Calling Out America’s Test Kitchen ?

Is the $30 Victorinox Fibrox Chef knife as good or better than the Kramer Carbon Chef knife? Time to put every knife Youtuber and America’s Test Kitchen’s conclusion to the test.

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E E says:

I usted to trust ATK but not so much any more. Shoot even their parchment paper review was biased. They stated a BLEACHED paper was superior to natural brown which ranked last. I’m sorry but I’m not using bleach and chemicals (that are released when heated in the oven) on my baked goods.

Andrew F. says:

You have to watch that America’s Test Kitchen video again. You are misrepresenting their recommendation and the result they show.

collin huey says:

i bought the victorinox knife.Able to slice the tomato thin. good price.

James Fisher says:

I gave this video a thumbs down because it was VERY misleading, at best. “Calling Out America’s Test Kitchen?”. The video was all about sharpening knives with different blade profiles and NOTHING about the Victorinox knives in question.
Let’s at least TRY to be honest here. First, America’s Test Kitchen never claimed that the Fibrox was equal to the Kramer Chef’s Knife. They put all of the knives through a multitude of extensive, sometimes grueling tests, including Rockwell hardness testing and electron microscope testing to arrive at their results. Their findings were that, all things considered, the Victorinox was overall the best knife FOR THE MONEY that the average person could buy for the home kitchen.
Second, the Kramer knife tested was NOT a GENUINE Kramer knife. If you can find a GENUINE Bob Kramer hand forged, hand hammered, hand finished knife for $300 or $3000, I’ll eat your socks without seasoning. The Kramer tested was a mass produced knife which was made by Henkel’s under license from Bob Kramer to use his name and reputation. Is it a good knife? Yes, but so are many other brands in that price range, but that wasn’t the point of the test.
Third, Victorinox knives are used by professional chefs and butchers around the world, including the winner of the Butcher of the Year contest in Great Britain, who swears by them for their value, performance and durability. Are they the best that money can buy? Of course not. If I had an extra $20,000 or $30,000 to burn, I would commission a GENUINE Bob Kramer knife and wait 2 or 3 years while he got around to making it. The fact is that VERY FEW GENUINE Kramer knives ever actually slice or dice ANYTHING. Most are framed and hung on walls to flaunt how much more money THEY have than we mere mortals have. They are true works of art, to be sure, but not practical for the average person. I just want something that I can afford that will actually cut things. And I’m not the least bit interested in how much rope it can cut. Can it do a better job for longer between sharpening than your average $20 knife?
Fourth, you claimed that it was a $30 knife. After much searching, I found that the cheapest Fibrox was around $45. If you found one for $30, post the link and I’ll buy it.
And, last but certainly not least, the title of this video smacks of “hit and run” journalism where you imply something and run away before you can be challenged. The title implies that America’s Test Kitchen attempted to deceive or defraud people through bias or lies. Call them out???? On WHAT??? This whole narrative is disingenuous to say the least.

Benjamin Killner says:

I’m a cheff and the victorinox is still my favourite knife and I have spent hundred of pounds on knives and I have had my trusty £30 victorinox cheff knife for a few year and it’s better than any global,f.dick,z.willings

troy davis says:

BF did you ever test or compare. I would like to see your resaults. I’m aware of what and how ATK comparde the VF with the Krammer. From my point of few the the VF was put in the same class and use to compare & judge worth and value of the Kramer Carbon. To me that is putting the VF in the same class as the Krammer. The VF has been around for a long time now. I’ts just now become popular for somereason. I use it a few years ago to migrat over to wet stones from oil stones. AKA practice knife. Althout the VF was a great 29.00 knife I would put it in the class a top of the line knife. In Walmart, Target kitchen class. Ant thats about it.

Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid) says:

Nice videos very informative. I just found your channel im just now getting into kitchen knives although I’ve been collecting carry knives for years. In my pocket today is a todd begg bodega.

misteritscuz says:

Yeah, not the first to say it, but you’re conflating the argument that ATK is making. I really don’t think they’re arguing the edge retention and overall quality of the Fibrox is as good as the Kramer. They’re arguing that, for the typical home cook, the $300 Kramer that requires thoughtful care probably isn’t worth it. If you destroy a Fibrox, you’re out $30 and buy another. If you destroy a Kramer you either send it to a pro to repair it ($$$) or you spend money getting a proper sharpening kit and countless hours trying to fix it. I love your channel, but don’t twist the ATK argument.

