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These are our top 10 choices for the best hunting knives. Do you agree with our list? What knife did we miss that you think should have made it on this list? Leave your comments in the section below!

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Onedayilbeok says:

They clearly didn’t try any Bark Rivers! because they would have the top 3 spots easily

GAViN1985 says:

not really ‘hunting knives’

Tac Man says:

Buck Vanguard, that said I agree with some of the others who say most of these knives are not really hunting knives! Great survival and bushcraft knives however.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, Just as I was going to say, Heah, what about the Benchmade Bushcrafter #162 it was your number #1 choice, Well Yeah, I live my Bushcrafter #162 and I have the First Production Run #299, I have to disagree alittle, Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my Bushcrafter #162, But a U.S.A. made knife out a excellent steel and you hardly ever hear about it, and Yet, and I’ve been doing this for a few 24’s, The Swamp Rat RatManDu is seldom heard, I just got me second INFI Steel version which is a Busse Combat but I had it done my way. I had the edge thinned down and I’m putting a slight Convex on it. It will be a High Saber Flat Vex Grind, actually similar to my Bushcrafter #162 But in a 5 1/4″ and the INFI Steel, It’s hands down one of my ALL time Fav’s. Also I got the Johnson Adventure Potbelly insteas, I also like the lines in my SO.G. Trident 2.0 better, some others that should be in the line up is the Bokor Vox Rold or the Bokor Vox 2011 Collection which I think is a awesome looking knife, Yeah its a 440C but Bokor did a great job tempering mine and it’s sharp hold’s a good edge and sharpen’s easy.But if your sort if creative and know what your looking for in a knife, like I started with a Swamp Rat Rodent 6, then I had the blade thinned down in it also, originally it is a robust tactical knife at .264″ thick, so natch I had it thinned diwn, then I had the top gaurd taken off, they did such a good job that you can hardly tell it was a Rodent 6 but it look’s like a beefy RatManDu on steriods, But interesting enough, the area where the top gaurd was, that area allows my hand chop better with it still being a robust knife it chops great fir a 6″ blade, and Yeah, it’s one of my Fav’s 6″ blades, How about the Fallkniven A-1 another good one, Overall you made a good selection, , ,


megamind lelouch says:

Appreciate Video! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched – Proutklarton Blade Card Plan (search on google)? It is an awesome one off product for getting a free credit card knife without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got amazing results with it.

Kurtis Coleman says:

What steels do you suggest for really tight budgets in the $70 to $100 mark that is durable and rust resident

bernard tiburon says:

I bet you’ll make a better review on kitchen knives…..

WildxOutlaw says:

Misleading title. Expected some good skinning knives (hunting) and found nothing but fancy looking tactical knives(except for the wood ones). I’ve grown up in a rural area and hunted all my life. Never have I ever used my hunting knife to widdle a stick, or never have i needed to. A hunting knife needs a rubber grip on it. most of these knifes have grips that once they got some blood on them they would be super slippery and be a pain. These are clearly outdoor knives not hunting knives.

Stroker Ace says:

All these knives are shit garbage. Go and buy you a Ruana Knife, the best hunting knives ever made. I have a original Ruana knife was passed down to me, from my grandfather to my dad, then me. I don’t use the knife because an original Ruana knife are worth thousands of dollars now.

Bush Camping Tools says:

The spyderco would be good if the handle was more grippy. Covered in blood and guts (which can happen) that knife is going to slip out of your hands JMHO too.

_ShadowThief_ says:

Gee your pants are a little tight for hiking and hunting

joey Morzenti says:

I disagree with her choice of buck knife cause my dad got me one for this deer season and when I field dressed my deer the knife just couldn’t keep an edge I must have sharpened it every 2 cuts cause it just couldn’t keep the edge so now I’m switching to a havalon piranta

Timofey Aronovich says:

Top 10 hunting knives ? This is survival knives you talking about, not hunting knives. Hunting knives must be comfortable to take your prey a part and not hummer it ….

Max Luckett says:

I think a outdoor edge knife because it’s a good price and ther is two knives and a nice shive

k gendron says:

Clearly a hunter didn’t pick these hunting knives

Blacksplayer says:

The title said “Hunting” knives – Only saw “outdoor activity” knives.

Pj Salazar says:

Where is the buck 119


You missed PUMA from GERMANY!!

Dan E. says:

WTF were these people thinking… I wouldn’t use much of these knives.

V R says:

Toto video ma vážne pobavilo. Slečna išla okolo poľovníctva rýchlikom… Ešte nikdy som tu nič nekomentoval, ale toto sa naozaj nedalo. Chcel by som ju vidieť s tými obojstranne brúsenými mačetami vyvrhnúť zver… V tme…

Huntingislife says:

You don’t want a massive blade for hunting anything over 4″ is to big

Steve Schmehl says:

None of these Knives are hunting knives, they are outdoor and bushcraft knives. There are a couple of good kives on your list, but I would not take any of them hunting. I was looking for hunting knives

tyler hofer says:

hack through branches? if youre doingt hat with a knife, its not a skinning knife used for hunting. i think these guys got bushcraft and hunting mixed up

Bush Camping Tools says:

Nice review but the Bacon maker other than sticking game, is not going to be that useful for hunting, well that’s MHO based on years of hunting

SD memes 4 life says:

the buck 119

Huntingislife says:

Buck vanguard

Kevin Grazier says:

You rock Addison

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