Almazan Kitchen Knife Review

After months of waiting, I finally received the original Almazan Kitchen knife directly from the creators of the channel. I DO NOT SELL THESE KNIVES NOR DO I MAKE THEM. I am simply making a personal review on what I think about this knife. The overall length of the knife is 12 inches from the tip to the end of the handle. The width of the blade is around 3.5 inches, which is surprisingly really comfortable to hold and chop with. I absolutely love this knife and would recommend it to anyone that is in the kitchen a lot and would put some good use to it!

PS- this is my first video, I will have more to come on how to sharpen it and with more cutting tests.

Thanks for watching and please share with your AlmazanKitchen friends! 🙂

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medinalba says:


Deedee S. says:

I thought your video was awesome. You did an excellent job. Please come back as show more of what you know!

medinalba says:

it looks rosewood ?? because other woods are more black or brownish.

Craig D says:

I have been watching them cook and loving it for some time.
However I did want a nice Chef Knife but did not want to wait so long to get it and pay that kind of money…I found a BlackSmith that does fine work and he made me this.
What do you think?… Same measurement as yours. Got it in three weeks. And “Made in USA

Chef Carter says:

Wow….they are selling these for 89 bucks. Unbelievable.

Sitaram Pradhan says:

Our local blacksmith can assemble this type of knifes

zero 86 says:

Damn it. I really want that knife but damn it again, I’m poor and can’t afford it.

Petros Tarasidis says:

Is this the bushcraft style or chef?

Tube Screamer says:

You need to buy a big chunk of wood cutting board as well.

Frank Mac says:

How do you keep it sharp

Robert Gideon says:

What’s that gray Thing ? Thank you.

medinalba says:

old type  of iron  butcher knife I like it but sorry is too heavy for me.

Joshua Shepherd says:

If say he got ripped off considering they seem the knife with the sheath for just over 100.00

John L says:

Good job w the review bro. I’ve been thinking of buying one myself and now I will buy one for sure. It’ll be a Christmas present for me to me.

Falyn Wells says:

So the cheap knockoff website totally has a screen shot of this mans video showing the real knife. But they are selling their fakes for $89

nekoGryphus says:

This thing costs 300$? Damn, that’s pretty cheap considering the quality. Looks easy to handle too, compared to usual knives, and i love their vids…

wonder if they ship to anywhere though

Art Haveron says:

thanks for the review! was curious

Andrew Guynes says:

This looks like one of the fake ones

range finder says:

what is the length of the blade and how thick it is?

Simon Henry says:

This is exactly the same knife that I accidentally purchased 4 weeks ago – it is a fraud and a fake knife! It has all the same leather trimming and features of the knife which was a fraud. I’m surprised Almazan Kitchen commented this video with a support, because it is identical to the fake knife! They are the experts. I’m real pissed off cause I purchased the fake knife now I need to get the officail knife from the channel.

Gary Willis TV says:

Great ! Get a better camera

fouraces1949 says:

Thanks for the review. I want to get one for my son who lives to cook

anye76 says:

awesome review. I have to get my hands on that knife now. Its lovely.

DRS_ au says:

Its a copy of Japanese Santoku style knife. I got one and its very versatile..

originalhgc says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. As for video quality, please for the love of Xenu why not use more than 25% of the screen area.

HerrMagog says:

I dreamed about this knife for a while… and then I found in my parent’s garden shed an old cleaver that my great-grandmother owned back in the time. It is as huge, with quite a thin blade, and after a quick restoration it is f*cking sharp. And I get it for free 😀
Could you give the specs of the knife (blade length, total length, blade thickness and weight)?

Chris Mc says:

Good video. How much without the sheath?

Patrick Walker says:

Just wondering if it’s NSF certified or can I only use it in the forest?

I’m just kidding..

Steven Trosiek says:

Wonderful review of a high quality chef’s knife. I’ll definitely get one, even with a premium price. You’ve convinced me. Thanks a lot!

Thing Hope says:

True 300$ little to much but if u wanna support guys on almazan kitchen price its not to bad . Remember lovely movies from almazan kitchen 🙂

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