Uncle Henry PH1N Pro Hunter Full Tang Knife- First Review

The Uncle Henry Pro Hunter PH1N is a brand new full tang design from Schrade. This knife comes with a really nice leather sheath and is very well balanced.

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illmade2 says:

Not a bad little traditional hunter, Uncle Henry’s have always been a good budget knife for those who don’t have a lot of money…..love you’re vids. but seriously why does every knife review seem to have to have batoning???. I spent most of my youth in the woods and camping and never once did I have to use a 3.5 in bladed knife to split wood. I guess it’s a fad like jimping.

Matt Dessecker says:

I like that blade. I like the more classic looks and lines. Too bad they don’t use 1095 steel like they use in their 36/37 and 51/52 series.

Travis Archer says:

I have watched the mini review too and I think I’m going to get the mini

Pedro Marcos says:

“Anti-jimping movement” – Hear, hear! So many good designs ruined by that “jimp-gimmick”.

Dinner-fork tongue says:

The blade itself seems sweet. Wasn’t that keen on the handle and the sharp angles on it, but if you said it’s comfortable to hold, all right. I’d still toss some micarta there when I had the cash to mod it, should I get this model.


Very nice blade indeed! Very nice old school look!!

Craig Speirs says:

bought this one and the smaller knife nice for the money, good review.

Will and Lana says:

i love the design
unfortunately for me the cheap steel chipped very easily while feather sticking if you can believe it

A J Taylor says:

Hey I agree with you ref jimping. Lovely knife!!! I may actually buy one when they hit the market. I think you agree it’s a nice piece of kit and again I think you are right, wood or micarta handles would be great as far as I’m concerned and at no real cost increase. I think that’s the old historic look. Oh by the way it was -27C this morning and has warmed up to -23C at this moment. So any complaints about A/C noise is falling on deaf ears.

MaverickIQ says:

This is a Schrade knife? Right?

40belowful says:

Hey Bryan:):) I have “quite” natural air conditioning  the day after Xmas to:) ha ha and I cant turn it off:)

steel loving you says:

if you’re interested in one of these knives but with a wooden handle then check out the old timer phw pro hunter it has desert iron wood handles I paid $ 30 for mine included free shipping I have several schrade, old timer, and uncle Henry knives and for the money I have invested in them I have been very happily satisfied , they are not the schrade knives of yesteryear unfortunately but in my opinion they still have value and purpose , they are considerably more affordable now but not the same quality as they were back in the past, but that said I do like and love my new schrade, old timer and uncle Henry knives. I would also like to thank Brian or Bryan? for taking the time to review and test all the stuff , and although it may or may not be helpful to everyone the way you carry out your tests wether it may be battoning or throwing of knives or sparking a ferro rod or what ever it may be that you decide to do I just want you to know, I enjoy it and find it interesting and helpful ,so thanks

KK Prepper says:

Love God Love your channel. Thank you Brian

Capt'n .Woodsrat says:

Yes I like that Knife.    I have the 182uh,but I like the shape of PH1N Pro better,I will buy one.

JimmyCricket61258 says:

Your from GA (like my people) what you doing talking that metric stuff :O) Nice little knife at a decent price. Most of us would wish the handles were real bone. I wonder how Rough Rider knives use real bone and their knives are about ten bucks?
Thanks for showing us this one.

NorwegianWoods says:

I like the style of the knife. I agree with you that wood might be a better idea from a purist point of view. Thanks for the tip on placing the fire steel 🙂
– Martin

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Brian, I have some Uncle Henry with the Staglon Handles, and mine are U. S. A. made, I never had a problem with that handle material. I like it. and it looks Kewl Beanz. Go Tribe !!!

Timothy Hall says:

I’ll join your campaign

Amir cdw c says:

can you show how to find fat wood (I’m just asking you don’t have to do it) I just can not find fat wood so if you can make a video its great but I have respect for you you don’t have to do it

Schroeder_2000 says:

I like jimping.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Nice. ,, .

JJw650 jones says:

What about Rick James curls?

Survival of the fatest outdoors says:

I like you’re videos….Keep it up….I am trying to get my channel togather at this point….hope to see some feed back…

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Even with a plastic handle, that’s a handsome knife.

phyllis mulkey says:

i like it

Jackson Allen says:

Love it! Love everything you do on the channel! I really appreciate it!

Jerry Morris says:

Thanks Brian. That looks like a good all around knife. Any idea when it will be available?

T.W. Milburn says:

That’s a good’N right there, Bryan; Thanks 4 this & Hope Santa filled all your socks with goodies. Have a very Good 2016.                                                  ATB  ” T ”          God  Bless

Drew 32215 says:

They do make an Ironwood version of the hunter pro. Nice looking knife!

Aaron Tooley says:

ads suck

Matthew Jeffres says:

Great review! The pro hunter would look nice with my Uncle Henry Senior Rancher and Uncle Henry Small Fillet . I am a big fan of this line from Schrade. Hopefully they will get it to market soon.They are good knives for folks who spend time in the great outdoors.

I feel your pain on the heat. I live just south of Atlanta and I am ready for some winter.

Randy Mcknight says:

After watching this, I knew what knife I wanted to buy! Thanks Brian.

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