Wow! Beastly Blade! SOG Creed Knife – REVIEW

New – SOG Creed Knife REVIEW from – Is the SOG Creed the Best Backcountry Bowie for Hunting and Survival Knife? Let’s see…

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Jacob Salcido says:

That price for a stainless steel fixed blade? I don’t think so sog.

Steve Smith says:

I have never owned, used, or held a sog knife, but for some reason they just look cheap to me. I don’t plan on buying one, mainly because I just don’t like the look of any of them.

ivan hita says:

Lol and the wife walks into the man cave lol!!!

yusuf tosun says:

your awesome dude

Chas DJ says:

Thoughts on The Buck Thug Knife 

Thanks chas 

pryomatic says:

damn that is a sexy knife

Grammar Fuhrer says:

“Tip to Butt”

Michelle Digiovanni says:

Sog is the best

Crimson says:

Can you do a review on the Kershaw 1076 camp series machete?

Viktor Schiefer says:

Dude David, You have to check out the “Magnum Fire Fighter”,
it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!

Junkmonkey Axeman says:

hows your attempt at a tv gig going?….lol

Donald Hinthorne says:

My Cold Steel Trail Bowie to is primarily a Can Opener~Mexicans, Africans, Puerto Ricans, ect.

Andrew Tummonds says:

apple product placement in the back:)

Martin golden says:

Stuck between this and the seal team elite dunno which id rather have

James Ritchie says:

Have you ever reviewed a knife that wasn’t the best thing ever?  That knife is a piece of crap, and you know it.  It isn’t good for anything outside of a knife fight, and not very good at that.  And batoning?  When is YouTube incest going to end?  No one with any sense batons with a knife, and no one who knows anything about the outdoors would ever use a knife like this one for skinning.   I can’t decide whether you get paid for such reviews, if you just hate saying anything bad about any product or if you simply know nothing whatsoever about the woods, hunting, or anything else outdoors.  Anyone  who straps this knife on should be embarrassed.  It should be made of plastic and rubber, and carried by twelve year olds.   Serious backcountry knife?  Do you even have a conscience?

Paul Parent says:

Taiwan is a highly technologically advanced manufacturing country producing small arms,all types of tools and very high quality knives for the western world. Can’t beat SOG! One of the best out there.

harleyfxst96 says:


Jane Gray says:

thats a great knife .nice video.

the god of random says:

Can you try a buck 184

Cory Hulbert says:

Your my hero!

jay fulton says:

Holy commercial

Ta Price says:

good review. and i’m sold. first time i’ve seen this knife. must have.

JD says:

Great review as always! Keep it up man! Cheers!

William Brown says:

Would you do a video on the SOG jungle primitive knife

Enrique Avila says:

puedo comprar un ejemplar con ustedes manden datos

Ozkar Sandyballs says:

not a consumer friendly priced knife. it’s mass produced in Taiwan. no thanks cog ada

TheFlyrodder68 says:

Very stylish, handsome big blade knife.  It looks capable to boot.  So tempting to get one.  That sheath however leaves much to be desired.  It is a bit pricey for around $150.  I might as well save more money and get the Fallkniven A1 if we’re talking high-end type big knife.  Very nice review as usual, thumbs up!

Cory Hulbert says:

You should do a similar review on the buck 124.

Niall Duffy says:
Brant Mitchell says:

Exacting unpresidented quality, something I look for when providing SAR and K9 SAR service

shadowdance4666 says:

150 for a stainless steel knife? Not in this lifetime

NEGAN says:

what kind of steel?

Zhiyang Lu says:

A happy wife = a happy life. Thumbs up!

CJ MorenoHerrera says:

impresionante y con una punta que se ve que no se rompe jejeje

The Ugh says:

على زوبي

OverTheTopWarrior says:

this is my grail knife its amazing!

Augustus McRae says:

you were way to easy on this knife. it sounds like your trying to promote this knife for SOG or something. you didn’t even test the pommel on shale or break a car window like your other reviews. this review was just all gushy talk. not impressed.

saliston says:

use the spine as a hammer? Come on

Vin Ellis says:

SOG will never get any money out of me as long as their crap is made in Taiwan.

Brandon Hodge says:

“Over $150 u.s” it’s actually $258 u.s

Ronald Cheatham says:

I’m currently looking for a large survival knife.
Definitely keep U in mind.
Thanks for the demo.

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