Have yet to have any problems with a Buck 119, great for everything pretty much and it won’t let you down. I paid $45 for mine and still have it, have skinned quite a few deer with it and even after each skinning I do, I still keep up the blade and it’s in great shape even after 6 years of use and I’ve used it A LOT. excellent hunting knife, as well as survival and bushcrafting.

Hussain Ahmad Chohan says:

I love Fallkniven and Mora knives from Sweden.

jesus Caballero says:

Kool knifes I’ll take the black mora

Yuri Echavez says:

Your very awsome

Paul win says:

Wait, Are does Koreans???/ LMAO I’M TOO

Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

that was a awesome video my friend great editing skills. you have my subscription would love to have your support as well . keep up the good work. looking forward to catching up on your videos. thanks again

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I recently bought a few Mira’s, My Mora 510 became one of my Fav. neck knives that I wear when I go with my trio, my Mora 2000 I made a Lite Carry Trio, I teamed it with my Mora Hatchet and added my Bacho Laplander WoW, Aces. Then I put a Nylon Belt Loop on my Bokor Black Rold Sheath, But the Handle Strap was a bit loose because of the Rold Handle, So I slipped on my Classic #1 on the handle strap and that not only tightened the looseness but now I have two great wood working knives sort of piggybacked. I’m sort of proud how it came out. ,, .

Randall Kelley says:

Budg: The Mora, the Betta! I know that was corny

Bo Dacious says:

The MORA the better.

William Hudson says:

what is a “smore” ???

Sodium Hydroxide says:

anyone on here know if moras can take abuse?

Christian Choe says:

love the into beat!

marjamada says:

All under $100? The title says “Budget”, so how do you combine BEST and BUDGET in one knife? Best will be over $100 and Budget will be under $50 (for me) and even under $25 for many budget-conscious preppers. I found several full-tang, thick blade stainless over-5-inch blade knives for under $25, one 8″ blade was $15, and they are not junk.

Anthony Gomez says:

sch9, Schrade is a bad ass, weapon, survival knife. just don’t walk in public with it lol

kookaburashasvisited says:

the bushcraft knife on amazon does not have the same sheath

Anthony Gomez says:

zombies? well good video anyway

Nick Forbes says:

Do you watch Casey Neistat because I recognize that song from one of his vlogs

Louicanthrope says:

These are AT LEAST 30$ more expansive in Amazon France, wtf

MountainBikesINC says:

Have you tried the sog seal team elite

Autism Family says:

Does anyone else think this guy sounds like Mr. Rodgers? “Howdy kids. Today we will be taking a look at some sharp knives. But we need to be careful, don’t we? Yes, that’s right.” 😉

Gaming_6Shooter says:

The Sog Strike is only around $80 because of the deluxe sheathe that he showed. You get if for about $30 cheaper if you get the standard sheathe

sexy gorilla says:

Finland makes the best knives. Always have a trusty Puukko and you’ll get the job done. I am Finnish so that very well could influence my opinion on Finnish knives

Pokebrandon says:

Is that a Squid in your pocket!

James Ritchie says:

First, do you really teach newcomers that beating a knife with a club is a good thing to do? Despite what YouTube blind leading the amateurs as taught by “experts” who couldn’t survive a week in their own backyards say, heavy batoning with any knife is stupid, it’s amateurish, it’s dangerous, and it means you don’t have a clue what tools you should be using.

A small finger guard is fine, if you like it, but the is never a reason to put enough forward pressure on a knife to make your hand slide onto the blade. That’s just really poor knife handling technique. And no Scandi grind is made for skinning, whatever the shape of the blade.

The SOG is useless. Any knife with a partially serrated edge is useless as a wilderness knife. Ninety percent of the tasks a wilderness knife needs to do are done with the portion of the blade that’s serrated, which means they can’t be done. And tactical purposes? Seriously? That’s for people who play Rambo, not for people who have grown up. And you never want finger grooves on a carving knife. Nor is it a full tang just because the steel runs all the way through the handle. If that were the case, rattails would be full tang, and they aren’t. Unless you can SEE the steel all the way around, it isn’t full tang.

