Basic Knife Skills

Learn how to chop properly with your knives!

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Plasma Gamer says:

It really helped…!!!!!!

chilliman64 says:

one of the best basic tutorials

K G says:

She stole all of this from Gordon Ramsay

Evolgnius Dotcom says:

Love the personal , .. taste , but at this point… it’s amateur …. 9 out of 10 (9/10)

Andy Race says:

Knife skills? Pffft, it’s 2019…..Pick up phone….”Special Kebab Please”…grab beer 😉 Just kidding great video.

Player 1 says:

I like that knife blade profile. anybody knows what that knife is?

Avin Sharma says:

One finger at the front, two behind it, thumb at behind of the veggies/meat/fruits/anything. Use your thumb as an anchor and slide your three fingers towards your thumb as you cut. Always keep the knife below the knuckle level

May Astrid P. says:

One time I managed to cut my knuckle by lifting my knife too high…

IceTom87 says:

you have 1 un-needed step in dicing. the horizontal cuts are not needed, because the onion has layers who take that function already as they seperate themselves. watch “Dicing an Onion by Chef Jean Pierre”

Is a bell says:

This is perfect I needed this ty

victoria mirar says:

is that alexis

Klumsy Kobra says:

does anyone know where you can get the knife that she is using?

hoshimochi says:

watching this video cuz everytime we have a cooking program everyone pushes me to the side so I don’t accidentally set the kitchen on fire by cutting onions

Alex S. says:

Except that chiffonade cut also releases more flavor being there is more surface area for flavor to escape

Cai Yukin says:

You don’t cut an egg

TycoTyrannus says:

Would have loved to see this from the other side of the knife. That’s the side that actually matters ya know. The claw hand and how it manipulates and moves down the veg. Showing us the cut side tells us nothing really. Just sayin for next time but keep up the great work. Wow 11m subs. Way to go.

Rama Drama says:

Ok i dont know any of you watch survivor but this girl sound like angelina from survivor david vs goliath

Double Trouble Sisters! says:

Thank you I’m like new to cooking and I don’t know how to cut vegetables properly…so thank u this helps me alot!

Fledrox says:

Don’t you just chop everything randomly with a machete?

Leviathanshadex says:

What’s up with the music this isn’t Tom and Jerry or a porno from the 70’s

Vivian Tristesse says:

Here’s a pro tip from a vegetable specialist: The horizontal incisions you make in the onion before dicing it are extremely redundant and just make your dice look uneven. The onion already has beautiful layers, and when you cook the onion, because of the cuts are perpendicular to the direction in which the vasculature runs, fiber breaks down and turns the mince even smaller with no extra work necessary.

When I want a supremely fine dice for a curry, where the onion has to be almost a paste, I can save time by using a sharp paring knife to make end-to-end longitudinal radial slits from the top of the onion to the bottom, keeping them together at the root. Then, when I cut equally thin lateral slices, the onion turns into an extremely fine mince within seconds. I don’t even have to go back over the onions with the blade at all.

Hajar ShSu says:

I bet your hands smelled nasty after all that onion and garlic cutting ☻

André S. says:

ok.for the hint with the basil and the carrot sticks i wanna marry you. thank you

JakubH says:

Onion is made out of individual layers, thees no need for horizontal cuts…

Making It Easy with Liz says:

Awesome video.

Chef Isis says:

My son enjoyed this video. He is ten and learning to be a chef like mom. He didn’t believe i was showing him right so to you tube we went

Mike Earls says:

she sounds cute

Rumors FN says:

Directions too confusing got dick stuck in a ceiling fan

Don Pater says:

Where do i buy knife like this? :O

Kayci Chui says:

the thumb nail and pinky finger should hold the food at the back

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