Al Mar Santoku Knife review

From the A.G Russell Knifes website:
The Ultra-Chef Knives in Cocobolo are classic in design and state-of-the-art in performance. Each blade, except the bread knife, is 33 individual layers of stainless steel – 16 layers per side plus the center layer of VG-10 Cobalt stainless steel hardened to a Rockwell of 60-62. These knives are incredibly strong, light in the hand, well balanced and extremely sharp. The handles are made from select Cocobolo, long considered one of the world’s most beautiful exotic hardwoods. Each knife is individually gift boxed. Made in Japan.


HomeDistiller says:

@yambor44 yeah santoku’s are only really for cutting veggies you want a thin bladed knife for meat.. something like a utility knife

katman3900 says:

Gorgeous knife. I’m thinking about adding one to my collection. That tomato however, was disgusting! Nothing beats a fresh vine ripened tomato. Those hydroponically grown ones are tough and tasteless!

27dcx says:

i’ve been considering an al mar ultra chef 9.5″ gyuto. I think you may have just convinced me, as no one really has a lot of info on these knives.
The fit and finish issue on the handle is a little disappointing, hopefully they aren’t all like that.
I use the same technique dicing onions as you do on the tomato.
Totally agree with you on the global handles, it’s gimmicky bullshit, made for looks more than utility.

Anderson C says:

Have you sharpened it prior to making this video? Or only using your steel?

Glenn Taylor says:

Oh chill out.

Ilovetheplatypus says:

Looks a little light for my tastes. From a redneck to a bushman, you should make a forge out of some bricks and concrete and bang out your own knife. With a little TLC and time you can make a knife that is perfect for your own tastes.

HomeDistiller says:

@Ilovetheplatypus you mean at the bolster?? you are right but if you have carpel tunnel then a lighter knife you be better it would cause less strain on my wrist, i have had less trouble with tendinitis with this santoku than with my wostof one which weighs much more.. but again just like cooking a steak, the right knife is the one that feels right to you not the guy next to ya.

franzb69 says:

you could try out tojiro knives

Rebecca Burns says:

nice tomato trick

yambor44 says:

Great info! Thanks for the videos. Very informative. I have a few Shun knives but I cannot say I am impressed yet. Maybe I am using the wrong knife to cut my steaks. The one I tried just tonight looked the same as the knife you are using in this video. It seemed to take more pressure then I thought was needed for the price of the knife to cut thru the meat.

Llewelyn Moss says:

The writing says: excalibur

2,140,195 views says:

and the drink? what da fuck has to do with it?….fucking moron

HomeDistiller says:

@Ilovetheplatypus i do have areal forge and a utility kitchen knife in the works.. and this is a kitchen veggie knife you want light. not only that there is no way i or just about any one could patten weld stainless steel at home.

Ilovetheplatypus says:

@HomeDistiller Lol; you can have a thin knife that is heavy. Longer blade and a heavier tang. You can also put a counter weight at the stock to make a knife heavier without changing it’s balance.

Hog Whiskers says:

Gidday mate! The box says “Oryori houchou” which meens “Cooking knife”. Who’d av thought?

Classic Random Hobo says:

Haha. You dice tomatoes like dicing onions. Nice!

isinox says:


HomeDistiller says:

@Ilovetheplatypus trust me a thin edge like this needs less pressure than a thick one for most things 😛

Aleks55513 says:


HomeDistiller says:

only my steel. its shaved right out of the box. and i have not had to sharpen it since i got it.. but i do hone often

Ilovetheplatypus says:

@HomeDistiller Lol; I think I just have a lazy way of chopping. I like the knife to have enough weight to pretty much chop veggies without having to press down at all. It seems to be easier on my hands for long chopping sessions than a light knife because it keeps me from getting carpel tunnel from having to grip the handle firmly for long periods.

HomeDistiller says:

its called an introduction, and i thought my user name would have given the reason away. were you drop on your head as a child?

drpwn100 says:

Sir, I just want to let you know that the area that is sharp is supposed to be, and the Japanese hold the knife differently than you.

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