Uncle Henry PH2N 2 Mini Pro Hunter Knife Review

The Uncle Henry PH2N Mini Pro Hunter is a small full tang knife that carves feathers like nobody’s business. It comes with a very nice classic leather sheath and would be a great hunting knife or skinning knife.

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Dinner-fork tongue says:

Man, as soon as I’m done with my car’s installments, I am SO filling up my house with the Schrades and Thruniges you keep tempting me with, Bryan. I swear it. (after I get me good five-blast shorty and a good supply of ammo to hone my skills with, natch, I need that thing more than I desire knives and more flashlights)

You guaranteed there are no animals in your videos, and I believe that. OTOH, I do believe I saw a ninja there behind you…

Patrick Carey says:

4:04 theres a skunk in the background. looks like a fake on though hahhahahah.

max well says:

Brian where can I find this knife with scag handles? I’ve looked everywhere and it keeps showing me either no search results or this knife with camo handles

AnthemBassMan says:

Another sweet looking, classic knife design. Keep up the great work, Schrade!

Martin Matejov says:

to ako skrtas? mam dost zbrklos

Michael Finster says:

I love your knife reviews I just recently purchased a shrade schf36 after watching your review. I am also a Georgia native just recently relocated to Chattanooga. but do you have a video of tree Identification? or talking about different types of fire woods?

RDLaw88 says:

Great video, Bryan.

Charles Larson says:

Old School Cool…ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! >;)

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

good vid

JJw650 jones says:

Nice knife, its nice to see some traditional knives are still being made. Congrats, on getting to go to Shot Show! I am really looking forward to the video’s you take from out there! Are you going to be filming some of the new guns at Shot Show as well?

dalton vickers says:

I have had a lot of Henry knifes and have liked all of them. I only had trouble with one but that was because I used it for something it was not made for. I like that knife. It is really nice for a smaller knife. Lots of uses for a knife that size

Seth Stanbury says:

Are you sponsored by Schrade? You seem to review a lot of their blades, not a bad thing though;)

Cameron Renteria says:

Brian I saw a comment that you posted on tactical’s channel and all I can say is that it made me respect you even more than I already did and that I completely agree with you……. Ps keep up the good work and your awesome dude

Crix Macea says:

What do you do for work?

Charles Larson says:

Speaking of small knives, are you planning on a review of the new, not yet available, Schrade SCHF-58??? Comes with a kydex sheath and a ferro rod with removable rod holder. Might be what I was looking for in the SCHF 35 that you were so very kind to review. 😉

Scott Hill says:

“Never any animals in my videos”  Liar Liar pants on Fire!  What about the Skunk?  Seriously though, I like Schrades great value and I’ve have them and they last for years of use.

Colt Facer says:

Hey great video, I too live in Georgia and would like to meet up sometime and talk if we could.

Roberto Mora says:

nice knife

The_kid says:

Wow!! I love that knive

sleep is Overrated says:

cool..but what about the price ?

padrino2182 says:

really like the direction of the 2016 show your going through

Dwight E Howell says:

Easy carry and if you trust your kid with a blade it should be a good choice for them.

Charles Collier says:

Happy New Year Bryan! Blessings abound to you and yours 🙂

Pretty little skinner, and I’d definitely EDC it.

pl0wer says:

I have the PH2W which appears to be identical except for handle material. It is my favorite knife and my EDC. It has a molded friction leather sheath. Great knives.

Storm Pilgrim says:

I can hit like button before seeing your reviews, you have a very good channel!

danny chadwick says:

that is a beautiful knife great review brian

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Nice size for an EDC bag. Wish they add a fire rod loop on the sheath and add a Schrade rod.

T.W. Milburn says:

I’m really lik’n that lil feller, Bryan; Thanks 4 this as always.       ATB  Terry       God  Bless

Don WS4E says:

I have been looking for a small classy knife to carry as a SM and buck the anti blade bias we see these days just a little. This reminds me of the knives I used to carry as a kid and I would probably really enjoy using this knife.

joe McGee says:

I read yesterday that you plan to move this year. Keep the yard and lose the dogs. Very nice looking little knife. Would make a nice companion to my schf52.

Erik M says:

I love that you make videos on lesser known knives that deserve more than they get!

jeger26 says:

Can I send you my Ka Bar so you can review it?

RViscara says:

I am glad you gave the credit due to Mors Kacanski to who he is and his reputation. That man knows his stuff and has lived it the past 40 years. Check out his advice on the Mors Pot from from four dogs stoves. Maybe you can do a review of the Mors pot “not really Mors kachanski pot but a Canadian airforce pot” do your viewers. It’s a great camp pot. Watch his videos on first aid the man has so much experience behind him.

BrianWest58 says:

Oh, I like! I kinda want a small fixed blade… got me thinking.

John Harmon says:

A good little bushcraft/companion/backup knife.it is so good lookin if you have it you probably wouldnt wanna use it.

Martin Matejov says:

to ako sktas? mam dost zbrklos

torch_ss says:

Looks like a good companion for my squirrel rifle.

smwvikings44 says:

I need to find out where to purchase this knife

Cameron Renteria says:

You should do a test on on the dark tember bushcrafter. However it’s pretty expensive but man is it a work of art

firstname lastname says:

not my type of knife

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