TOPS KNIVES HOG 4.5 Knife Review: Get Hunting

The HOG 4.5 is designed to be one tough blade. It is strong for its size and can do several different types of tasks. It is a very reliable blade that is defiantly worth taking a look at.

BOB Link:

Laser Strike Link:

ESEE4 Link:–a8


Trevor Pate says:

I can’t wait for that Tops Silent Hero, I also just picked up the tahoma field knife! Very high quality blade’s.

Todd Klekotka says:

Nice review. I trust Tops knives with my life, more so than any other. Have you had a chance to check out the Condor Alert? I read many good reviews for this knife but there is not many video reviews. The only one that has a video worth watching is The New American Woodsman.


Oh and tops has posted a leather sheath now on their website for this knife, the dragonfly and BOB.

HappyHippo says:

Shango XL vs. HOG 4.5 vs. Scandi Trekker vs. Pasayten Lite Traveler? or another suggestion.

Which would you pick for backpacking/light-bushcraft & survival? I plan to pair it with a small to medium hatchet.

Xeaus says:

Good point, i thought of that but if it were me I would always have the correct things with me.

MasterofDisaster17 says:

reminds me of the bk 16

Shoge Kimura says:

man i have to say, i almost like the blade profile,design of this over the BOB. i just picked up a BOB and i love it

Ross Wilson says:

I just came across your reviews, and after alot of consideration I have decided to go for a quality product rather than starting cheap (even though I am new to bushcraft).  Thanks to your review I have went for one of these.  Thank you.

MississipVol says:

I don’t remember you mentioning whether it has the ability to strike a fero rod….I am assuming this isn’t one of the features unless you decide to mod it?

2martins says:

You keep mentioning needing a good gripping surface if you stabbed a guy like its like stabbing wood; its not, its like stabbing a thin cardboard box filled with whipped cream. There is hardly any resistance even when stabbing through the rib cage. Just thought I’d let you know.

BigBrown Dad says:

Would you choose Hog or Gerber Strongarm? I have a hatchet so no trefalling needed just need the knife for everything else. Much thanks, Rob

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Another $64,000.00 question, The Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter or the Top’s Hog. ,, .

Xeaus says:

Stop chopping with knives, use an axe for chopping.

Margaret Martin says:

I wish your would do a review the Top’s Black Rhino. I love the blade, but the grip is the worst I have ever seen. You mention ergonomics with the Hog, why can’t Top’s make the handle right. It is very unbalanced as well.

Life In The Taiga says:

this knife honestly looks very much like the Winkler WKII Bushcraft Knife

Austin Lozinski says:

I have a question talking about the handle, what exactly is micarta? Is it like a synthetic wood?

Max Heimerl says:

hoe does the gerber strongarm compare to this knife, when it comes to edge retention, chopping and stabbing?
i dont really know which one would be better for me.

Tony Olivieri says:

its definitely ah nice knife, if you can you should review the Apache Dawn from tops love the videos keep up the good work

real metis says:

i like tops knives looks .but the markup on that 1095 steel vs other super steels just dont convince me any more just saying thanx for the great vids

Matthew W says:

once again, an honest and balanced review, thank you sir..

schlaznger says:

You make very good videos with clear and consise information.  Also it is so nice to be able to actually hear what you are saying without trying to lean in close to my computer to listen such as many other videos.  Thank you for all the work and product quality information that you put in on these videos.

Kilo Ton says:

Been interested in this knife since the announcement. It just seems so perfect (at least for my needs). Definitely getting one.

Alberto Perez-Pfeifer says:

It looks like the Becker BK-16. I wonder who was the first in getting that design out. There are so many freakin’ knives out there, that many of them look exactly the same.

Warpetrie says:

currently 185 on their website =

edward ford says:

Aaron, once again a great video jam packed with concise pertinent information, along with excellent production value which makes the information that much easier to assimilate.  People often come away thinking “this was a bad video” but aren’t sure just what it was that set them off and it is often the “production value” which is a combination of the lighting, the setting, camera shot composition & focus, editing, the background when displaying the item, the clarity of the speech of the commentator, the cadence of their speech along with their ability to clearly explain quickly in simple terms what it is they want to be known.  A++    
On another issue, I agree with Jeremiah Wright wondering what the thought process is at times when it comes to the sheaths; do you think it is they’re trying to keep costs down?

Judah Muñoz says:

Can you use the lanyard hole like a karambit?

Dutch Bushcraft says:

Look at 8 minutes 7 seconds. The handle scales are not the same, not alligned. They are in fact way off and that for a knife that is not the cheapest. I would have send it back.

HarleyWood23 says:

I don’t think your opinions were consistent between this and the ESEE 4. You railed on the ESEE’s 3/16″ blade, and declined to baton with it. Then you praised this 3/16″ blade while batoning. Overall though, great review.

Jeremiah Wright says:

Those TOPS sheaths are so annoying… Too bad they don’t just use Kydex i’d buy alot more of their stuff, this one included…


Norseman is one of the Brothers of Bushcraft, looking at the handle design I’m pretty sure the BOB Fieldcraft handle is mostly based on Dave’s handle. It doesn’t show up as much on your G10 BOB as much but on the original canvas micarta ones looks like almost identical curves and rises through out the handle. Just no thumb ramps, bow drill divots, and the handle continues the downward curve to the oversized ring instead of slightly straighter to the shango notch.
Once again awesome review Aaron! Your reviews are hurting my wallet more than anybody else’s online. Been kinda wanting this one since it was first announced and now it is at the top of the list!

MrDavo1959 says:

Just got mine in the mail. Yea, it’s a TOPS….almost too nice to use! I think this design was really well thought out. And no, It’s NOT a BK-16. The handle designs are very close though….It’s funny how two different designers came up with a design like this. Just about the perfect handle! I can see where this blade would be a good “Sticker” over most field knives…the geometry really lends itself to that, and it’s still a very nice field knife. Definitely  a better blade than the ESEE 4, and different than the BK-16….Better for the outdoors? I don’t know….But this knife is VERY NICE.

Marc I says:

Just received mine, first impressions are very nice, I have no doubt steel is excellent and will hold a great edge for 1095 steel as I have other tops blades. Sheath is built well but do not like design for my use. Have the tops leather sheath coming for it. Thank you Gidieon for another great review to help me decide on my purchase. You never steer me wrong. Slices very nice and came phone book paper sharp.

Boo Radley says:

Good review can you do a side by side review of the Esee 5 and the Ontario Ranger Afghan. Not the Afghan bush but the original .25″ design.

DUKE M6 says:

No ferro rod strike????

dobe5487 says:

Aaron, the Brothers of Bushcraft sheet fits the HOG perfectly if
you don’t like the nylon sheet.

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