Best Kitchen Knives To Buy In 2017 (ULTRA SHARP!)

Most people buy a new knife set every 5 years but you really should be buying kitchen knives every 1-2 years!
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I have narrowed down the best kitchen knife sets and all that were top rated to this cuisinart knife block

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If you’re looking for good kitchen knives to buy this is the set for you! I hope you enjoy my kitchen knife review and let me know what you think 🙂

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Josh Burkhart says:

Thanks for the informative video. Keep it up

Chill ass turtle says:

he’s such a salesman…i can’t believe a word he says lol

Kalani S. says:

Bluetooth workout headphones

Richie Chlopecki says:

MacBook Pro!

Karen Burris says:


Henry Gonzalez says:

Sharpest deals

Jada Rodriguez says:

headphones!! thank you

kneufeld12 says:

Matt, can you find a deal on a Nintendo Switch, a MacBook Pro and leaf sucker upper?

Random One says:

TV deals upcoming?

Josh Burkhart says:


Odessa Cee says:

Hey Matt, I need a new computer that’s fast and lots of space. I’m a creative and I need the computer to help with that. Could you please find deals on a good computer where I can have Adobe CC working to its full capacity? I need a good and less expensive computer. Thanks!

Sammy Martinez says:

Love these knives

Jasper Rodriguez says:

Ayee i love your videos! Pick me

Aimee Suriel says:

Just had my knifes Dulled to death by my sister these are great

Ausamatbh1 says:

Congratulations to the winner

Yair Haber says:


D00MTR33 says:

I doubt these will stay sharp for long. Cheap steel, cheap heat treat equal poor edge retention. I prefer to have a few good knives made out of high quality steel with good heat treatment and touch them up once a month or two(depending on the use).

Clos P. says:

This is a sharp deal….anyone?? 😛

bill johnson says:

Thank you Matt!! I’ve been looking for a while for a good knife set.

Arcade Mike says:

Need me some new knives

chal3t says:

We definitely could use this. Thx!

The Reviews Dude says:

A full knife set, pretty awesome!

Debbie Storey says:

Happy Holidays!

Frankie SB says:

Cool item!

TtlKaos99 says:

Love your channel but these knives are a joke. You should be spending per knife what this whole set cost if you want a real set of knives. Coming from someone who’s father owned a knife store when I was growing up.

Donna Kabel says:

I have these knives and they are well worth the price! Great deal!

Stephani Sawyer says:

I was immediately nervous about Matt + knives! Lol

Ethan Graff says:

Hey Matt love you man your really increase my happiness in the day

Someone Outhere says:

Thank you for the useful reviews!

Joe Scot Schroeder says:

OH YEAH, CHEF BINKS IN DA HOUSE! I love his reviews, very sharp man indeed! 😉
Congratulations Peter!
Great item for the upcoming holidays.

vincika palmer says:


Adam Ibrahim says:

Best content hope I win the big giveaway

Nicholas Russell says:

My mum would love these

Rick Torrey says:


PirateMTH says:

My wife just the other day asked about buying a new set of kitchen knives… Voila!

Sean Parker says:

How sharp… what a great deal

Farouk Bou-Merhi says:

Good quantity.

Sara Gibbs-Skeers says:

I’ve been looking for knifes thank you for the video

Julia Cosalan says:

my dad would love this for the cooking.

Robert Block says:

Finally catching up on all of your videos. Been missing them!

Laura Craven says:

Looks like a nice product

chavig1 says:

I cut a lot of vegetables, sharp knives are definitely what I need

Henry Walden says:

Great price on a set of knives too bad I’m not in the market for knives.

Heavy Man says:


Alexis N says:

Who doesn’t need a good knife set.

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