Doug Elick says:

I have several Victorinox/Forschner Fibrox knives. They are in no way high end, but for the price, I think you’d be hard pressed to beat them. They changed that handle profile at some point in the past, giving it an overhang of sorts that makes them harder to pinch grip, which is a shame. It’s just a preference, but I wish their chef knife profiles were closer to French.

FWIW, Victorinox has 2 different handle profiles. The “Fibrox” and the “Pro”. They’re both made from the same material and the blades are the same…

Niko F. says:

i’m a pro and have used all sorts of knives in all price ranges.. i always go back to victorinox

Jeffrey Showalter says:

Can I have my 9 minutes back?

AlergicToSnow says:

I don’t think they said it was just as good but for $20 vs $300 it was plenty good enough. They also don’t sharpen their knives the way you do, but their method is good enough for the amount of effort.

Rolling Rock says:

Well, it’s been a month, is there going to be a comparison or not?

scottsworth36 says:

They Are excellent knives, for the price…

trevorpinnocky says:

I’m sorry but I’m going to disregard everything you said because you didn’t bother to do a test to prove your claim. Atk on the other hand do test, thoroughly. I also have $300 knives in my kitchen which I used religiously for 10 years before, on ATK’s advice, trying the Victorinox (I don’t always have time to clean my knife properly since I have young kids. I wanted a great knife I could just throw in the sink) truthfully, the Victorinox is the only knife that gets used anymore. That and my wustoff pairing knife. It’s fantastic. I don’t miss using my Shuns at all.

bakerher1231 says:

Why haven’t you done this test

Jose Hernandez says:

Dude, you’re terrible at this and quite clearly didn’t understand ATK’s claims or even address the question at hand. Please stop. You have too much time and money on your hands

SynthGuy777 says:

Even though the Bob Khramer is a fantastic knife, the 300+ price tag makes it reasonably inaccessible. ATK says that the Victoronix is a great knife that could get the job done. For 30-40 bucks, you can’t go wrong.

Travy Craig says:

I love how long your videos are just sharpened my first knife ever, and I shaved my arm.Not to mention it was a galaxy 100yen knife thanx so much for yo ju r channel (:

John-Paul Petersen says:

Put the link to the comparison test video you made in the description please or something. I liked what this video is about but it’s not about but I wanted to watch when I clicked on the title.

cantfindnameXD says:

I’d buy one.

ftb427 says:

How much do you want for your strop?

david jackson says:

I’ll buy a strop!!

Michael Meads says:

CLICKBAIT! ATK fully admits that the Kramer is an objectively better knife. They also point out that for cost and practicality, a victorinox is going serve most cooks well. I wish I could take my view back from you!

SuckIt Up says:

Bang for the buck…the Fibrox kicks the Carbon’s ass every day of the week. Even pros can own a half dozen Fibrox and still spend less than on one Carbon. The Carbon exists for dipshits who overspend on mass-produced knives simply because the knives share the namesake of the handcrafted versions that made Kramer famous.

Rick R says:

Where is the test?

Tristram Credland says:

So where’s the cut test

Brook Monroe says:

Yeah, I don’t think calling out ATK on something they didn’t say would be the best use of your, or our, time.

Kit von Sück says:

Sad, no review, just an ad for a homemade strop.

sacredsiren says:

Did you even watch what America’s Test Kitchen said in their review? They NEVER said the Victorinox was as good as the Kramer… what they said was that the Kramer was an amazing carbon steel knife, but most home chef’s don’t need to spend that much on a knife to have a good, high quality, sharp knife that will serve them well in the kitchen every day, and that the Kramer didn’t outperform the Victorinox by enough to warrant the price difference for most home chefs. They said if you were willing to spend the money and invest in the care of a carbon steel blade then they recommended the Kramer with no reservations, but if you just wanted an affordable knife that wouldn’t fail you in the kitchen day to day then the Victorinox is their go-to recommendation.

Candi Soda says:

Sooooooo… Did he ever call out Americas Test Kitchen yet?

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