Best Tested Chef Knife is ONLY $30 ?

Best kitchen chef’s knife review. Don’t spend $100 on a knife. I did some research AND I am using this one now. It’s the real deal and a great value knife. Please like, comment, and subscribe if this helps, thanks!

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This is the Victorinox Fibrox Professional series 8-inch chef’s knife used by many professional chefs and consistently rated as the best all-around kitchen knife. You may also find it under the “Forschner” series knives.

I found this one on Amazon for $30 shipped. It is an “eastern” or “asian” edge, which means this is a narrower edge than a “western” edge like the J.A. Henckels one I also have. This is a 15-degree edge which slips easily through all materials including heavy squashes and the like. It is a “fast” knife for chopping and general cooking use.

I’ve seen them with black, blue and red handles.

Also, it has a non-slip polymer “fibrox” handle which allows it to be dishwasher-safe and pretty bulletproof. Just use a sharpening steel to freshen the edge occasionally and maybe a full edge sharpening when needed.


Eyewanders Foto says:

Great knife for a beater for me personally. Its the one I abuse the most that’s for certain. My fiance loves it and I have tried to but I just have never liked its profile, or its handle or the slight canting on the handle’s angle sweeping up. I still use it and it deserves its reputation – ive just never really liked that feel or handling of it myself.
By the way it is stamped stainless, not high carbon steel, which is pretty obvious. Definitely a good buy.

AceGunSlinger666 says:

How often do you have to sharpen this knife? Is there another video where you actually test this?

Jeramy Taylor says:

Any idea where I can find it at $30? Seems to be $45 everywhere I look.

joryan101 says:

It is a stamped steel knife. Not forged.

NW says:

Where did you find the blue handled version?
I just got this knife and love it, but I’d buy another with a blue handle in a heartbeat! 🙂

NW says:

Thanks. I found it there too as well as a few other places online. Had I known about the blue one from the beginning I would have grabbed it first. I guess I’ll have a backup now lol

Grady Bledsoe says:

This is not a high carbon steel blade as you said at 0:47. It is a stainless steel blade. But with a huge quality difference at a microscopic level. If anyone doesn’t believe this is a great knife they should watch America’s test kitchens video on high carbon versus stainless steel. They did a real world test along side a $300.00 Kramer Swilling and it stood up nicely. I wish I knew where to get it for $30.00. The best price I ever find is $39.95. I guess it is all who you know.

Maraka Gindler says:

It is Zwilling not Swilling. And it is a stamped not a forged blade.

Jimmythefish (opusxpn) says:

Nice knife for the price, doing some testing on mine. I did get a red one had seen the black and the blue but not a red one.

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