TOPS Wild Pig Hunter Knife, Stabview

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Blade Length: 8 inches
Steel: 1095 High Carbon
Thickness: 0.25 inch
Handle Scales: Canvas Micarta
Weight: 14.2 ounces
Sheath: Leather
Made In: USA
Price: $150

Not just any knife is long and strong and stabby enough to dispatch a wild boar, but this knife will do the job and also looks quite good while doing it.

The military version of this knife, with a nylon sheath, is called the TOPS Joint Spec Ops Knife, and has been reviewed here:


Meme Boi says:

I forged my own boar hunter, kinda similar but a little better

thumbs-up defender's says:

just got the black out edition from blade ops. this is a bad ass offensive blade

duderemag says:

I bought this knife for its intended purpose after my wife ripped the sheath off my belt after I stayed out too late hunting pigs. don’t ever give your wife a time that you will be back. I like the knife I have walked with it for three hunts about thirty miles and it is rusting pretty bad. I am also thinking it is bad luck because I have never gone this long without catching swine. I did cut the top thumb guard off because I like to srest my thumb on the knife when I dispatch the pig

Lingoh Pin says:

i do stab boar after shoot it. bcuz of 1. to make sure it die fast and 2. to save my bullet so i dont need to do 2nd shooting since buckshot bullet is too expensive in our place. This knife will work perfect for me. but for now…i ll stick to my bayonet only bcuz this knife we ll be hard to buy in our place. futhermore…the price must be damn expensive.

TripWyre says:

“Pig” sticker…yeah, ok.

Herb Walker says:

Hi Iz, How would ya compare this with that Cold Steel OSI knife? Thanks Pot-Na! 🙂
Scouts OUT

Whitevaliantwarrior says:

Why have I seen the Pig Hunter with Made In The USA printed on the opposite side and yours doesn’t? Are some made without?

Bloodied Beserker says:

We hunt with dogs and spears here in louisiana too its great haha

Jason Dunn says:

I use a bear and son Damascus Bowie works nice on hogs check out my channel.

Leeroy Jankins says:

It’s very big in straya too

Alex Shilin says:

It’s. A Russian Felix knife or DV-1 costs around 50$ in our shops former USSR

bluefeather505 says:

Would this knife pierce a pit bull’s skull?

Herb Walker says:

Made for pigs but will  also penetrate any wild hoodie’s !! 🙂

Chris Newport says:

Exactly which Russian blade are you looking for; I have one I’m willing to part with that has that blade shape. Also, I’m thinking the blade shape came from the Randall #1.

Love Life says:

just how strong is that tip though.
Would it stand up to bending

PerceptionVsReality says:

I see this knife more for combat use = taking out ‘two’ legged enemies. Hunting/survival, hmm… not really, but I’m sure it would still work for that.

Commiefornia says:

A beautiful knife that Boba Fett would use!

Beyond The Veil says:

I have heard the terms pig sticker knife many times but I did not know they really did that. Wow. Gave you a thumbs up.

John Doe says:

Actually this particular knife is not a good pig sticker at all. It’s too short and too narrow to stick a wild boar. It’s a human sticker. Regarding it’s Russian origins – it’s also a doubtful thing.

marquis ballard says:

Thats a monster of a knife. Very badass the Tops Wild Pig Hunter is. Definitely 4.5/5 stars

it resembles the Kizlyar Phoenix but the blade is longer


Gorgeous blade

mkdean6 says:

Thank you so much for this review.
I’m thinking to include that knife in my Z-day pack.

Dan Bravo says:

Ive hunted pigs with the Kizlyar version and the steel guards are a problem. I hit bone in the dark while sticking a pig and my hand rode up across the steel guard which have sharp angles and cut a huge gash in my hand. I know others have had the same issue.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Is, I got a Tomahawk Brand, Back when I got mine made in the U. S. A. then they went Chinese, We huntred hog with digs, Pitbull’s infact the handler sometimes had to unluck the jaws with astick on the digs once they clamped down, Back then it was one of the longest blades, Infact mine is still as solid as the Fay I got it, and yeah, it’s a hollow handle, I did post a Russian Survival Knife on Google Plus, check it out. ,, .

scott sherman says:

