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EDC with Aaron says:

Jesus that price seems pretty high for the materials, edge retention, etc… Still an awesome video! Nice sandals haha and send me some tacos!

TheKimjoh560 says:

EKA 88 has been a popular choice for hunters here in sweden for a couple of decades. More recently, by far the most popular hunting knife is the EKA Swingblade. Mora 2000 is another popular choice. To me, this victorinox just looks like a knife, I cant see why it would be exceptional as a hunting knife. In fact, it seems to have qualities that you wouldnt want on a good hunting knife, like the fact that its very pointy, typically you would want a rounded blade for skinning/flaying because it allows you to use the knife at an angle without damaging the meat. The only thing I can think of is that removable scales is more sanitary, but if thats a concern you should be looking at a fixed blade instead.

Rodolfo Gonzales says:

What’s better ? This one or hunter xt?

James LaRoche says:

omg your cat is massive…

Paul Costley says:

I use my Benchmade Freek CPM S30V for hunting, I got it new for $100.

ngentotsemua says:

57 edge retention, 440C, four times as expensive as a Ganzo. No thanks.

Lovre Peović says:

I’ve found this knife by accident at a small nautical equipment shop, and bought it because i “drowned” my trusty old Boker. Anyways, there is not a single problem with this knife except the lack of a lanyard hole, which is a little bit annoying. As a sailor and skipper, i always need a trusty knife to go with me, and i use a knife at least 20 times a day. This has so far proven to be a very good choice (by pure luck). The best part of the knife is the simplicity of it, the knife does not look menacing and “tactical” which is great, the handle is the most ergonomical one i have ever handled, the knife is quite light and very strong. Sure, the blade steel is not some supersteel, but whoever doesn’t want to buy a knife because it’s not built with supersteel is usually just someone that never really needed it for actual use, rather show it around, being careful it doesn’t get scratched. Peace!

fredde90210 says:

This is basically a Gerber Gator $30-35 in US ? ?  Of course in Sweden both are prized sky high

Sour says:

Love the cat

TheKillerKlok says:

Eh… Idk about this one.

I don’t hunt or skin much but… That price for 440c? Yeah… pass.

quiet stormz says:

I think between your xxxlarge cat and cucumbers on your tacos…. it definitely made this video worth watching.

Justin Puckett says:

I would presume bead blasting is a lot cheaper than a nice polished blade. Not to meantion a polished blade would looks s bit strange on such a utilitarian looking blade. Why 440c? Because it’s generic, better than standard victorinox steel, and in general, at least where I live, hunters don’t care about blade steel. If anything being able to put and edge back on a blade quickly is more advantageous than a super steel that for your average Joe would be near impossible.

Imightberiding says:

As an earlier poster commented: I am reminded of the Gerber gator with this knife. I admittedly have had a long time affection for the Gerber Gator & Victorinox knives( have had both since the 70’s & 80’s) although for the money I think I would choose the fine edged Gator over this knife. I believe the recent incarnation of the Gerber Gator is in CPM 154 steel & still made in Oregon, USA. It also has a very comfortable, form fitting sticky hard rubber handle probably not unlike this Victorinox Hunter Pro.

Appreciated the review of a less exotic, everyman’s knife. Cheers from Canada.

Love Life says:

Good review m8 thanks. im gonna pass on this knife cos the lock aint solid ebough for my use. I dont wanna lose a finger lol

estima8tor1 says:

Hmmm, why is it that the higher end 440C knives tested do like 75 passes on the rope and the Victorinox only does 57 ? The Lionsteel Mini does 77 cuts and the Kizlyar Hero does 75 before dulling. My hunting knife is made from Bohler N695 steel which is basically a high quality 440C and it also maintains very good edge. I’m curious why the Victorinox 440C performs so poorly.

Love Life says:

That lock mechanism is ver iffy. Dumb shit or not haha. Would be better if it locked.

emwu1988 says:

What a bad lock worse than some liner locks

Hard Rock says:

you must be careful of the wild tacos when you go hunting guys

Cafelogis says:

Really, why is this thing so expensive? You might as well get pretty much every other folding lockback knife,especially in thr buck 110 style.

Alejandro Zevac says:

Its a garbage and danger dont must buy these blade because doesnt get the inner block

Kyle Collins says:

And I thought my cat was big!! In all seriousness though, the knife seems a little expensive, but knowing Victorinox it’ll last forever. It’s probably more knife than most people really need!

Brad Hutchison says:

Dude… Your cat is fucking huge.

Mars Dweller says:

This pretty much sells on the Victorinox name. Not a bad knife, but greatly overpriced for what you get. Victorinox should stick to SAK and multi-tools.

Steven Robertson says:

Basil in on the act again…Awesome. He does look like he’d strop up well !

Zosonte says:

Mi’ihen Highroad 🙂

Roberto Brillante says:

It was alright until the cucumber for tacos. Hahaha. . .

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