Ka-Bar makes excellent knives, and has the best 1095CV in the world, but no knife with a partially serrated edge is worth owning, if you want to use that knife in the woods.

Buck also makes excellent knives, but knife that has a hole in the blade right where the majority of stresses converge is a good knife. And if ever a knife was misnamed, it’s this one. There is nothing pertaining to small game that this knife is good for.

I think the Bushcraft Black is one of the most overpriced knives on the market. It’s just a companion with a bad grind and a fancy sheath. But how can you say it doesn’t have a finger guard? It certainly does have one, and it’s extremely effective. Unfortunately, despite being billed as a bushcraft knife, the handle is shaped in a way that makes carving far more difficult than it should be, and carving is what bushcraft knives are for.

The CRKT knife is just silly in every possible way, and no one who would call that a survival knife, or a good wilderness knife at all, is a survival guru. Carrying that silly thing into the wilderness is a sure sign you have no clue what you’re doing. It’s even dumber than carrying a knife with a partially serrated edge, and that’s saying something.

Victorinox makes two good wilderness knives. You have neither of them in this video. And you don’t loan you primary knife to anyone, ever, for any reason. You can loan them a backup knife, or your Victorinox, but no one should even touch your primary blade. But if you do loan it out, that is not the knife you want as a backup.

And, no, the Leatherman Signal is not a good knife for biting into wood. Once again, it has a partially serrated edge, which means the half of the blade you need most is useless. Serrations don’t even cut, they tear, and they’re made for rope and for canvas, not for wood, or anything else. The Signal is far and away the worst multitool Leatherman makes. It’s a gimmick from front to back, made for people who love gimmicks, not for people who actually go into the wilderness and spend a lot of time there.

There is no such thing as a good knife for wilderness use that has a partially serrated edge. Such blades are made for people who spend their time working around boats, primarily sailboats, but many types of large boats have rope and canvas, and this is what serrations are for. But some people look at partially serrated blades, think they look cool, and must envision themselves spending all day cutting cordage or canvas, and just don’t understand that the part of the knife you need most for good knife use is the part those serrations occupy. It’s dumb.

There’s nothing in this video but eight poor knives, and a LOT of very, very bad advice and instruction. The sad thing is that a few of these knives would at least be usable, were it not for the partially serrated blades, and one or two would be excellent. But serrations are silly, and make any knife that has them is a seriously bad, and dangerous, choice for wilderness use.

Rx Reclaimer xR 01 says:

Im guessing he’s been watching casey neistat

DanglezHD says:

Cool video

Tyler Grubb says:

Just saying I hate moras

Cr0cket20 says:

I really like the bushcraft black. Fun knife to play with around camp.

Harrison Dunbar says:

What’s the name of the song that was in this video

Survival of the Fittest says:

When you were first talking about the LMF 2 you said “it does have a serrated edge but it doesnt mean your version has to”. Is there a plain edge version of the LMF 2 out there?? I have never seen one so it has been holding me back on getting one.

Jason Johnson says:

love the buck reaper

MrJumbolegz says:

You should review the Gerber Silver Trident. It’s a cool knife.

jon snow says:

have you cleaned any game with any of these knives?

James Ritchie says:

No one who knows what they’re doing will go into the woods with a partially serrated edge.  That serrated section is where you should be doing ninety percent of all knife tasks, and you can’t do any of them with serrations on the edge.    Yeah, you can get a Mora sheath in any color you want, as long as it’s orange, black, or extremely dark green, and if it’s sold with the knife you want.  Personal preference, but I won’t carry anything with bright orange on it.  If I drop something, I’ll use a flashlight.    I hate the sight of orange.  And for God’s sake, stop beating your knives with clubs.  YouTube incest is the only reason anyone does this.  Real woodsmen do not beat their knives with clubs, they carry a saw, and a hatchet.  Unfortunately, have the instructors out there today learned everything they know from YouTube, and they’re as useless as teats on a boar.

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