Yes, this is based on the Russian Kizlyar knife – Pheonix-1.  I bought mine for only $160 on & it gets here tomorrow!  There are several versions, mine is the P-1 Combat, with the great brownish Russian Micarta scales & blacked out U-8 blade. is a Finish website, & I think they sell all sorts of camping supplies, but mostly knives.  They have more P-1 Combats in stock right now for only $160, & these knives go for double – triple most everywhere else.  I LOVE this design, I love how long the blade is, while allowing the knife to remain relatively light weight & fast, but it’s also extremely tough – even the tip is designed to take tons of punishment – & I’m a low-ride leather sheath guy, so I was extra blown away when I saw that this knife comes w a nice black leather sheath w a dangler.  Thanks for the vid!

bak j says:

Yeah You know

Wild pig they are Strong and Thick Skin

If that knives real hunt for Wild pig?

then that is Real good knife

A W says:

That is indeed a russian design. for more clear evidence look at the Russian designed 6×5 Kalashnikov bayonets blade grinds.

Utmost Trickster says:

KIZLYAR that’s all have to say

kensai1968 says:

149.95 shipped from Blade HQ. It shall be here Thursday.  A few days of ooo’s and aahh’s then it is off to Patriot Leather for a custom Scout sheath.  I study the Filipino systems of fighting and have for many years now and while I agree with WAJK’s on the pointy end aspect I also think that this knife has a very nice belly to it and it will work quite well for  slashing cuts. I will be wearing this on a MOLLE belt as backup while I am actually out hunting the feral hogs here in Texas’ piney woods. The hogs here are down right argumentative and there is one large wiley old boar  that I swear is hunting me as much as I am hunting him…

JeepJeep234 says:

I think the Ka-Bar 1245 Tanto may still have better piercing capabilities. Fine tanto tip and exaggerated swedge along the spine which can easily be sharpened, and it is also 8in long, however it has serrations so that may drive some people away from it.

Yol Mak says:

another overpriced slab of cheap, rusty 1095… pfff. American knife companies really know how to brainwash and rip off American customers. 1095 is CHEAP and so OVERRATED (in America only).

Anyway, great design of blade but crap steel. Make it in a quality rust resistant steel, and I buy it.

BOOTSandGEAR says:

Choils on so called stabbing blades snag on material or sinew and tissue when the blade is buried fully. Think of a barb on an arrow or on fish hooks then think about putting a barb on a blade in the form of a choil, happy hunting.

Chu McCurry says:

Well said, it’s beautiful knife,

justame smith says:

not crazy about the scales but the knife is fine.

Alex Hodge says:

It resembles a Kizlyar Phoenix-2 (Russian). They can be purchased on eBay.

Jack56781 says:

I’m in Australia we do a lot of pigging here, we do not use guns we have dogs that hold the boar by the ears and than we come in with our knifes we hardly use guns

Burntburgers says:

You have to be one sick fuck to stab some animal the Death

Cypress Hunter says:

All solid choices for hog hunting . I used a buck 119 for years .Top three places for dog and knife in the states are Texas , Florida , and Hawaii .

Gumbo ThunderEagle says:

Texas is Huge on knife hunting wild bore, even adolescent girls do it….. Texans!

Coltbreath says:

What’s your take on the Svord? A lot of reviews on the peasant knife none on the PSB

Thipok Saengthian says:

@wealljuggleknives what do you think about the leather sheath? Do you think it’s decent for regular carry or do you think aftermarket Kydex sheath is a must?

Love Life says:


Ричард Мyлдер says:

The Russian knife you are referring to is the Russian Kizlyar Phoenix-1. You can order it from Lamnia in Finland. The Russian Kizlyar is the best tactical knife I have ever seen. I have bought the Kizlyar and I could not be more satisfied.

Bird is the Name says:

anyone know the sharping angle for this blade

Gumbo ThunderEagle says:


The Real Hawkeye II says:

You don’t need to go to New Zealand to find boar hunting with a pig sticker and dogs. It’s been popular in the American South for well over a century. It’s done with dogs, i.e., hounds and bulldogs. The hounds sniff out the boar, then chase it down. The bulldogs (Pitbulls or American Bulldogs) are then released. The bulldogs will follow the hounds’ baying to locate the boar. When found, the bulldogs charge in and grip the boar by the ears. While the boar is gripped, the hunters move in. One or two hunters will then pull the boar’s back legs out, and expose its underside . Then a hunter moves in with the pig sticker knife and delivers a lethal stab to the heart.

tannstang says:

The Russian knives ( Kizlar ) are in fact a clone of an old Extrema Ratio design.

Adventure Sworn says:

Gotta be my favorite TOPS knife, what a nice blade shape.

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